The Sturmtiger case

Hello everyone,

as it happens once in a while, new pictures of Sturmtiger emerged in this thread:





Are they fake? Are they real? Is Sturmtiger coming soon?

Well, first and foremost it doesn’t matter whether they are fake or not. Sturmtiger is not coming in 2013, that much has been confirmed numerous times. In fact, it was mentioned in Q&A today that the Sturmtiger might be a part of a whole new German branch of assault guns. It’s not even sure yet whether it will be a tank destroyer, or an arty.

The pictures could be “real”, because Sturmtiger was supertested several times this year (and in 2012), or it could be “fake” (there are a bunch of models and skins, that can turn any vehicle into a “Sturmtiger”).

Either way, the Sturmtiger will not come anytime soon I am afraid – we’ll just have to wait a bit more.

Edit: The pics are a fake, the author of the thread (Ilosz) is a modeller, who wanted to get some “fame”.

19 thoughts on “The Sturmtiger case

  1. The third picture appears to give the impression of a large upward arch, like an arty firing into the sky. If these are real, then my guess is that Sturmtiger will be an arty.

  2. “Either way, the Sturmtiger will not come anytime soon I am afraid – we’ll just have to wait a bit more.”

    To be honest I can wait.
    After seeing it on the new map on the testserver I’d love to see it in action,
    but good things need their time, so I’ll patiently wait for it’s grand entrance. ;)

  3. This and the Sturer Emil, possibly even the Nashorn are the only vehicles that could get me back into the game more than once a week.
    I require German tanks with oversized guns that aren’t complete garbage (looking at you jpzE100 è.é )

  4. It’s a pity that historical tanks like this one are cast aside in favor of fantasy tanks.

    • This one has… *considerable* practicality issues you know. And not the easiest to implement satisficatorily I’d wager.

  5. why are they having trouble figuring out whether it should be a td or an arty? o.o