8.8 Tiger II loses weakspot

So, you think the Königstiger got nerfed? Check this out, another info from Orkel.

Basically, the commander’s copula was removed as an easily penetrabe weakspot. Earlier:




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        • Weakspots dont need to be historical, but design of this spot is new, so maybe ” historical” change.

          • Right.. with that thinking LFP should be 150mm bcuz no1 usually fired at it IRL.

            • It’s historical. People have pointed this out for (far too) long, and WG finally listened.

            • And now the King Tiger is invincible when hull down. This weakspot was the only way to penetrate it from the front. Even the IS-3 has the roof above the gun as a weakspot.

            • Tiger II invincible when hull down? Shoot the turret cheeks (right by the mantlet)

    • Neither will my KV-5…
      Except if im able to penetrate the LFP wich is now 100mm…but i doubt it.

      Good thing is King tigers are still cake to penetrate from the side…

      • aim for the that little ball machine gun.. that will always be easy to penetrate but harder to hit :P

        • No way, this thing is tiny, plus i dont have the gun depression to hit it when we are hugging. The Commander’s cupola was perfect for this, but now when a tiger 2 hugs me, im dead.

      • I’m surprised that most people don’t know how easy is it to penetrate the turret sides.If the KT driver isn’t looking straight at you you should be able to penetrate the turret sides no problem. I’ve even done in with the Comets 144mm pen gun.

            • 2 or 3 patches ago i could pen KT turret sides when he was looking straight at me. I was in Lowe pal was in KT in training, I could pen him where the track parts are i swear. Then i thought they fixed that.

            • With Lowe maybe, but with SP or KV-5 no chance. And you wouldnt be wanting to look straight into KT gun..

            • I actyally penned a Tiger II in training room with 152mm HE before, near the tracks.

              No idea how, though.

    • That’s more a problem with WGs continued retarded insistence that a gun in every way comparable to the L/71 (L/73 actually with near identical MV and shell weight) somehow magically has about 35 less penetration then the L/71 and only ten more then M3. The dumb part is that the T15 used separate ammo, so it could be easily balanced by a lower rate of fire for higher penetration, but despite heaps of evidence and all logic WG continues to insist that the retardedly low penetration is “historic” .

  1. Top of its turret is still rather squishy when you facehug and it has MG port on its front hull you can aim at. I wont even mention LFP. But yeah, now its another deceptive tank where you think you can hit a weakspot and you bounce. (like T110 series of cupolas)

    • And I just figured out how to be badass in KV-5. Now Tigers of all kinds will fuck me up seriously. They can penetrate my frontal turret and gun mantlet no problem.

  2. Changes to the KT aren’t bad, they are potentially epic. But Tiger I – losing both engine power AND terrain resistance, not to mention turet traverse? Porsche Tiger will be now superior in basically every aspect to the real Tiger. And E-75 – come on, that thing will now be a bunker fortification, not a tank. Fast rotating one, but basically immovable. E-50 will work like a heavy tank, WITHOUT heavy tank gun nor armour. Seriously – keep the firepower/traverse buffs – I’d much rather be able to actually get somwhere instead.

    • ” E-50 will work like a heavy tank, WITHOUT heavy tank gun nor armour”
      It will have only 10mm of frontla armor less than E-75.

      • The UFP is pretty irrelevant when you can pen the turret even easier than you used to. Its also a lot more sluggish so it cant do the evasive moves as it used to either. Nope, this is definately a nerf to E50 in my books.

  3. Lower frontal plate is paper so now everything will go trough even if you angle before you had to angle quite a bit, now if you angle everything will penetrate the side.

    Also the MG weakspot is still there so you can be penetrated even when face hugging. Really i’d rather keep the old small weakspot over the new huge one. The Cupola was already quite hard to hit and still bounced now and then when you wiggled. Now everything will penetrate you lower front plate.

    • Were is the information that the Tiger2 lower frontal plate is 100mm thick in 8.8? There is no such information in the “8.8 – list of German changes” article, or im just blind ^^. In this: “On suspected German rebalance” article is something to read about the lower glacis : “Tiger II will probably “regain” its historical lower glacis plate of 100 mm instead of 120 mm, but when has that small a difference helped someone anyway?” but it is only “probably” not 100% sure (correct me, if im wrong), and if they nerf it, it is more a nerf for the JT than for the KT, cause you cant angle a JT if you want to shoot…

      (uhh, my english is so bad xD)

    • LFP…202mm pen should be fine…
      Now try with the 167mm pen on the KV-5…Gun in high place+weakspot in low place+bad gun depression+no penetration power anyway=GG

      • Same as you would the E-75, still the hatch or KT also the LFP. I’ve ROF raped many E-75 this way.

      • Yep, tested both Tiger 2 and E-75(they’re keepers for me) in both 8.7 and 8.8 and mobility wise they’re really close.
        Tiger 2 is almost the same as the 8.7 version with the exception that it climbs the hills slower.
        E-75 is only a bit slugish when accelerating and slow on climbing hills now.

        But hell, both reach their new top-speed and exceed it when driving down the hill.
        Tiger 2(70 tons) reaches about 45kph driving down the hill and E-75(90 tons) about 50 kph…
        Ram power…/me love that.

