8.7 patchnotes

Source: http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/17/update-notes-8-7/

Download the 8.7 installer (EU): http://dl.wargaming.net/wot/eu/files/WoT_0.8.7_eu_install.zip (5GB+)

New Vehicles

- Added the new branch of SPGs in the British tech tree:

Loyd Gun Carriage (tier II)
Birch Gun (tier III)
Sexton II (tier IV)
Bishop (tier V)
Crusader 5.5-in. SP (tier VI)
FV304 (tier VII)
FV207 (tier VIII)
FV3805 (tier IX)
Conqueror Gun Carriage (tier X)

- Added a new Soviet light tank, the MT-25 (tier VI), as the replacement for the T-50-2. After the update, owners of T-50-2 will own the MT-25

- If T-50-2 vehicle was researched, then MT25 will also be researched
- If T-50-2 was available in hangar, it will be replaced by MT25
- Crew with specialization T-50-2 will be retrained for MT25; will receive a 100% trained Radioman for MT25 as additional crewman
- Camouflage patterns and statistics will move from T-50-2 to MT25
- Experience from T-50-2 will be moved to MT25
- Experience from T-50 will be moved to KV-1S
- New ammunition won’t be added
- Emblems and inscriptions from T-50-2 will be sold per purchase price

- Added Premium British tier III SPG: Sexton I
- Added Premium German tier VII tank destroyer: E-25 (6700g)
- Added new USSR-themed map: Severogorsk

Map Changes

- Reworked Highway and Port maps for the new rendering engine
- Removed Assault game mode from the Westfield and Malinovka maps
- Modified and optimized several special effects
- Fixed several destructible objects; these objects previously slowed the tank
- Modified and improved visual models of environment objects
- Fixed several problems with the matchmaker that took place after 8.6 Update
- Increased number of names and surnames of different tankers of all nations
- Fixed collision models of several objects and buildings
- Fixed issues in receiving Lucky and Sniper achievements

VK 30.02 (D)

- Maybach HL 210 P30 engine changed with Maybach HL 210 TRM P30 engine

Rebalanced the Т-50

- Gun dispersion of movement and turning decreased by 4%
- Suspension resist on all soils reduced on 15%
- Added V-3 engine
- Removed M17E engine
- Removed M-5-400F Bis engine
- Tank price changed from 200,000 to 140,000 credits
- Max speed reduced by 8km/h
- Declination angles of 37mm automatic Sh-37 gun reduced by 2 degrees
- Reloading time of 45mm 20K gun reduced from 2.3 to 2.1 sec
- Ammo rack of 45mm BT-42 increased by 10
- Inclination angle of 45mm BT-42 changed from 25 to 19 degrees
- Declination angle of 45 mm BT-42 changed from 7 to 4 degrees
- Reloading time of 45mm BT-42 gun reduced from 2.3 to 2.1 sec
- Added 45mm BT-43 gun
- Removed 57mm ZiS-8 gun
- Turret turning speed of T-50 turret from 45 to 48 degrees per second

101 thoughts on “8.7 patchnotes

  1. Farewell Beloved T-50-2 that I barely even enjoyed….

    and Hello useless arty that I will never grind, and a new fat scout tank that will probably make me wonder why I ever bothered getting the T-50-2 in the first place :D

  2. They nerf my next fav tank. Thanks god my no1 tank is tiger and I don’t think it’s possible to nerf it any more.
    On other hand, it’s german, so nothing is impossible.

  3. Gj WG, make the MT-25 unlockable from KV-1S. First, it makes no sense and second, encourage more dudes to buy KV-1S to flood the tier 6 battles with their OP-ness.Like it wasn’t enough already!

    • It does make sense because the MT-25 was conceived from a modified KV-1S/IS chasis

      • 1) MT-25: prototype never built, never tested, no combat record,
        2) the only thing it has (or would have had) in common with KV/KV-1S is looks.

        • Did you think about what you were going to write or your hands got way ahead of your head?

          Listen to yourself “it’s not a KV variant, it only looks like one”….seriously? the reason it branches off the KV heavies is exactly that, it’s a KV, in form of a scout.

          • Mate, read a bit about what the project was supposed to be like. New transmission, new suspension, interleaved wheels etc. Nothing to do with KV-1 or KV-1S. Only similarity – same frontal armor layout. It wasn’t supposed to be “shrinked” KV-1(S).

            • Are you trying to say WG should have made it a tier 1 tank then? Because otherwise it has to be researched from somewhere, obviously, and if the only thing it shares with any other tank is frontal armour layout, well, isn’t that a better link than from a tank that it shares absolutely nothing with?

  4. Can anyone confirm whether premium consumable prices increase to 20,000 credits in 8.7?

  5. Is the release plan of the patch still the same, as announced earlier in this blog? Like RU tomorrow, EU Wednesday and so on?

  6. It doesn’t affect me, and for that matter it probably is a pretty rare case but if someone has a T-50 with 60k XP on towards the T-50-2, but hasn’t researched the KV-1S, what happens to that 60k XP?

    • it gets moved to KV-1S, as it says in the patch notes. Obviously if you’re close to T-50-2 you’d better unlock it because MT-25 actually costs less exp and you’ll find yourself with some useless exp on KV1-S, unless you convert exp for gold or you didn’t unlock everything else related to KV-1S.

