Closed SU-76M compartment

Source: Yuri Pasholok’s blog

Here are the pictures of an experimental modernized SU-76M variant with closed combat compartment by Plant No.40. This vehicle was planned to replace the SU-76M open topped variant, but experiments showed, that the performance was not as expected and in the end, the project was scrapped in favour of a modified open-topped design with higher rear plate.


25 thoughts on “Closed SU-76M compartment

    • But high view range has a price; HE protection decreases as the tank becomes more “open”.

      …If I remember correctly, AT-1 (Soviet T2 tank destroyer) has more protection than the Renault FT AC (French T2 tank destroyer). A silly thing, I know. ;D

  1. A little off-topic, but nowhere else to ask.

    While speaking about hull options, I wonder if it would be possible that Sho’t Kal hull was second hull option for Centurion 7/1. They are kinda different, engine deck mainly. Any idea if it could be implemented?