SerB T-shirts by Cuki (EU)

Hello everyone,

Cuki from EU server made a bunch of T-shirt motives (free to use for everyone). If you want bigger resolution or anything, just contact him on his e-mail








24 thoughts on “SerB T-shirts by Cuki (EU)

    • Think “Programmer of RNG”. Something like “did you think ‘random’ means the same for everyone???”

  1. Yeah, the main problem are the fonts used. Stick to web friendly and print friendly fonts like arial, verdana and such.

  2. Man, these are really ugly… I still opt for “Don’t like WG? Don’t play WoT!” – this would nicely backfire :) .

  3. Yes please, buy these t-shirts. Everybody will instantly recognize that you are an idiot…

  4. To all German/Germanic/Poles/Stalin hater/Anti-Communist players stop patronizing this game made by Stalinists for Stalinists. Remember this: How they raped your women and destroyed your fatherland. Make a game many times more superior than this. Remember the times you get trolled in game? Well that’s Stalinist trolling right up to this day. Let their crimes not be forgotten in history, they must pay.