134 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest

  1. That Marder 3 superstructure is a fucking bullet magnet – or a retard magnet if sufficiently armored/sloped.

  2. Shame that they didn’t choose Ausf. M hull for Marder III. Object 430 looks cool but I guess I will wait for possible U version.

      • those arent really the same family, especially not the Sturer Emil since it used the VK30.01H chassis, while the Dicker Max used the Pz IV chassis, Nashorn and Hummel however used the Geschützwagen III/IV chassis, basically a Pz IV hull with a Pz III drivetrain.

    • Nashorn and Hummel use the same chassis, just one is a self propelled artillery and the other is a tank destroyer.

      • No, they don’t. They are built on Geshutzwagen III/IV chassis – Pz IV (engine,…) + Pz III (steering system,…)

        Pz III/IV was never built, only blueprints existed.

      • …No they don’t. The Panzer IV chassis has 8 roadwheels while the Panzer III and the Panzer III/IV both only have 6. The Hummel and Nashorn have 8 roadwheels, ergo they are based on the Pz IV hull.

        • Nope, Geshutzwagen III/IV – Pz IV chassis with some small differences and steering mechanism + something else that I don’t remember atm from Pz III.

    • I can imagine someone forgetting which tank they’re on while the game loads and being surprised when they press the zoom key.

  3. Im confused, obj 140 is the new tier10 coming in 8.8. What is obj 430? is that the 3rd ussr med branch?

        • T-54 will lead to two tier 10′s: T-62A and Obj 140. The 8.8 Soviet branch will lead to tier 10 Object 430 eventually via yet unreleased tier 9.

          • So if someone wishes to have all three RU top meds have to sooner or later grind through rear mounted turret turds?

            BTW… dat turret roof… presumably overmatched by 120mm guns and not so small cupolas can devastate any attempt to hulldown.

          • Woah, I thought there would be 3 full soviet med branches, must’ve understood sth wrong.

        • So let me get this straight.
          When 8.8 is released, the 2nd ussr med branch will look like:
          A-43 -> A-44 -> Object 416 -> T54 -> Object 140 (T10)

          Sometime in the future, all 3 ussr med branches will look like:
          T54 unlocks both T62a & Object 140
          A-43 -> A-44 -> Object 416 -> New Tier9 -> Object 430(T10)

          Is that correct?

          • actually theyve stated that the object 140 may get its own line since the t62a 140 and 430 are all from different factories, (competing/concurrent) projects, the 140 was a prototyped replacement for the t54 but didnt hit serial production. so chances are it will get its own t6-9 line eventually

  4. Those two Russian 10s are a joke. Auto bounce hull and 240+ turret armour LOL.

    Go into hull down spot, faceroll keyboard and win.

    • So just get a tank. Aim down at hull. Zero out the autobounce slope. And if you actually look at it the turret front just above the gun mantlet is actually only 183 mm thick. The 240 mm thick part is the lower half of the front turret that only comes up to the height of the top of the gun. Once you get above the gun it drops to 183 if you look closely you can see the difference in the color.

  5. Seems like WG has run out of creativity. Bring in some more obscure tanks and not these same looking “copy/paste” tanks.

  6. Well, gift shop is one way for WG to drain real money from player. Why don’t they make thing easier? Remove in-game shop and let players buy everything in Gift Shop with gold in their account? People already put money to buy gold will stuck with their gold forever???

    One more thing, anyone have realize that in 8.7, WG seem tried to ninja nerf the gun accuracy back??? It’s worked great in 8.6 and I fell great improvement in accuracy but I missed my shot a lot recently when they update to 8.7.

  7. Dem European Leaks !

    Why did they close European Beta testing again, cause only Europeans leak?!, yeah riiiiight!

  8. o140 has a front armor of 80mm instead of 100mm, and o430 has it at 90mm instead of 120mm…

    wtf is this crap?

  9. Those Obj140 and 430 guns look strangely looooong. Russian medium snipers equivalent to E-50 and E50M?

  10. 10-15mm? that’s fucking nothing… it better have a demigod-like gun for that flaw.
    Or will it be t3?

      • Actually the thought behind this was to get the heavy AT gun moving somehow because gun tractors were an issue with the germans, they just never had enough. The same basic thought is behind self-propelled-artillery, just to get these horribly big guns mobile. At some point they finally snapped and found out that they could unify the vehicles like the Hummel/Nashorn and just put in different guns. Marder III Ausf M (M for middle engine and rear superstructure, the thing ingame is the Ausf H for rear engine and center superstructure) and Grille also were the same basic vehicle except for the gun.

  11. The Nashorn at tier 6? I gotta wonder about the HP that tank is gonna have. Because with the armor it has, it wont stop anything from killing it, every single other tier 6 tank will be able to put a round right through that thing.. That and what kinda pen/damage numbers will come from that gun.

    • The historical gun of the Nashorn was the 8.8cm Pak43/3 (not sure about the /3 atm) L/71, basically the Tiger IIs gun performance-wise.
      203mm penetration, 240 damage, but you can expect a very high rate of fire due to the open-top fighting compartment (the loader has a lot more space to move) and very good accuracy (a lot better air quality than in a closed tank equals improved ventilation, except for not having it installed, also very accurate gun).
      I wouldnt be surprised if this thing were to get the 10.5cm L/52 gun, although I dont see any practical advantage over the 8.8cm L/71 (more alpha, less rof, but 10.5cm shells cost 4 times as much as 8.8cm shells, also accuracy is worse) and it would make the D.Max obsolete since it would be yet another Pz IV-ish open-top TD with a 10.5cm gun made of paper even on the same tier.
      But in terms of health I would GUESS 500-550, not more (JgPzIV has 600)

  12. What are they using to show the armor values in the garage? Is it some sort of mod, or part of the supertest package?

  13. 30mm front hull and 20mm side hull armor of Nashorn could be un-hardened steel. Means about half the resistance per mm, if that. 30 hull front resists like 15, 20mm side armor resists like 10. These vehicles were not intended to take hits, just shield the crew from splinters. Read about this odd substandard armor in Senger u. Etterlin’s and Heinz Guderian’s WWII armor histories. They were there.

  14. Hopefully the Marder 3 won’t be raped to death by the nerfhammer like the Marder 2. I expect horrific soft stats for the l/70 to start with.

  15. So is the tier 5 still gonna be the Panzer IV with the flak 88 in place of the turret? Pz.sfl.IVc?