  4. If kingtiger gets that, then M103 should directly have his turret weakspot removed

      • Yea M103 turret is very situational i would say. I dont even bother shooting the lower plate. Shooting at it’s right turret ring does the job very well. Even when hitting the turret it would still bounce the shell and pen the turret ring.

        At least shooting it here i have a good chance of jamming it.

  5. I have a question for all you veterans. Are those two “cuts” from Tiger 2 and E-75 front turret, actually less armored?

    Im talking about that one from the 2nd picture, lower left corner. Ive seen many shoot there saying the armor is very weak, but wotviewer shows it as strong as the rest of the front turret armor.

    Is it a trapshot?

    • I shot there yesturday in a KV-5 thinking the hole will make it easy to pen, but it didn’t pen, actually it bounced in quite a funny angle…

    • The term is “shot trap”, and refers to a spot where a shell will ricochet into a more weakly armoured part and do Bad Things. Just FYI.

  6. Don’t worry guys, the aim time nerf makes the tank crap now. It’s more important than the RoF changes, and any other change to the tank.

    • The person who lied you that shit must be hanged.
      Really dude…the only KT gun that got the aim time changed is the 8.8 L71 and that’s a buff from 2.9 to 2.3.
      Also, you can say that it has an “aim-time” buff on all the guns because the hull traverse gun dispersion got buffed.

  7. That is a nice change.
    The LFP was always the biggest weakness of higher german tanks, so im used to covering it up anyway.
    120mm or 100mm, it doesn’t matter.

    • And thanks to WG and their German bias now you have -8° of depression, covering that single weakspot should be anything but hard.

      • Thanks to their “bias” German tanks should have that -8° depression since day one, but didn’t.

        • Very true, the German armor has been pretty nerfed for some time. The LFP has always been a huge weakness. So it is nice to see much needed improvement here.

  8. Does not matter, top of the turret is still 40mm which means it is overmatched(automatical penetration regardless of angle) by every 122mm out there which are a lot of it’s enemies
    (Kv-1S,Kv3,IS6, IS, Is3, Is2, 110, T34)

  9. The Tiger II also lost the frontal MG viewport weakspot as a compensation for the 100mm LFP nerf.

  10. a traverse/ground resistance buff + the E75′s evil cupola?, great, that puts the Tiger II only same level as the KV4 as things i should just forget about front on -.-, the only way to deal with them now is to rely on them not showing their front turret exactly at me all the time.

  11. I understand if the driver’s hatch is a weakspot but I can’t really understand the commanders cupola to also be one, well I would understand if it was a direct hit from above but not when the shot hits it from ground level

    I think they should make every commanders cupola a weakspot to kill tank commanders and nothing else because there’s no ammo stored in there that could blow the tank

    P.S: when I say weakspot to kill tank commanders I only mean an increase probability of doing that because in real life the commanders wouldn’t always be there and would insted use the optics equipment their tanks have

    • Then it should be the same as the KV-5 R2D2 cupola. It should only kill the radioman and not do structural damage to the tank….

  12. Another buff to the Tiger II
    -LFP of the Tiger II felt already weak to begin with, even with angling. So nerfing it wont change it IMO.
    (to be fair it was quite a while ago when I played the Tiger II) -> Slight nerf in pubs when top tier
    -Machine gun weakspot on the hull is removed -> Buff
    -Gun depression increased from -7 to -8 -> Slight Buff
    -105mm gun has slightly higher ROF, but also a slightly worse aim time. -> Same here

    -About the cupola..shooting at the upper half will result in a bounce. Shooting in the lower not-so angled half will pen with 160+ pen. The very tiny top portion of the turret could be also penned with any of the 120mm+ guns as they overmatch the 40mm roof armor three times.

    What I do when I encounter Tiger IIs though..shoot the side turret cheeks when LFP is hidden. They go though most of the time for some reason, but its a bit random

    This change does not apply to the E-75 and both VK4502 tanks, their cupolars are either weak or unangled.

    Didnt you wanted to post a post about the E-100 armor scheme change (the changes are tiny, a slight UFP reangling at the top of the UFP)?

  13. Simply, leaving the german tanks as they were would be okay, not to buff/nerf them with these bullshit things. But as expected this is WG way to buff all heavy tanks some how. Soon the russian will get the same treatment, better armor and less weakspots. This is all due to the whine about TDs….making heavy atronger.

    • Like the Russian heavys need an armor buff, they already have the magic Russian armor. KV-5 bounces shots that no other tank with its armor and slope could bounce.

  14. Then comes a KV1S with a gold round and whatever you do goes through, fire and bye bye

  15. The side of the turret is still swiss cheese for 170 pen guns even at extreme angles, and was even more reliable than the cupola.

  16. What about the other similar tanks with similar weakspot (E-75, VK4502P)?

    What about the ridiculous weakspot on top of the Jagdpain E-100 (small MG turret at the rear of the roof)?

  17. 150 mm…still can be drilled by 200+mm of shell pen such as from any tier 8 top gun so it’s still the same hatch wars.
    Dunno why people are whining and moaning about this(tho I’d be interested to know how the fuck did they stick 15cm worth of armor plating on to there all of a sudden :D – those glass vision blocks must be made from adamantium or something).

  18. Well, according to WoTtankviewer, VK4502A doesn’t get the same buff on its second turret. Mistake on WG’s part?