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an interesting file found its way to me. The source is legitimate, but asked me not to reveal any identity. Basically, as you know, World of Tanks has a Chinese server too. This server, however, is not managed by Wargaming, but by a Chinese partner, called Kong Zhang Wang. Amongst other things, while Wargaming provides all the content, KZW also decides, what goes in which patch apparently.

The document I mentioned before are Chinese 8.8 patchnotes, leaked by a KZW employee (in form of KZW internal e-mail).



If you read Chinese, you might be able to glean something more out of it, but I’ll just describe the differences:

- first, there is a new map being introduced in Chine, called “Empire’s Border”, you might remember some screenies being leaked a while ago, it’s basically a Great Wall map. Is it China-exclusive? No idea.
- 8.8 is introducing 7×7 (7/42) companies on Chinese server (that means the mechanism is ready)
- in 8.8, the Type 59 won’t be sold anymore. Just for comparison: on EU server (and that’s including the “flood” vehicles), there are roughly 78 thousand Type 59′s. Chinese server (while cca two times bigger than EU server) has 410 thousand and it’s expected to rise to 450k until this patch is out. The Chinese partner clearly doesn’t care that much about that.
- finally, the 8.8 is scheduled to come on Chinese server (and worldwide) on 10th or 11st of September (Russian server: either 3.9. or 8.9., allegedly it’s unclear from the e-mail)
- VK3001H gets new turret

I don’t think the date is relevant to any EU/US release, but still, it’s kinda interesting to know there are such differences.

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  1. Chinese server (while cca two times bigger than EU server) has 410 thousand and it’s expect to rise to 450k until this patch is out.

    After this leak it will rise to 500-600k sold.

    • Didn’t the Chinese server launch after the Type 59 was pulled from sale? Why in the world didn’t they give them some other premium?

      • Cause what the Chinese government wants, they get. If they want one of their star tanks (also the tank in the infamous Tank Man footage) to be available for their players, then it will be. Otherwise, China will not allow them to do business in their country, that’s just how it works. There was even the theory that the reason the release of the Chinese tree was delayed was b/c of Chinese govt. pressure to make the tanks better, but ofc, absolutely no proof of that exists or ever will, so it will simply remain a theory.

        • No.
          I doubt the Chinese gov has anything to do with the game.
          If they have anything to do with the Chinese tree, the 113 wouldn’t be among the worst performing tier 10 heavy right now.
          The Type 59 remain on sale because the company that runs WoT in China are a bunch of “Capitalist Bastards” as they should be.

  2. Something that has been bothering me for a while now: Where does the ’42′ in the ’7/42 companies’ come from? I suppose it’s a company with 7 players, but assuming that the 42 indicates the unit cap it would end up as pure KV1-S spam, so I don’t think the 42 is related to that.

    I missed out on the discussion of that company format/makeover while I was on hiatus. What is it about, exactly?

    • its how many tier points are allowed, 7 players, max 42 points, which means you could have 7 tier 6′s

    • These are the following rules for 7/42:

      Tier limit (any tank): 8
      Number of players: 7
      Maximum tier (add up every player’s tier): 42
      This usually ends up meaning 5 tier 8s and 2 tier 1s.

      • I see, up to tier 8. I was not aware of that, now it makes more sense. Thank you for the info :)

    • Not really KV-1S spam.
      It’s ESL format, and there are tier 8 tanks (lot of magazine tanks) used with leftover points filled by T1s for spotting.

    • You have acces to tier 8 tanks. So why would you want to fight with 7 kv-1s when you could have 3x 50 100, 2x 13 90, 2x T1 cunningham for scouting… These teams make decisions like that

    • It is not KV-1S spam, but not much better.
      Right now it is usually IS-3 and AMX 50 100 spam with some tier 1 scouts.
      Sometimes some American played when the map favors gun depression but that is about it.
      WoT as an eSport is most like a joke in terms of variety and balance.

  3. Something SS left:
    1. VK3001H will get a new turret.
    2. Type 59 will buff credit income and become events only. But Minsk is still asking their Chinese partner’s agree.

      • “將提高59式收益,並且僅作為某些重要賽事的獎勵品發放,俄方詢問我們是否同意此計畫,並在8.8版本上線後停止59式販售”

        Minsk negotiate with their Chinese partners for stopping selling Type 59. The compensation of this is buff the credit income of Type 59.

    • More info:
      Clanwar test season
      First Stage 8/20~8/21
      Second Stage 8/23~9/11
      Third Stage 9/11~10/3

      And those attachments mean “Clanwar new content” “Clanwar Revolt function introduction”

      8.8 date
      supertest #1 8/15
      commontest #1 8/22
      commontest #2 8/29
      RU update 9/9
      EU ASIA NA update still in discussion 9/10~12
      KOREA update 9/17
      CHINA 9/12

        • Type 59.
          They thought that is a way for promotion.
          And the diction of mail is so unofficial.

          • I can read chinese, ill say theres no problem with the diction. I think since this is an internal mail within the company, or even a department of the company, diction wont be a problem.

            • 這不是我說的,自己去看多玩,大多覺得是假的,我自己覺得是真的就是。

            • I wont read that forum for any reason possible. Its just nuts. Btw, its also not good to post chinese here, id suggest you to post in English in your further replies.

  4. For the red text containing “59″, it says WG provided a proposal which is increasing Type 59′s credit income and use it as prize for important events/matches and ask KZW to stop selling type in 8.8. But it’s unclear if this would be applied. Btw the Chinese server has a ridiculous gold Type 59–type 59 in gold color fyi, but the players dont like it and they would tk any gold 59s at the beginning of a game.

  5. Chinese server (while cca two times bigger than EU server)
    410000 type 59

    looks like every chinese player has a Type 59

  6. If you want to boost sales, announce deadline when item goes out for good. And there is another premium medium coming in so you don’t really want type 59 eat out the sales of T-34-3.

  7. - first, there is a new map being introduced in Chine, called “Empire’s Border”, you might remember some screenies being leaked a while ago, it’s basically a Great Wall map. Is it China-exclusive? No idea.

    Anyone know what happened to this map? We saw screenshots of the completed map awhile ago and now nothing, was it imbalanced or something? By contrast they released screenshots of the new map “Tundra” and its already being released in the next update.

    • Maybe the developers chose to stop releasing obvious china themed maps to the rest of the world. I’ve started to wonder about all the Chinese maps in circulation lately. Any of the old maps would fit in on any CW map, but here are a bunch of new maps with Chinese buildings. They don’t fit anywere but the far east, so will likely never be seen on the Americas, European or northern Asia CW rotations.
      Now I understand why. The Chinese partners want more Asian maps, so those maps are developed and published. Maps that would also fit well in random battle rotations are borrowed for use on the other servers. I’m not complaining, as I always like new maps. It just didn’t make sense before now why they were concentrating on Asian maps that would never be used in CW.

  8. Guys,I’d like to tell you that there are tons of Type 59 in Tier 8 Battles in Chinese Server.You can even see about 20 Type 59 in one battle sometime.