50 thoughts on “Hitler drives T-54 – a video

  1. How do you make XVM show the classic damage markers? I mean the orange ones, where it says -{damage}. I tried editing the configuration files and changing “useStandardMarkers”: false to true, but unfortunately it had no effect.

    Silente, nevíš, co s tím? :-)

  2. Finally, after I waited so long, another “Hitler drives …..” video :)

    But Woras, could you reduce the “fast-forward” moments in your next videos, I found them a bit annoying at the beginning of the video.:P

  3. Not really funny anymore after the gorillion videos created around this clip.

  4. What sound mod do you have that makes your gunfire and reload sound so awesome?

  5. Why Hitler dort Talk about wot in this Video? I dort unterstand Why all say this is funny

      • Its the increased accuracy and more importantly aim time which makes the other one better. The higher ROF is just cherry. Pen? That what’s gold is for, and i’m not the one who half his store is gold :)

      • If you had gotten D-10T2C, you wouldn’t have felt the additional experience needed because suddenly it’s not a grind but an OP fest – I achieved 2.7k damage per game with it.

        How’s it better than D-54? It’s much more accurate (0.35), with better aim time and better rate of fire. Worse penetration? Aim better or shoot gold

        • Only 2.7k? You can punch way more than that pretty often.
          I’m still not wasting grind for gun that only gives slight improvement on dynamics. That pen drop is catastrophic :D

  6. Woras, would you like to tell me what sound mod is that when the weapon is reloading/getting ricochets, firing sounds? its pretty nice!

    btw that was a great video!


  7. woras, this is THE BEST video I’ve ever seen from you.
    my congratulations go towards you in every way.

    btw what sights do you use?