44 thoughts on “0.8.6 – EU arty stats for last 2 weeks

  1. Well, if they wanted to camouflage an SU-26 mega nerf by nerfing arty as a whole, mission accomplished.

    • Hah, so you’re saying that the whole arty rework was a distraction manoeuvre to nerf one particular (blatantly OP) low-tier arty?

      “We should cut that tree down, let’s nuke the whole forest instead”.

  2. Really don’t regret getting that premium arty for the CW campaign, it is a bit OP when you actually get a tier 5 game.

  3. I interpret the stats to mean that arty can’t carry games. I’ve played a few games, and it feels to me that a skilled player can do “ok” – but the monster games are much fewer and farther between.

    I took my M40-43 out a few times, and averaged 1700 damage – down from 2400 average before the nerf.
    I do think that the 261 is still playable, but it’s not the beast it was.

    As much as I enjoyed playing arty, I don’t miss it much. I DO think it’s more fun to play everything else when there aren’t a bunch of SPGs around.

    I think the real test is going to be how many people bother going up the UK SPG line. I’d guess not too many.

      • *Some* of them are still fun. I had a few good post-patch matches in my M41. But the Su-14-2 is long gone. The only thing it had going for it was a snappy aim time and that was nerfed into oblivion. Although it was probably a good thing that its aim circle got a bit wider – it makes it more difficult to abuse the 203mm AP rounds. I used to load one as a first round to catch any mediums that were out ahead of the pack. Much tears and sobbing over the one-shots.

      • I am afraid that many will start grinding the new Brit arty tree and get up to Tier 4-5-6 and we’ll have lots of brain dead arty scouts running around the map doing F*ck-all.

        After the arty nerf, unless you get a good arty player in your team (rare), arty pieces in team are actually a burden and drag down the team rather than help it to victory. Basically the really low average damage by arties after the patch make them far less useful in battles than other type of tanks.

    • I beg to differ…..

      Battle: El Halluf Tuesday, July 09, 2013 1:55:21 PM
      Vehicle: Bat.-Ch√Ętillon 155 58
      Experience received: 2,562 (x2)
      Credits received: 66,672
      Battle Achievements: Mastery Badge: “Ace Tanker”

      4,990 damage, even with the 73s clip reload.

  4. This statistic is flawed and doesn’t tell much. Since artillery is balanced by having another artillery in the opposite team, it’s not clear how much artillery contributes to the battle. Both SPG’s being equally useless will maintain average win ratio. So this statistic only shows how good artillery is compared to other artillery, but doesn’t show how useful artillery is compared to other tanks.

    Average damage would be much more useful here, given the current state of affairs. For example, I tried new German tier II artillery. In the whole battle I did 2 damage (two damage, from tiny splash) and I got Mastery Badge 3rd class. Which means 50% of tankers got less XP last 7 days than I did in a battle where I only did 2 damage. But since enemy side will have equally “useful” artillery, then win rate of 49% is quite easily achieved.

    • Artillery is not balanced by having same number, let alone same tier of arty on the opposing team. This is more obvious now (with fewer players using arty) where you often get 1 on one team and 2 on the other (100% difference).

    • um… if you had done some homework before buying… you would know that the new german T2 is probably the worst tank in the game.

      75% crew gives a 29s reload time. I’ll let that stand for itself.

      However, should you intend to use it, plan ahead and aim well ahead so that when things are spotted it only takes 1-4s to finish aiming and then fire.


  5. None of these stats matter since Arty generally get carried by the team anyway.

    Show average damage per game instead – that’s a lot more meaningful to arty directly.

  6. Strange stats, for example TX Batchat arties – 100 players played ~1300 battles each during 2 weaks?

  7. Is there any way to find out the standard deviations in winrates or associations with individual players’ overall winrates for these arties pre- and post-patch? Obviously this list shows us which arty is most effective in the hands of an average player, but I’m interested in whether any of these arties still compare with decent tanks when used by a player, say, 2 standard deviations above the norm. After all, a tank with 53% overall winrate that completely ignores skill is bad for any player with 54% or higher overall.

    My suspicion is that arty winrates flattened out significantly from player to player this patch. If it only flattened out a little, it’s still worthwhile learning to be good@arty. If it flattened a lot, being good@arty is pointless.

  8. So being at 50% win would be balanced? while being 47% and below is under performing?

    • Um… the second highest winrate arty is German, and they don’t seem to be specially underperforming in that spreasheet.

      • Yep German’s have the worst tier 10,9 & 8 arties; which is all that matters in end game.

        Always been that way though, the GW Tiger has always been a giant piece of shit even before the nerfs.

        • Exactly, ofc i saw that German arty is on second place, but i am looking more globally at the stats and they are quite low specially high tiers…they are worst of all nations…and it’s not that hard to see why…they are the biggest arties in game and slowest cause of the size…except GW Panther their arc is also shit so every move=aim again….

  9. Neither winrate nor damage is important after this patch. Arty just isn’t fun anymore. When I am sick of tanking, I tab out of the game now, before I would do few arty battles.

    And it shows… Matches with more than one arty are rare now, day before yesterday I was in a game with 4 arties each team and everyone was like “whow, so many arties”.

    They should have done the proper thing: Take arties out of the game, give me my xp back.

    And to think that I have to grind 3 – soon: 4 – arty-lines up to tier X now to have all the tanks in the game… Best way to grind arty right now is to go in the game, tab out, read some news, get 2x xp. Repeat each day for a year.

  10. PzSfl IVb FTW!!!

    Side note: funny how the only two arty I play are the top 2 performing arties XD.

  11. I miss the support I used to have from arty.
    Now a days, you have to keep a beast tracket for half a battle before arty manages to kill it.
    And that, gents, ruins the meaning of arty.
    I, for one, think this arty patch nerf sucks, and I do not even play arty!

  12. 8.6 was a patch to pacify the noobs who couldn’t avoid arty fire by using their brains. How many games have we all been in now where < 48% w/r morons just camp at the back in their heavy tanks without fear or dying because there is no arty to kill them anymore.

    In 3 years of playing I've had some of the most idiot and least enjoyable games ever since 8.6; its like the whole game has turned into EZ MODE.

    • Whatever, I love that I can actually drive around in my E-100 without having to fear for 3 or 4 enemy artillery pieces gunning for me after I get detected (which was rather easy pre-8.6).

      One or two arty pieces is ok. I could live with 3, but in tier 9 and tier 10 battles you would have 4 or more arty on each side practically every game and unsurprisingly at the end of the battle you would often have 3 arty and 1 or 2 tanks left, that is an indication of itself.

      I hardly played arty pre-8.6 and when I did I thought it was pretty damn easy too play. I actually play a little more arty since the 8.6 release, granted just tiers 5-7 so I couldn’t really tell how they are doing myself from tier 8-10 but I have seen a lot less arty in T8-10 games and I think it’s a good thing because they were really too dominating at those tiers IMHO.