No T57/Foch155/Object268 nerf planned

Hello everyone,

on several places of RU forums an information appeared today that the T57, Foch 155 and Object 268 will get a massive nerf soon (0.8.8), including a list of alleged changes, “leaked from supertest”.

Storm (who is atm on vacation) and another moderator on RU forums however confirmed: it’s a fake. No such nerf is planned.

76 thoughts on “No T57/Foch155/Object268 nerf planned

    • Why does the foch got to be nerfed its a tank destroyer. Its made to be able to DESTROY A TANK. Why isnt anyone arguing about the hetzer those things gun needs to be nerfed or they’re speed.

  1. I always said that TDs will be majorly OP once arty is gone and that everyone will whine about them .. Anyways, I don’t care. I trashed noobs before with arty, now I trash them withmy F155 and JpzE100 even easier than before, so suck it noobs

    • OM NOM NOM SWEET TEARS. It’s sad that u must fight in arty or td (depends what’s op) to pwnd anyone ;)

      • ^^ this,

        true skill is only required when mastering the tier 10 medium tanks.

        • You two idiots doesnt realise that Corvi isnt complaining about the artillery changes….

          • Haha yeh they sadly didn’t get the point ^^

            I can pown stuff in Heavies and meds too, he’ll I even pown tier 10′s with my puny Type 62, but people don’t whine about that, so it’s boring. I enjoy seeing noob tears, so I play tanks people cry about :p

  2. Why TDs would need nerf? They are supposed to kick ass HARD.
    And T57 is good too.
    On other hand – T71 penetration is way too high.

    • T57 needs nerf. You don’t think so?
      Then AMX 50B needs a massive buff!

      AMX 50B vs T57 (pros)
      - AMX has better speed and acceleration
      - T57 reloads faster (!!)
      - T57 is more accurate
      - T57 fires faster between each shell in drum
      - both have the same amount of shells in one drum
      - T57 better armor, and cupola that actually can bounce some shots
      - T57 has slightly (but still), better penetration

      So why would I go for AMX 50B once again?
      Or you seriously think T57 isn’t overpowered compared to 50B?
      And just don’t say that bullshit again, get T57 yourself because I have both!

      • Isnt your nick from Snatch? :D

        On topic:
        This isnt compare one tank to other – this is compare one tank in general.
        BUT, and only then, if you compare 50b vs T57, then yes – 50b sucks in all ways.

        Suggested buff – give it 5 shell drum. And same time between shots as T57.

        Man, you derail this shit to oblivion :D

        • 5 shell drum isn’t historical, and you’d just have a batchat in that case.

          I think the best way to buff the 50B is with soft stats: remove the terrible aim time and mediocre accuracy characteristic of the autoloader tanks. Make the reload better by two seconds (as of right now, 50B reloads in 28 seconds and T57 in 24). I’d love to play the 50B in a powerful enough state myself

        • Hehe Woras, you got my nickname right! :D

          And thnx…

          Even though…I forgot to mention that apart from all above mentioned, T57 has 150 HP more than 50B… :/

      • if 50 B needs a buff, the T54E1 needs a MASSIVE buff too because its worse than 50 120… :)

      • and say thank you wot for dont add the t57 a 155mm with 8 shells that carried on real life xD

  3. If this would be real in the document, the nerfs would be such to hard. xD
    just a sweet try

  4. I wouldn’t say outright that no nerf is planned, Storm was only talking about this particular leak.

  5. WG checks tanks statistics and sees : T57, Foch155 highly research boom appeared. People want them, they spend gold to free xp them, gold ammo. WG gets more income.

    Nerf them, no one wants them anymore, WG income goes down. That simple folks.

      • In tonights news:
        Gaming company, Wargaming, is now the richest company in the world.
        Owner comments its due to “Type flood”.

      • in the long terms that would kill the game, imo it is happening already, tier +/-8 fights (after CW) are stuffed with premium tanks, yesterday I had game with 19 premiums, and 4 of them were AFK, 3 in my team

        • If you take it that way, in long term(but longer than the t59 release) the crowd of people getting those “OP” tanks will also kill the game, at least for the end-game players.

  6. As if they would actually tell any of us that they plan to nerf anything >_>

    I mean, sure… it’s not like people will take that info and whine their asses off about it in the forums for weeks until the patch goes live.

  7. if WG nerfs the TD´s then the ragekids will whine about some other crap… stupid whiners…

      • i whine about my nerved M48…. but seriousley…… with this huge turret its ROF must be higher…… i mean…. its so much space in there….. WGGGGGG FUUUUUUUU

      • Those theories were always here, nothing new. If I see those Im always asking “Have you ever tried bat?”

