Hall of Shame is back

Hello everyone,

today, we have to new “inductees” into the Hall of Shame, that took the rage to another level.

First is Cantak – apparently, he has some deeply buried strange sexual desires, since he feels like it’s appropriate to threaten someone’s mother with rape… ugh.


51 thoughts on “Hall of Shame is back

    • I think that one is so funny cause he is telling to someone who is playing a video game and has a super Pershing

      • I find it also funny how he wants to talk about the “stats” while he himself is just slightly better by WN7. He is nowhere near that much better player as he is trying to be.

      • “but wishing such things is just wrong.”

        lol cause wishing someone cancer on the internet actually makes him get cancer.


        • thats not the point. wishing someone a lethal disease is just not the way civilized and more or less intelligent people should act or react on sth.

      • Yes, in fact it was also my first thought – the second one just sung a nice rap. LOL

  1. SS, you should stop pointing out how these retards behave. Soon, retards will behave in such a manner hopping someone will print screen their language and post it here. Attention whoring is a big sin with alot of sinners.

    Furthermore we are not interested to see retards on FTR blog, we`ve got enough interaction with them in game already.. FTR should remain a place where you can find devs translations, quality historical articles, agregated news in one place.

    • I agree with Treborn, tbh. This seemed like a good idea in the beginning, but I have to say I too am tired of seeing this here. There is more than enough in-game…

    • I actually think that this is good. I mean, you cannot name and shame these morons on the WoT Forums. But hey, there is still a wee better chance of them getting banned if people will try to use more insults in game.
      And another thing… you can skip this part of the blog if you don’t feel like reading it :P

  2. Hall of Shame is boring. And what is more important, it should be beneath your dignity. Gentlemen don’t display shit, even if it somebody else shit.

    • Well, this blog is related to WoT and rage is a part of the game, I’d be for a “Rage Section” with numerous screenies, just to get a laugh.

  3. First step: piss off someone in random.
    Second step: wait for his reaction.
    Third step: submit ss to ftr.
    And get an instant “i’m famous b***h”.
    Please, keep away the mentally challenged individuals from this site section.

  4. I can care less about retarded people in WOT, we all know they are everywhere. Bring us news and insights SS, please

    • So retarded people are still important for you? After all you “can care less” which means that there is something under it which you coudn’t care less about.
      if that is right why are you complaining? If that is wrong start using the correct words

      • you aren’t a native speaker are you? Or you just one of those people who seeks satisfaction in instigating people on the internet? Like I have said already, they are everywhere

  5. I first thought hall of shame would be like “terrible e-100 driver” stuff.
    But just looking at screenshots of ppl feeling offended by some retarded kid who’s a little upset is just stupid.

    • One no-name insults another no-name using different variations of cancer, racism, ideology, sex preferences and most of the time a mix of all.

      This will degrade the quality of FTR blog. I could give you an example based on television. They started to air more and more zero value shows, where some retardos act retarded. Producers said “hey, this is what public wants to watch” and now suddenly they complain people are not watching television that much anymore. Of course, because they got tired of watching Paris Hilton doing nothing smart for 60 minutes.

  6. There are tons of retards like that playing WoT. I don’t think that it is a good idea to publish the mental diarrhea they are letting lose in such a popular place. It is rather detrimental and pointless, as these guys and their dribble will soon be forgotten again. All that will remain is the stale taste of having read such disgusting crap on ftr. Doesn’t play a role that ftr is not the author.

  7. I think Hall of Shame is just cheap and boring in its current form. I would rather suggest posting WoT replays / videos that show complete and utter idiots on the battlefield, as well as team killers and those who hide their tanks and go afk. The latter could be used to identify and ban those people from the game (WG doesn’t care about in-game reports AFAIK so replays/videos are the way to go).

  8. Trash talk/raging is a minor annoyance, just ignore them. Maybe these raging players didn’t even start the trash. The retards that really deserve to be shamed are team mates who push you out to be killed, ally LT who ram your HT intentionally, team killers/damagers, intentionally not capping resulting in loss, cheaters exploiting randoms w/ intentions of rigging, using alt accounts to troll others in game, generally those players who cause there team to directly lose, therefore wasting other peoples time/effort/resources. These traitors deserve to be shamed as they make the game look bad/ugly/disrespectful. Also those airheads who tell other players to uninstall/delete the game deserve to be reported and shamed, even banned. Who would want to spend for a game that makes them angry and wastes their time/effort/resources?

  9. Apart from the intelectual content of the pictures, i’m interested on different thing – can someone identify the mod by name (or provide link) in the first picture? top left corner eu1 and eu2 ping? thx in advance

  10. Saying someone is from a third world country is the worst insult. You see dumb Americans use it wrong and call me somthing bad from a third world country, when I say I’m from Finland. What does Finland not being in NATO/Warsaw Pact mean anything? Besides, third world doesn’t have anything to do with the alliances anymore.

    • “Third World” never did have anything to do with alliances…

      …it was the “civilisation level”, for want of a better phrase, that made somewhere First or Third World…

      (fook knows what Second is supposed to be… France?)

  11. if you dont like it, dont read it….

    as for the miscreants who write such drivel, permanent ban works for me.

  12. Does anyone else sit and laugh when someone just rages by spurting random curse words which make no sense whatsoever in the order they are in?

    Learn to make insults, illiterate fools.

  13. If someone on my team were trying to actually play while only getting 9 fps, I’d probably be raging at them at the end of the match too. Not to that extent I don’t think, but still. If you are getting less than 10 fps, hang it up until you can get a computer that can actually run the game, rather than screwing the rest of the playerbase over, m’kay?

  14. if raping some retard’s mother is necessary to make him play better then I’m all for it.

  15. I got called a fag once. Told him “That is why it was so easy to penetrate you.” Never heard of him since.. :]