48 thoughts on “GamesCom stream

    • I want her to continue, I was laughing my ass off.

      By the way, won’t WoT be on the schedule now?

      • Damn, whats going on? >< What have I don wrong!? :S
        Well, than only I have the problem.

        • Are you from Germany?
          Got the same message as. I installed “ProxTube” then and now it works.

        • Youtube-Live streams are blocked if you are in Germany thanks to the mighty assholes called “GEMA”.
          Use Hotspot-Shield from chip.de!


          • I didn’t knew that live-streams are blocked by the GEMA, well, thanks for the info :D

            • It’s basically because Youtube cannot 100% assure, that there won’t be any GEMA-protected music during the live streams.
              Makes me sick…
              Nuke dem dinosaurs!!!

  1. gamescom and test server hmm WG dosent like multitasking so bye test server next week
    lets hope im wrong hehe

    • Yes this is weird, the test server should be up, been waiting all week to try out the Object 140, hope they will get it up today

  2. At least WGNA gave us free gold at E3 to anyone willing to play 100 battles. What these guys give? a crappy not working QR code? bleeeeh!!

  3. I watched some material like 5 minutes ago, there was some female talking, she was amused by the crowd. I heard something: “Like feeding the tigers, like zoo” and ” Now greet developers”. WTF?

    • those ppl was really pathetic – waving and begging for code or shirt. Guys on stage had fun …