8.8 – Superpershing changes

On the left: old, on the right – new. The change list is obviously not complete.



+50 hitpoints
+60 kilograms
+2,2 speed limit (40,2 now)
-1mm nominal frontal armor
+10 viewrange

Pictures, courtesy of V_P_V:

Old (8.7)


New (8.8)


76 thoughts on “8.8 – Superpershing changes

      • I know the angle is smaller. But I play mine like a corner hanger. Hide the side around a corner. Angle the hull and turn the turret when I reload. I can bounce all day then. I don’t see its gonna make much of a difference then either. Head on vs a flat surface yeah. But corner hanging… no not really.

        • and if you look close you see that the SP on the normal server has hull armor, than a open section antother plate again some open space and again a plate on the test server you see only one plate so he has no 2x spaced armor but 1x

          • Checked with WoTModelViewer.
            If it had been nerfed, it certainly does not happen in 8.8.

            Actually these is only 1 layer of spaced armor on the upper and lower front hull, even on 8.7 live server right now.
            The visual model do not show what the armor/collision model is.
            That “middle plate” is just represented with thicker armor at that area.

            The only changes are the slopping of the actual front hull and the slightly thickness change to match the Pershing.

          • Its always been modeled as a single plate of spaced armor according to the devs. Its just thinner where the 2nd inner plates don’t exist.

            This means with the new hull angle that the SP will have a soft UFP. So its going to be even more like a bad T34 with no troll hull armor, no real mobility buff, and one of the worst guns on any tier 8.

        • and once you turn your turret sideways you expose a gigantic weakspot, because the side parts of the spaced turret armor doesnt cover most of the lower turret area and such from that angle, making you a splendid target.

          The Super Pershing is a lost case, it just does not work as intended, never did, wont ever again either…

  1. That’s an armor nerf? I call this a buff, not a nerf. I love mine the way it is now. Looks like I’m gonna love it more later. Faster and 50 more HP. They can have the 1 mm of armor. I was thinking more of a 20 to 30 and a gun buff. But hey this works.

    • It’s not getting 50 more horsepower, it’s getting 50 more hit points.

      Also, while the armor thickness is only being reduced by 1mm the angle is being reduced with will significantly drop its effective armor.

    • This doesn’t include the upper plate angle nerf, which is the main nerf in here. None of the mentioned changes are even remotely close to compensate for that.

    • -1 mm of nominal armor and -8/5 degrees UFP/LFP makes for a lot less effective armor….

      But to be honest I think I’m going to love these changes too, as long as there’s a gun buff.

  2. Any gun changes are the major thing to look at. But i’ll give it a try and see how much it has changed. The higher weight is… interesting… so it now has less armour yet weighs more?

    • As I see it is has 1mm less armour, but that doesn’t change the tonnage of the tank really. The angle though will be changed significantly, but that shouldn’t have any bearing on the weight of the tank. Still curious to see where this extra weight comes from.

      • well since the armor plates got shortened the weight should drop.. this 1 mm means nothing . its the lenght of the armor that got much shorter

      • Umm… The extra weight is like 60KG, or about 132 pounds, less than a cammo net. Not really anything to even worry about…

    • The weight is not directly calculated in-game; it would be kind of silly if every single component inside the tank had to be modeled just so the game could add up all the weight. In reality the weight is just a number assigned to the tank by Wargaming based on their research.

      Based on this I’d say that they determined that the Super Pershing’s weight number was a bit lower than in reality and so they decided to bump it up a bit to what it should have been. 60 kg doesn’t really matter anyway.

  3. Now the tank is a whole weakspot? Yesterday two Tiger 2 shot on my SP. One shot with Premium Ammo through my upper plate in a 30 degree angle and the other through my weakspot on turret. Now they can pen the frontal armor with normal ammo?

    If this is true its really good that i can sell this tank. But maybe the next testphases are bettter.

    • Its quite easy to penetrate upper glacis.
      200mm of penetration is enough, no need for premium ammo.

  4. It is a MM less AND the hull armor angle decreased, the numbers in the garage do not show that. This is a pretty weak buff offset for having the armor nerfed.

  5. U forgot about GR and some other values ;):
    GR:1.4 1.6 3.4

    GR:1.2 1.4 2.7
    a little bit more gundepression backward
    + 2km/h more backward
    and many many other small changes are missing on ur list (mostly the armor values were rounded) ;)

    • mhh shotDispersionFactors is on turret rotation, dont know why that comment got deleted.