    • As the matter of fact its my case, I did unlock T-50-2 (didnt buy) but I didn’t unlock KV1S

      • In that case u can just buy the damn scout after patch.
        Nothing to do with KV-1S though..

    • Really?

      Oh, hang on. Best… Assault map…. Yeah, well that’s like saying poodles do the best dog sh*t.

      • If you know what you are doing, then Malinovka is great for assaults (as well as defense). Of course you lose if you have a bunch of numpties in your team, but alas, that’s the luck of the draw.

  7. Funny how they changed the name of the map to cover the fact that we’ll be playing in a russian concentration camp where many “political” prisoners where killed.

    • Be happy that it only affects one tank. Russian guns historically had -3° to -4° depression (just like Chinese copies of the same tanks).

  8. “- Added new USSR-themed map: Severogorsk”

    Is it just me or did this map have a different name initially (Belogorsk 19). Typical WG: they model a map after a Soviet gulag oblivious of the shitstorm that is going to create. But luckily their PR departement is on its feet an fixes the issue the WG way: put a new name on it and call it “Soviet themed”.

    Welcome to the gulag it is called perfumery now!

      • Immediately after WW2 and up to late fifties it was Belogorsk ITL (“Ispravitelno-trudovoi lager” – corrective labor camp) – a “camp” for prisoners of WW2. They had “nice” welcome there and “many” survived “corrective labor” (read: construction work). Official records are impossible to come by, but it is estimated 10 000 people had “very good” “living” there. The high security measure were there because of high number of potential security “problems”.

          • Aha,

            “System of corrective labor camps in the USSR 1923-1960″ by Krivenko, S. Sigachev, D. Shkapov, and S. Filippov

            In Russian “Belogorsky”, also known as “Belogorskoe” and “Belogorlag”. The book mentions it was established on 14.05.1953. and closed on 01.02.1958. but it also mentions there was a facility even before and it got renamed to Belogorsk. Some Internet sources mention 1946. as “opening” date.

  9. - Camouflage patterns and statistics will move from T-50-2 to MT25

    That’s bullshit. What if you don’t want to keep the MT-25. >.>

      • It is going to suck trying to complete a full set of kills for the British now. Who in their right mind is going to waste one minute or gold getting to tier X in artillery from scratch? I will be amazed if I ever see a tier X British arty let alone get a chance to kill it for a mastery badge. Hell I’m still hunting for a GW E.100. So close yet so far.

        • i am sure there are players who have hundred thousands of free XP, and going to the CGC because in some parameters it is better than the T92.

        • Looking for a GW E.100!?? It’s quite the oposite for me. Since 8.6, it seems like I only see this tier X arty on the battlefield. Like if all the others have vanished.

        • It’s not the shells that kill you… its the splash they make in whatever they come in contact with… Its not quite the “swimming-pool maker” of the Iowa Class but it will make a nice fish pond.

  10. Great, more useless tanks that never existed.

    Meanwhile the Commonwealth british med tank tree is nowhere to be seen.

    • 6700 Gold for a tier7 premiumtank is reasonable:
      -SU122-44 costs 6750 Gold
      (-E25 will cost 6700 Gold)
      -AT15A costs 6500 Gold
      -Panther/M10 costs 5750 Gold

      So, why ‘Outch’?

      • The fact that other t7 premiums have similar cost does not mean that it is reasonable. To be honest only 122-44 is worth its price (op), the rest is overpriced.

  11. If the UK SPG tier VII FV304 has moved up a tier from its previous VI will it still have the tier V 4.5″ howitzer or have a buff?
    Gonna buy prem tier III Sexton I, research the FV304 & probably leave the tier X grind alone especially as I just the US tier IX M53/M55 with 8 metre splash its just as good. That’s my highest scumbag arty tier having only started arty post nerf its fine as never knew them pre-nerf..
    I do like my 8 metre splash..

  12. If we download that installer how do we use it ?
    The last time I used one of those when the patch went live the installer just downloaded the whole 5gb client, is there a way to get it to use the files in that folder?

  13. - Removed Assault game mode from the Westfield

    Just shut up and take my money!

  14. I have T-50-2 researched (played few battles, and sold it allready) Crew is in barracs, will I get that extra crewmember, or will i have to buy T-50-2 to garage to get one extra radioman?

    Will techtree continue from MT-25? pics anyone?

    • If you sold T-50-2 you will not receive MT-25. Just buy it again before the patch which is due tomorrow.

      • Yeah, thats obvious.
        But what about that extra crew member, does it need the T-50-2 tank to get it?

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  16. why does it say that you can download the installer when the update isn’t even out yet??

    or am I getting this wrong

  17. any idea if 8.7 will increase cost of premium consumables back to the original price?

  18. According to common test tech tree and todays ASAP video Crusader 5,5 inch SP will be on tier VII and FV304 on tier VI.
    I know it’s a repost from WG US, but please Silenstalker verify info before posting it out. It’s especially important to me because i’m making contour mod and right now i’m quite confused which vehicle will be on which tier.

    • Shit. There is also different infos about Birch Gun and Sexton II tiers…. so i have to wait for release to be 100% sure.

  19. Silent,
    do you know if the prem consumables are going to remain at half price on 8.7 release?