29 thoughts on “8.8 test delayed

  1. Oh well… S**t happens.

    Didn’t WG launch a test server at like 9 pm earlier this year?

  2. WarGaming is one of the most fucking unreliable developer’s I know of. Do these fucking morons manage to keep anything on schedule? How many fucking CT where delayed? To many!

    I’m getting mighty pissed off their shit

      • Like the test server will be totally unplayable if they opened it up 1 day in advance…They were just like:”We can open it now, but its too late, so vodka time”

    • Where exactly did WG officially state that the test server is going to be opened today?

      • You either keep your gob shut about dates or say a date and fulfill it.
        Otherwise you let people down.

        • Funny I don’t remember any posts by WG about the test starting today, unless SS was hired by them recently.

      • IKR, this totally makes WG the scum of the earth, I deserve to get things at a time guessed at by a non-WG representative.

    • Maybe it’s not WG being “fucking unreliable morons”, maybe it’s more like people like you being stupid, spoiled and impatient fucking kids with no life except for crying on message boards?