  6. So you will be selling it beacause now its like any onther premium tank, weaker on its tier than the normal elite tank, bu somewhat stronger than a stock one. 1500HP is more than any T8 med, the type 59 has only 1300 and gets penned almost every time. You can shoot gold ammo to compensate for the weak gun still, but when you need to shoot gold to dmg a premium medium of your tier to pen it with your top gun that is a bit of unfair advantage for the SP. Still who knows how to play it well will never sell it in my oppinion cause its an amazing tank

    • >So you will be selling it beacause now its like any onther premium tank, weaker on its tier than the normal elite tank, bu somewhat stronger than a stock one.
      Like any other premium tank? Can we stop spreading that propaganda? Type 59 is totally comparable to T-34-2 and it gets preferential MM, SU-122-44 has the best traits of both lines and it OPeness is just compensated by its regular MM…

    • From what rock did you crawl out of? Complaining about Type and saying the SP was OP? You must be the special kind of potato with lumps and all that.

      • Yeah but you can’t deny that he has a point about the SU-122-44, which I have myself. I ROUTINELY kill tier IXs with it, including Heavies (though I don’t usually go for the Heavies, instead letting my higher-tiered teammates hit them while I pick off the Mediums and Tank Destroyers), and that’s mostly because what your AP won’t pen, your HE usually will still do sizable damage to, and you can still pen the sides of pretty much anything at tier IX (though Soviet tanks like the IS-8 have proven an annoyance due to their low profile).

  7. and if you look close you see that the SP on the normal server has hull armor, than a open section antother plate again some open space and again a plate on the test server you see only one plate so he has no 2x spaced armor but 1x

    • actually it still has 2x spaced armor, but the second armor`s angle has been changed (which is…a nerf itself). now even the 8,8 cm KwK 43 L/71 can penetrate its frontal armor

    • u need a toll called wottools.exe and open the files in the res/scripts/item_def/vehicles/germany

      • and than u have to search for example for this line:
        8.7 E-75
        terrainResistance 1.3 1.7 2.7 /terrainResistance
        8.8 E-75
        terrainResistance 1.1 1.4 2.3 /terrainResistance

          • Yes.
            smaller number= better

            first number is for roads and such terrain
            second number for normal ground like grass, sand etc.
            and last number for bad ground like swamp/ water etc.

            • Tested it on El Halluf, on flat sand it reaches 27 kph.
              It will probably go above 30 on roads.

            • i reached ~34 on flat ground (but took a while)
              on road the 40 should be possible. But the new turning speed is awesome ;)

            • This pretty much confirms what I have been expecting.
              On most cases, the E-75 should not be any slower than it is before.
              On sand it does 27, the old top speed is just 28.

              Don’t have a E-75, but I take the new turn rate over the old engine any day.

  8. pathetic now the tank is pointless 50hp more? what the hell i that gonna do

  9. So the armor gets reduced and the weight goes up. Got it. Ready for that gold…

  10. Cool … finally , tryed SP on test …same old crap … the buffs are too small to notice em ..thats why i can hardly wait for the Sell for gold button to appear !

  11. can’t we not punish wg in a way for their policies?!:( they nerf the tank and give some buffs which you will not notice! Just give it a pen buff and change it from a medium tank to heavy tank categorie

    • Punish them? I’m extatic that they allow us to get our gold 100% back, so I can now buy another premium with it (after completing most of the medium line….).

  12. SP still have 2 spaced armours in front but the 2nd is halfed, these 2 spaced armours are good angled but worse than before!

    • Yeah, far as I was aware from historical pics I’ve seen, the SP has two plates in front of the hull armor…. (Like 8.7′s model)

    • Nope, sad as it is, that former (8.7 patch) armor was wrong, you can see it clearly if you look where the hull armor (not spaced, but hull) ends – it is before the end of tracks, while the first layer ends around the same point the tracks end and the second layer of spaced armor ends well over tracks; in the 8.7 patch, the hull armor itself was well over tracks, not mentioning the two layers; in other world, the old, unreal T26 we are having now in 8.7 is quite longer than IRL

    • Except that tank is a T26E1, which is what they modeled the tank in game after, yet they claim it’s a T26E4, vastly different looking (no giant gun springs etc, they fixed that in the E4)

  13. so +10 view range …. it is ok. 390 it is a lot I already have optics on it , make it great for spot and hide before enemies notice your shitty tank.

  14. WG, take back that useless buffs to HP and different shit, I want historical pen of that cannon.

  15. Welp this turd is dead

    I guess people should be happy that WG let them have a one time gold refund

  16. LOL no pen buff? Fuck that, I’m selling it then. Armor was the only thing going for it and it wasn’t THAT great to begin with if someone knew where to shoot.

  17. Seems easier to pen SP in test server even with 75 L70 at 300m distance. Maybe just luck?