8.8 VK3601H and Tiger mantlet changes

Thanks to Orkel for this!

VK3601H 88mm gun mantlet got thicker in 8.8. This is how it looks:


In 8.7, it was 40-80-100, in 8.8 it is 50-100-135. Be advised that the Konisch uses a different mantlet, that is 100mm all across the space.

Tiger mantlet got much more complex. This is the old one:


And this is the new one:


In words of Orkel: The edges are being thinned, but the middle areas are becoming much thicker. We can expect less “random absorbtions” by the edge areas overlapping with the turret, and more consistency in what can penetrate to do damage, and what cannot. Also note the cupola becoming smaller and more sloped, with its weakspot “view ports” removed.

46 thoughts on “8.8 VK3601H and Tiger mantlet changes

    • More like they *finally* corrected well known inconsistency to historical level accuracy (approx.). Only took them like 2 years (and constant requests from community)…

      • And the Tiger II buff is another concrete evidence of Russian Bias. Its going to give Russian Tanks an advantage.

        • Its still debatable weither or not its a buff. Yea, it loses its weakspot and gains some other stats, but it also loses horsepower and annother of its weakspots is now weaker.

            • well, you cant have a tank that is harder to frontally penetrate than both Maus and E-100, is a whole lot faster than either of those two (and most other actual heavies, yeah frenchies, I look at you) and has one of the most powerful T10 HT guns…

        • Dont forget about the LFP is now 100mm and can be penned easily by tanks that couldnt do it before.

          • Dont forget that you can angle/hide the lfp, but with the cupola you can’t angle/hide it.

            • Without the cupola weakspot, going hull down is far more effective as it loses the weakspot – buff.

              At least you don’t have 76mm on the lower glacis like the Caernarvon.

    • Thanks Marshall, yeah, it should be thicker along the edges but well…*at least* they fixed *something*.

        • Again, depends on level of historical accuracy they want to adhere to. Different years, different changes to tank and in the end designers choose what to implement.

  1. Hmm…I do hope that means Tiger P as well since they use basically the same turret. I’m kinda tired of having my 200mm frontally armored tank penetrated by tier 6 medium due to the freaking cupola and thin turret front.

    • They can penetrate your LFP and front hull cheeks easily, I remember penetrating them with Church III

      • Confirmation on Churchill III’s penetration of LFP, I finished a Tiger P off yesterday with standard AP, took 5-6 shots of which 3 bounced. I was right in front of him and some 150m away.

  2. Ive sold those german mediocre tanks a long time ago. They will suck even after this ‘buff’ anyway, so I doubt anything will change.

        • I see. Truth is painful, isn’t it? Unfortunately, noobity, you can’t change it by writing obscenities on the interwebz.

          Whine on, naaby.

          • truth of a moron isnt something worth looking for. And Im not whining, im very glad that germans are piece of shit :) they deserve it. this is the truth MF…

            • Sure thing, noobhus. Because: “Ive sold those german mediocre tanks a long time ago. They will suck even after this ‘buff’ anyway, so I doubt anything will change.” is totally not a whine. You can shout out how you hate them and so on, but you’ll stay a closet Naziphile anyway. Oh, and truth, even though said by a moron, is still truth. Obscenities won’t change that, already told you that. You should learn to read.

              Whine on, nuubzy.

            • A sad display of how the human race has been nerfed over the years. :-)

              Affiliation with cat did not help either it would seem.

            • Your tears are delicious pubbie spy. Please, continue to cry and let le goons feed off of your baddiness.

  3. So you can have the good gun on the VK, or the good turret, but not both. Thats funny right there.

      • Damage down, but ROF up. The Konisch still has good ACC and PEN, I still won’t be using the 88. You can get by with a few prem shells with the Kon. You’d need too many prem 88 to be useful. The turret shenanigans still feels troll.

        • Short 88 is still capable at tier 7 and i used it to great effect evein in tier 8 (stock indienpanzer, even managed to kill a distracted E-100 with it)
          Do not underestimate it, as it is a very dangerous gun at tier 6. The Konish is good, but lacks alpha and stopping power.

  4. I am not sure, but the 88mm low penetration shouldnt be an issue in medium companies, where the VK3601 is still the top tier. (same as the Pz3 in junior companies)

    Combined with the fact that the KV-1s IS going to be nerfed and may possibly lose the 122mm gun and we see where it goes.

  5. Seems like armor gets stronger in general. Look at the commander cupola, it gains some armor in general (darker color), the turret side loses its pistol port weakspots, hatches get stronger ..

  6. Now if only Tiger gets -8 gun depression like the rest of the German line, and this cardboard ligher might actually be respectable opponent while in hulldown.

    • Iirc all the german tanks that got rebalanced in 8.8 get -8° gun depression and that counts Tiger too.

  7. Ahhhhh. THAT’s why I got gun damaged twice per game now. I simply mistake the words “buff” and “nerf”, stupid me.

  8. I measured the thickness of actual Tiger I mantlet edges, top and bottom and sides, and they are about 97mm thick. I did this at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, before the Tiger I (captured in Tunisia) was shipped back to Germany for restoration. These measurements were confirmed by the curator of the big French armor museum, on a later-production Tiger I, and published in our book _World War II Ballistics: Armor and Gunnery_ c. 2000, unfortunately out of print now. The 150mm thick part is pierced by one or two gun sight ports, so would resist as if thinner, depending on the size of the attacking projectile. The rest of the mantlet thickness appear the same as our findings, based on German cross sectional engineering drawings.

  9. if you were to hit the edge of the mantlet on the tiger… you would still need to pen the frontal turret armour as it is overlapped there!!!

    They never look at the reality!

  10. so if they’re removing command cupola weakspots, does that mean t29 and t32 can become unstoppable hull down?