FTR competition – Identify This Tank

Edit: competition over, we have a winner!

Alright guys,

I’ve prepared a competition for you – I hope you like it :) It’s very, very simple. I will post a picture under this text and your task will be to identify this tank. The prize will be:

For EU server: Monthly Boost Package (3500 gold, 100k silver, 30 days premium)

For US server: 6500 gold


It’s not going to be easy. And I mean that. Also, be sure to read the rules (how to participate) under the picture.

So, here goes:


How to participate:

- you send an e-mail on following address:
- this e-mail must contain: your guess, your ingame nickname and server and source, where have you found that piece of info
- any guesses not adhering to this (for example guessing in comments under the article, sending it to the wrong e-mail) will be disregarded!


- only accounts from EU and US servers may participate
- this competition is running until Sunday, 18.8., 23:59 CEST, after that, no more guesses will be accepted
- the prizes will be paid immediately after a winner is declared
- if noone wins until the deadline, the competition will be over without any winner and we’ll declare a truce
- WG employees may not participate
- start threads on World of Tanks forums at your own risk. If a Wargaming employee identifies this vehicle in such a thread (and I watch the forums, I will know), this competition will be cancelled
. (This is so you don’t go chasing Chieftain, Challenger and others, asking for this stuff, other forums than World of Tanks official forums are permitted of course).


To make the competition at least possible to win, there are hints.

- notice solider’s uniform
- there is a well-known western publication that incorrectly identifies this vehicle. If you will base your guess on it, you will not succeed
- this is most likely the only existing photo of the vehicle
- further hint: it’s not T-34-T (do you REALLY think it would be that easy?)

16 thoughts on “FTR competition – Identify This Tank

  1. I found something quite easily, so send but i think i’m wrong

    But thank you for the contest