34 thoughts on “Chi-Nu Kai video

    • Now to buy one and drive around spamming TENNO HEIKA BANZAI! like I’m in Rising Storm.


    • wow big words from the little man! thats the same as dissing people about playing tanks because they like history

      • No edit button? Welp.

        [GUP] Deputy Commander reporting in!

        Now what? Tea? Squealing? