15 kills video

Thanks to Vipez for sending me this one.

Player Pesusieni from the Eye for en Eye (EFE) clan managed to score 15 kills on T1 Cunningham. Pretty impressive overall!

Here’s the video:


And here’s the debriefing table:


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  1. oh cmon… sealclubbing isnt really something to be proud of…and those 15 kills matches usually result out of the absolute stupidity of enemys.

  2. The video is made from a replay file, lol. Of course he is seal clubbing, as the new CW campaign format (and ESL, or sometimes TC) requires a well trained crew for T1.

  3. Coming from an account that is very much a re-roll/alt, this is just a sad bit of boasting. Not only has this individual free experienced most of their tanks, they solely use tanks that outperform most in their tier. Trolling in low tiers by people such as this is pathetic, not noteworthy of praise.

    • This! If i play lowtier with newcomers in the clan, i see allways such “heros”. Pedobears, Pedobears everywhere….

    • Check the account. Its created when game went live so its no secondary account.

      And about using free XP: Its a legit way to skip low tiers if you have the money for it. Can i hear jealousy?

      Also in ESL and tournament good teams use T1 tanks so you need to train your crew somehow ;)

      • You can train that crew on a higher tier prem tank, not by clubbing noobs…

          • You could use a T1E6, or T2 Light, would yield more xp for the crew .. But thats just as much sealclubbing as driving T1 so it doesnt really matter i guess.

  4. One more: I always wonder, people post such videos on forums, youtube etc. Where is the fucking skill in killing 15 tanks, which don’t shoot back? It shows nothing but enemies who allowed him this.

  5. Huge amount of luck and bunch of noobs in enemy team…Do it in Tier V battle or above.

    • Really? Show us a replay with you doing it? For that matter, show us on other than this with anyone doing it.

  6. All haters are funny.

    Of course he had a lot of luck and had stupid enemies who had no guts to go and finish him when he was oneshot, but anyway – killing 15 when tank can go down in 10 seconds is something unusual.

    On tier 5 I’m afraid tank might not have enough ammo.

  7. premshells and prem fire estuingisher says it all, no skill but totally ownage of game beginners. shame that you post this pathetic noob bashing

    • He didn’t switch over to premium rounds until he had 12 regular rounds left out of 270, 11 HP, and 3 enemies left. Assuming you were in that same situation, would you not have switched over to premium?

  8. Ok, so he did 15 kills in T1 praying on new players… really impressive. Good for him, he needs to train his crew I guess (if he is not seal clubbing to increase kill count that is) but why he is boasting about it by posting videos is beyond me. I do not look at tiers 1-5 as description of your skill.

  9. Another seal clubber…

    Try that on tier 10 then come back. FTR is lowering the standards of the posts….

      • I’m laughing at these haters. If you pay attention he was with low hp and could die at any second and he made the best decision to not die. Most players would get themselves killed before getting to 10 kills (very optimistic :D). Sure he was lucky but it doesn’t eliminate his skill

        • Totally agree!
          I think it´s very impressive, also because his huuuuge luck.
          Just look at the hill: It wouldn´t have been too hard for the team to kill 1 enemy there, but they still failed!
          And the track-hit when he had so low hp…

  10. Killing 14-15 tanks in any tier takes a lot of skill. Your envy and spite won’t make this any less impressive.

    • Takes a lot of skill to spam with the machine-gun enemies that aren’t event pointing the gun on him?…duh
      It’s just a match full of beginners in both teams, with him being the only “experienced” dude.

      • The fact he manuevered to areas where the enemy wasn’t looking for him shot completely over your head, didn’t it?

  11. Have the feeling that the most guys here not realize what is the point of the video! Every good player can do this in exact THIS game! The great thing is, that the own team did not kill one other tank. So you can try several 100 games and you cant reach 15 kills. Thats the only point! Thats the rare aspect!

    • Well, technically this isn’t true. One of his allies did get a kill. In this case, a team kill turned out to be a good thing for him. :D

  12. Great game. I still play my original T1 with moderate sucess and did manage 12 kills on Himmelsdorf once though I’d driven over the hill at the start.

    It’s a fun tank, big burst damage, fastest Tier 1, but you are limited with range an accuracy. He knew the tricks, revesing out and sometime taking unaimed shots. If you have a full clip and you maage to hit them with one of the first 6 shells uaimed, he will lose his aim and you can then aim and get the rest on target. Then again you’re always a couple of shots away from dying.

  13. I have seen some Hungarian dude kill 15 tanks in tier 7 battle i think with JagdPanther on Arctic map. That was a combination of 95% hits, stupid enemies and more stupid teammates. That combination of 29 noobs happen very very rarely.

  14. jealousy = low intelligence level
    can’t even pretend to be fair and congratulate your fellow tanker on a rare achievement, can you? my oh my, such a sad pile of flesh and bones that call themselves human beings….

    Congrats Pesusieni, GJ!

  15. So Efe moron with 4-5 perks tier 1 tank + equipment owning total newbies who cant even control theyr tanks normaly. OMg what a chalange, just lucky MM becouse if enemy has skilled player then gf mf. I se only luck and BIG advantage, its the same like in Lineage +80 level chars owning noobs zones lol pvp master of idiots.

    • so i presume that you’ve got game with 15 kills every day, right?
      otherwise you are just writing bullsh*ts

      • You people are like maniacs. OMG 15 kills, master of tankers, killed 15 tanks. Wake up! Other tanks are just beginners, they most likely don’t even know about sniper aim or to wait until your circle shrinks for better aim.

        Yes, he have skill, yes, he have experienced crew and pimped out tank, yes, he had also luck that no one else killed anyone, but he is owning newbies. Its like training box for 15 years and prizing yourself you never lost a fight fighting people who started boxing lessons last week.

        I wasn’t boasting when I did certain amount of kills on tier 8, others do not do it when they do insane amount of kills on other high tiers, HIGH TIERS is the key phrase, so we talk about experienced or fairly experienced players. WTF is wrong with you that you’re so hyped with a guy that owned a bunch of new players?

        • In fact he didn’t own anything. He just shoot them, while most of them didn’t even shoot back. It’s not worth a video. But the fact he is proud of this “effort” and made a video of it shows he’s a retard himself because he is proud to kill 15 newbies, who most probably was in their 1st match.

          Many players could do the same, me also. I had 12 kills in Jagdpanther, i wasn’t proud of it. Enemies were just plain stupid, nothing worth a video or worth to mention.

  16. My record is 12 which where nearly 14 when i wouldn’t have had a derp following me around taking the killshots when my mag was empty. Still, nice battle, even on Tier 1 it takes some skill to get 15 kills. There are way to many spray and pray noobs around that can get you killed.

    • Mine is 11 on a BDR. Of all the tanks in my garage, it’s definitely not the one I would have guessed to be in the lead.

  17. My max is 13 at tier 5. True, Pz4 with 10 HEATs before nerf. Nevertheless, weren’t really needed as it was city map with plenty side and ass shooting. That was some real adrenaline rush game ;)

  18. My most is 10 kills at tier 1 and 10 kills at tier 9 (T1 & VK45 Ausf B).
    Regardless of what the jealous children say, this *is* an achievement, if for no other reason that attrition will normally take out a few tanks before you can actually get to them, let alone shoot them…
    Also, he actually showed some good higher-tier tactics (though I found the side-scraping hilarious – A bit redundant at tier 1 what with no one actually having any armor…)

    • Sidescraping is almost always viable, because the tracks can eat the shell with a high chance.

      • Fair enough, I’d only thought of the armor aspect of it :-)

  19. Wow. Nice work at tier1… a pro kills 15 beginners, what a honor (not)…

  20. I believe that a good player is a player that do see an opportinity and take advantage of it. But the decisive factor for having 15 kills in a Tier 1 battle is LUCK, along with an OP Shell Spray like Cunnigan´s auto loader. Then to explain the 15 kills equasion is “Good Player + Bad brainless monkeys + Op Shell Sprayer + Luck = Haseniai Medal”

    • I believe that a good player is a player that do see an opportunity and take advantage of it. But the decisive factor for having 15 kills in a Tier 1 battle is LUCK, along with an OP Shell Spray like Cunnigan´s auto loader. Then to explain the 15 kills equation is “Good Player + Bad brainless monkeys + Op Shell Sprayer + Luck = Haseniai Medal”

  21. thats possible if you are the only player with 50+ IQ. Congrats for two damn stupid teams

  22. Congrats on the 15 kills Pesusieni. All the haters gonna hate, but 15 kills is still an achievement at any tier. Yes, it may be easier to get at tier 1, but not anyone can do it. So stop hating, and ask yourself this: if I was driving that T1, could I manage that feat too? Wake up people.

  23. He is very lucky to have had a match like that. Not only did that result depend on the stupidity of the enemy players, but also the stupidity of the allied players as well! (Plus you kind of also have to be good a tanks…) Good job, dude in vid!

  24. It takes skill, it also takes 100% trained crew and baby seal clubbing ready load out to do this. As we can see in the video, he got both.

    However, to get 15 kills, you also need luck more than anything. Well, he won the lottery that day.

    See people, this is what this game is truly about luck, luck, extreme luck! It’s the interweb version of slut machine. Before you know it, the casino has grabbed most money from most of us except only a few luck ones whose story like this promotes us spending even more

  25. It’s funny how jealous some noobs get when they watch these videos, I even got trolled when I posted a 12 kill tier 10 mat

    Doesn’t matter that it’s a tier 1 game and the opponents were bad, still takes skill and experience to be able to do this.

  26. Hmmm.

    WHY at the 2:00 minute mark does the count of tanks change?
    he kills one early and it shows up on the indicator board at the top of the screen and then at the 2:00 minute mark when he is shooting at a tank the number goes back to ’0′ although the number of Red indicators shows two being dead?
    The indicator at the top of the screen is NOT working properly here and even the green side that has lost a number of tanks is not reflected by the number.
    Is this just a glitch or something else?