Technical: new frontpage system

Hello everyone,

Edrard was so kind as to install a new feature. From now on, whole articles will not appear on the front page – only a part of them. You will have to click on the article itself to read the rest, but this will protect the frontpage from being hard to read, if – for example – long articles or pictures are posted.

Please let me know, if it works okay for you (report any issues in comments to of this post). Last time I tried to do this, it screwed the RSS feed, so I hope it works. If it doesn’t, I’ll remove it.


57 thoughts on “Technical: new frontpage system

  1. Would it be possible to categorize all articles?
    As it would be easier to navigate through everything, e.g if you only want the articles about tank pictures, or leaks.

  2. Looks good! Thanks to that i dont have to do miles on my mouse wheel just to see old posts :D

  3. Very good.

    I like it because if you are on a mobile device (with limitied highspeed data volume) you don’t have to load all the pictures and “waste” your data volume.

    • Not really… page views are calculated by visiting the home page not the separate pages, so page views will stay the same regardless

      • I understand the reasons why anybody would prefer to have this (shortened) version. However this being said, I don’t like the change myself, I would prefer an index of older articles (preferably split down into daily sections, one page for each day, much like Planet WoT’s daily stats) and current day’s articles on front page in their entirety.

      • Perhaps make a mobile version of the site? I read from my computer and I read everything. Much easier to do this if it’s all on one page.

  4. I normally only read news on the homepage, with adblock disabled.
    If I add the domain to the ‘don’t block’ list, will also be added?
    As I blocked some blocks of useless content so it loads faster now.

    • Oh yeah.. any chance you can change that system of closing the picture? Is there a chance you could make it that we can close the picture by clicking beside it or maybe on Esc?

      Right now the only way to close a picture is by clicking the “X” in the lower right.. but that can be boring if the picture is 2000x3000px xD

  5. Well, I can see why most people like it. I’m not part of that group though…

    OT Q for people with Dolphin Browser (Android): I have some issues with ads on FTR, sometimes it acts as if ad-block was activated, sometimes it doesn’t load them and sometimes they work just fine. Can someone please tell me how should I change my settings to allow the ads? (ad-block is off btw)

    • That’s one cynical way of looking at it… judging by the comments on the recent articles which happen to contain a lot of pictures and graphics I think this is an excellent solution to what a lot of readers deemed a nuisance.

      +1 for silentstalker. Keep up the goodwork!

  6. I was waiting for this.My phone can finally breath when browsing this website.:)

    And about the needage of clicking the title to see the whole article…I was clicking it anyway to watch the comments. :P

  7. I actually quite liked the old version. Allowed me to see more easily whether or not an article interested me. Perhaps make it so one can choose the layout he uses? I’m quite sure plenty prefer the new one, and I wouldn’t want to ruin it for them.

    • I agree, I much liked having whole articles so I could read them all instead of clicking on each one. Also since I have sporadic internet I often load up a page and it was much more convenient to just load the whole FTR page and read everything.

      In short: Two options would be desirable.

  8. Thank you! I’m mostly reading this via mobile, and going through all the full posts was annoying. :)

  9. You could try to make a summary,or just post some key parts of the article,and also some of these pics and make it on the front page

  10. honestly, my preferences was for the old format, though I can’t quite put my finger on why I am afraid

  11. So far everything OK.
    Thanks both Edrard and SilentStalker.
    I actually prefer it this way. It’s much easier to look for older posts.

  12. Biggest thing I miss is the list on the right of the articles for the month. It is a royal pain to find an article you saw a week ago and want to link for a friend because you have to dig page by page until you find the article. It used to have dropdowns, you click july and the articles for july would drop down allowing you to select the one you want. Now you have to select july, and them flip page by page through an entire months articles.

  13. Finally, been waiting for it from the beginning. It would be also nice to see less articles on first page.

    Much appreciated.

  14. I hate it… because I read pretty much everything here. But nevermind, I will get used to it as long as everybody else is happy. I didnt realize how many people read it on mobile devices