30 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Blitz – new screenies

    • It’s made for phones, of course the controls will be shit, either cover 1/3 of your screen by thumbs using shitty software analogs or connect a gamepad for a decent way to play (yay for huge advantages over regular players).

    • hmmm… My WoT looks way better than this… maybe its because you`ve got a wooden PC? :D

    • Actually the mobile graphics look kinda bland compared to the PC version, and I assume that the screenies here are on high settings (just as my WoT on PC). it just looks like they really cut down the polygons and turned most of the lighting effects off.

      • Bliz isn’t exactly made to be only played on Galaxy S4′s and HTC One’s.
        It’s also made to be played on the more mid range smartphones with not so great processors and graphic chips, do keep that in mind.

        • lol and most obviously not iphones. better to be played on Htc one max, xperia z ultra, galaxy note 3, tablets…

  1. Looks nice. Hopefully they will find a way to counter the hacks people can use on rooted androids, and jailbreaked iPhones

    • I know that the free in-app purchases stuff which is possible with jailbroken iPhones is easily countered. Just don’t know the details, but I’m guessing I won’t be able to get free stuff in WoT:B on my 4S, considering how pissy WG is with anything financial.

    • lol, dude, rooting is the soul of android. it’s how you get rid of touchwizz and sense5 and the like

    • It’s definitely for Tegra 3 and 4 devices at the moment from what they said, it’ll most likely also work on Mali 400 and the latest Adreno revisions, do not expect to play this on phones/tablets older than 1-2 years unless they were the absolute top of the line and revolutionary in terms of GPU and CPU power.

  2. Looks nice, but if it will run like in some demonstration videos we seen, then they can f*ck the graphics.

  3. For me, good graphics on a mobile game is a very bad, bad thing. I have only a budget android phone and there’s no way in hell I can run this :/

    • They already said this will need a Tegra3 or something, so it’s really for high-end phones and tablets.

  4. Really looking forward to this, I’m happy I have a decent phone, so no worries about that. Will definitely play the game as Ectar said it will be free to play as well.

  5. Thank you for the info SS. Always reliable info. I am going to wreck my Note 2 with this game

  6. Sort of reminds me of Project Tank. Same simplistic look about the graphics (though markedly better textures in this case).

    Not bad at all though, for a mobile game.

  7. The lighting is fucked up. The one on the static objects (houses and ground) is pre-cooked while tanks are (badly) dynamically lit and they stand out like they were pasted onto the screenies in Paint. Especially the first Stug screenshot makes it look like a paper model.

  8. How strong does the phone/tablet have to be!?
    And is Quad-core 1.2 GHz, 1GB RAM Strong inaf

  9. I think every new Product of Wargaming looks better than World of Tanks. WOT360 and WoT Blitz

  10. It’s not bad game should be but i don’t know how will it be trach either good game i i wait releas