8.7 goes live on…

Hello everyone,

I usually do this with Q&A, but since I am not sure whether there will be one today (SerB probably took vacation), I’ll post it straight away:

8.7 will go live on:

RU server – 23.7.
EU server – 24.7.
US server – 25.7.

53 thoughts on “8.7 goes live on…

  1. i want to know when 8.8 test will be available because 8.7 isnt to interesting

    • Yes, I think similiar, but still want those British SPGs. Other than that, the patch is rather ‘meh’ compared to ‘BOOM!’ 8.6 update.

        • remember… wot is now 0.8.6
          wot is not even 1.0

          acording to these numbers it is a beta…

          • according to your comment you are a retard

            what if they called their patches π? or 1i?

            it might as well be 0.000001 or 100000.1, it makes no difference

          • No, according to those numbers WoT is on version 0.8.6. Wether it’s 0.8.6, 1.8.6, 100.8.6 is irrelevent – The numbering is arbitary, set by WG and the actual numbers used mean nothing, a long as they follow on from each other (and even then, they don’t have to)

          • at least they don’t name their patches like wow something like

            “nobody plays arty anymore so lets add more arty” patch.

  2. Alright! This means 8.8 gets closer with my most awaited reform of the game, the implementation of national voices, the tank crews will actually know how to speak their own native tongue.
    Realism will improve heaps and the enjoyment of the game with it, it’s about time.

    For this 8.7 update I’m looking forward to the MT-25 and the E-25 when it goes on sale at a discounted price.

  3. The reason of SerB vacation: His “often” supid answers like “than dont buy, dont drive it, dont play it….and so on…i can not / wont hear this anymore!!!!!

    • Most mods will still work – they’re only really adding content. You will probably only need to update xvm, vertical tech tree and contour icons (if you use them)

    • Me too, I have saved enough free XP to immediately jump to Tier X British arty. Prepare for doom TD players! I feel that you already tremble before 10 m splash radius and 2500 damage. :-)

      • You know, that on paper the T92 gun is better in dmg, splash, RoF and acc? (At least, if they didn’t change the stats in test2)

  4. so we get the patch ONE DAY AFTER RU because Serb is on vacation ?
    ( it was always like one week after RU)


    WG should send Serb on vacation more often :-P

    • Not true that we always get week later…it all depends when it’s updated on RU and how complex update is. We got the updates day after few times so far. And mostly before US, altough they’ve got it before few times also

  5. i think they put EU/NA so fast behind RU server cos they are more professional now, and won’t implement things like HE quadruple price that will be available for RU only….so they have no fear they have to nerf data after release


  6. already with this patch….. i want the german tds…. ughh thats still 2 patches away. i wont play the game until the germans. i want some line to grind.

  7. What about Chinese server? Maybe Aug.1st (anniversary of the founding of the Chinese PLA)?

  8. The only thing I am looking forward to is selling my MT-25 for more than the T-50-2 and selling my T26E4 SP for a full gold refund…