On T-44-122′s fate

Hello, everyone!

Some of you guys reading FTR, forums or playing the 8.8 test might have noticed the new T-44-122 tank. Some of you might even wonder, how will it be possible to get it?


Let’s sum what we know. We know it’s not a regular tree vehicle and we know that it’s not a regular premium tank. That leaves us with three options:

Reward tank – it could be a mission reward. It’s unlikely this vehicle will be a CW reward of some sort, as it is not tier 10, but SerB announced earlier that there might be reward tanks for difficult missions.

Promo tank – just as the name suggests, some tanks are given out as promos during various real life events (like Gamescom). Such tanks do not gain more credits like the premium tanks, but they can be used with untrained crews the way regular premium tanks work.


Betatester reward tank. Check this out:


This is the datamined icon of the T-44-122 (thanks Applesaucebandit for that). Notice the big T on it? We’ve seen this before, on the KV-220 tank, that was rewarded to WoT betatesters in Russia:


Furthermore, I encountered the vehicle today during the test on Siegfried line and the “T” was even on the battle icon. So, my best guess is that this tank will become a tester reward. But tester reward for what? Well, there are multiple options. It most likely will not be the Xbox WoT or WoT: Blitz, as those have separate account systems and it’s way too early for WoWs. Therefore it’s possible it will be a tester reward for WoT:Generals, or WoWp closed beta stage. That’s what I think anyway, of course I could be wrong. But it sheds some light on the issue.

However, no matter what it is, I think it’s very unlikely for this tank to appear outside of Russia.

57 thoughts on “On T-44-122′s fate

      • Of course not maybe WoT alpha tester tank or WoT closed beta tank for players that had more than 10k battles or something.

    • Ugh, they had better let us know soon if that is the case, I would then grind out the 700 battles for the reward. other wise NOPE.

      • Because WG (probably in an effort to cross-pollinate their games) uses WoT to make WoWP more prominent, and vice versa. WoWP players have been earning gold for their WoT accounts, and the pre-order packs are being bought solely for their WoT benefits… this would be the same thing.

        I.E. : ‘So, you’re x games away from 700? Make it to 700, and we’ll give you 1-3 planes PLUS a tank!”

  1. The WoWP testers are already getting between 1 and 3 planes, I doubt we’ll get a tank too.

  2. I’ve checked back and realised I was in the same battle on siegfried line. I made one screenshot about that tank.

  3. Cool, let’s have an OP exclusive tank. Seriously, this is like the Chinese T-34-2, except it’s sitting on tier 7 for some reason. What the hell?

      • yup and with the T leads me to believe they plan on adding a normal version to the store or obtainable as a prize etc. the entire reason the KV-220 has a T was they started to offer the KV-220 as a prize/pack in with some rumble seat in RU, beta testers threw a fit, so they added the T to all beta testers that had the KV-220 already.


  5. I would like if this was really a reward tank for WoWp closed beta because I participated and would receive it

  6. The second Tester tank is the KV-220 If i am not mistaken here, it was given out for the WoT beta AFAIK.

  7. I’ve always wondered if there’d be some kind of tester reward for WoWp since I’ve been around since Alpha. Not really sure if cross-platform rewarding is the answer but looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

    • Test awards for WoWp should be WoWp awards methinks.

      It would be kinda unfair to WoT only players if guys that played WoWp get tanks that they cant get.

      And that comes from a WoWp alpha tester.(not really active but still, WoWp is seriously crap, it gets better but its crap still)

    • You must be on Russian server, speak the launuge, have a great computer, have great stats, have over 5k in battles….

  8. wg logic = implement new tanks that nobody can get

    use a lot of money and time to try to balance them as much as possible, then tell the people who complain about all this, to fuck off

    “how terrible, your opinion is very important to us”

  9. Its probly a xbox 360 beta test reward. It may go like this; Eligible for T-44-122 after Xbox beta test, WG sends email, enter your normal pc WoT account info, Tank sent.

  10. SS: “It’s unlikely this vehicle will be a CW reward of some sort, as it is not tier 10″

    Not talking about this tank but low(er) tier CW reward tanks would be a clever idea to please the members of the “better, but not good enough”-clans.

    Think of something like this:

    - medal for participation in the campaign

    - unique middle tier for fullfilling a fair task like collecting 5,000 victory points

    - unique tier X for the top clans