The Offspring and Hurts came in secret to the “Stalin Line”


Some of you probably heard that there was a huge Wargaming 15th anniversary party with The Offspring and Hurts in attendance. It was a private party with only the banquet budget of 300 thousand USD for 3500 employees present, which took place on “Stalin Line” complex. The party included playing around with real tanks, quads and boats and even war reenactments.

Additionaly, various mini-shows were there for the guests: archers and knights, fire shows and battles with RC tanks tanks, boats and planes, special photozones, children playgrounds, computer game zone, competitions and various workshops. According to the Belarusian news, these shows did cost 150 thousand USD. In the evening, famous British band Hurts had a performance. The Offspring group also played there and according to musical experts, each of this performances probably did cost around 100k USD.

Everything ended with a laser show and fireworks and was crowned by the performance of the acrobatic group “Rus” from Vyazma, flying on jet planes for half an hour over the “Stalin line”.

25 thoughts on “The Offspring and Hurts came in secret to the “Stalin Line”

  1. Heh, that’s exactly how Belarussians/Ukrainians do with money. Stalker was a great example of successful game that got killed by greed and inability to contain one’s lowly desires.

    • THQ was what killed STALKER, but even so. It was an awesome game even if it was a broken down salvaged version

      • Still better then the vast majority of games. Also, was not that bad even bugs-wise once FULLY patched :P . And Clear Sky looks gorgeous… even today… with better AI then anything Bethesda can think up of.

    • GSC could have done a better job with STALKER game series. All 3 games are badly bugged.

  2. This reminds me of those dictator-oligarchs like Telman Ismailov or the Turkmen president Berdimuhamedow who organize great parties for their birthdays while the people are starving (no populism intended). Ass queen J.Lo and Beyoncé are usual guests :D

    • If you consider the current situation in Belarus, I’m not sure that those chambers are closed at all.

        • Not according to government statistics, mate. Then again, math and science were invented by evil western capitalist, anecdotal evidence is the strength of soviet union! ;D

          • Actually, if you aren’t in politics, the “heavy” crime rate (drugs, murder, armed robberies, things like that) is very low in Belarus.

        • Yes, once, when our women’s handball team played against Minsk in October, 2009.

          Apart from the very interesting fact that you can’t enter the country if you are alone (we needed a group visa), Minsk had a very good impression on me. It’s safe and very clean, one of the cleanest cities I’ve ever been in.

          On the other hand, it’s rather interesting that several opposition leader were either killed, beaten up, imprisoned or exiled during the last elections.

  3. jealous haters gonna hate

    its actually nice to see a company shell out on it’s workers instead of just hoarding money for the sake of having lots of money

    • Payrises and hiring more workers is a good way to do this, too. It benefits the company and all.

  4. The Offspring? Hurts? Hahaha what?! WG confirmed for being ultra-pleb with the shittiest possible taste in music. But it’s even more hilarious to think that even the lowest of western bands are superior to any music from Belarus or Russia, even those West-hating mongoloids admit that! :D

      • Comments can’t be braindead, they aren’t living things. On the other hand, you definitely are braindead, my dear mongoloid retard.

    • This is a matter of taste. Would you have preffered Justin Bieber?
      It has nothing to do with Russian / Belarus bands vs the others.

    • TBH the general tone of the event sounds rather like booking local bands for cheap rather than foreign big names for big money would have missed the point. I get the impression part of the idea was to specifically celebrate the company having made it big enough to be *able* to splurge like that.

  5. Complete waste of money. While the games fester and rott the men in charge of the company just blow half a mill on a big night out – outrageous.