  8. Gold ammo makes those tanks special, im sure t57 and obj 268 wouldnt be op if there wasnt gold ammo.
    and to afford gold ammos , you must buy prem. And ? Money. They wont nerf t57-268. But nearly all heavies will be buffed.

      • Don’t you know?
        If there is no way to buff the german heavies, the only solution is nerfing all other nations :P
        [See 8.6 t10 heavy tanks penetrations changes...e-100 and maus kept their pen but all other lost 10-20 pen]

        • You forgott, that e100s sidearmor was nettes ans The turret was moves more foreard. they eben admitted, that they have moved it too mich forward, but The correction has very können. Peiority
          so The e100 got nerfed too. Dont know where you der a buff…

      • Same thing with IS-7 and T-62A. All the n00bs know they’re OP and start buying them and obviously they don’t have a clue what to do and that’s how their WR drops…and WG buffs them of course

  9. Foch and Object totally deserve a nerf,but leave T57 alone, I don’t consider it great

    • It’s just the fact that is better in almost all the ways then 50B.
      What’s the point on grinding the 50B if T57 is plain better.

      It just need a magazine reload nerf(1-2 secs longer than 50B to balance the faster shooting of the ammo inside the magazine) and a slight premium ammo penetration nerf.
      Than I think it’ll be perfectly balanced.Exchange speed and mobility for armour, gun depression, elevation and accuracy.

      • the only thing that actually makes t57 OP – is the 2sec CD between shots
        most T10 heavies do ONE SHOT while the t57 does FOUR
        and it’s pretty obvious that someone with a decent brain and a pair of eyes will make 4 shots succesful from 1 loader
        the 50b can’t do that, in most cases it gets 2 retaliation shots for 1 loader, and the faster heavies (mainly the brit and the e5) can actually try to squeeze in a THIRD shot, i’ve seen that from personal experience both ways – i own a 215b and a 50b

  10. Why would TDs need a nerf? They have exploitable weaknesses unlike arty which relaxed in base and owned everything. These are not even compareable. The idiot who tries to singlehandly take a FOCH155 head on with a full clip loaded deserves to go to garage.

  11. Good. Just normal tanks (and TDs). But some of players are thinking only about 1 thing – alpha dmg. They don’t know tank is not only gun. But also armor, mobility, gun depression and others.

  12. I hope they get nerfed… they are better than their competitors so they shud get a hit. we will know in the next useless patch 8.8…

  13. Nothing should be nerfed.The people who have those tanks want them the way they are.

    However, mediums need a serious buff.I’d like to see them with +10% spotting range, so they can perform well as scouts.

    • Mediums are not scouts. Scouts are scouts. Scouts need +10% view range.

      • ^^^

        Pretty much this, as currently, most scouts can be tiered with tanks that have the same damn view range as scouts. Near negating the purpose of scouts, aside from camo. I hate driving a scout, only to have a tier 8 medium spot me and I can’t see him….

    • that’s kinda like saying “i have a 1-button imba that pawns the shit out of everything else, don’t nerf it, i like pawning!”

  14. Jeez these people. Arty was nerfed not because of whiners but because it was flat out broken and causing major problems on the RU server since people knew how OP it was and thus you were having a lot of 10 arty per side matches.

    TDs are fine. They are balanced by their lack of turret, mobility, armor in individually different cases. It’s just the arty kids trying to ruin the game for everyone else now pointing the finger. Or heavy tankers that think the game should be world of heavy tanks again while they snipe from the rocks on el halluf.

    • >TDs are fine. They are balanced by their lack of turret, mobility, armor in individually different cases.
      Most TDs are fine, but some (most notably Foch) combine their huge firepower with armor superior to heavies and mobility superior to mediums. That is OP.

      • the only truly OP TD is the 268 – it has incredible mobility (top-tier mobility, comparable to the best meds) the best gun out of the TDs (highest DPS, best accuracy, incredible aim-time, etc) and incredible armor that lucks out every 1 or 2 shots out of 10 – you shoot it with some big shell and it doesn’t do anything (stuff like hitting the cannon, etc)
        and it isn’t really compensated with anything besides little hp
        the foch is compensated with a 46-sec CD on the loader and FIVE goddamn seconds in the loader – you actually can get away from most shots in that time – well that is unless you tried to take a full-charged foch in the field in a 1-on-1 bout, in which case you actually deserve to die
        yeah, sure, a fast one-shot in that loader is kinda painful – but you can bounce the shots and run away from a 3/3 in most cases – and you can actually expect to pierce the armor, even from the front

    • I bet you don’t have this tank, id rather play with TDs, since they’re easier to play, t57 is difficult to master and mostly good players ride it, thats why you get raped so much.

      Me myself have this tank, hope they wont nerf it.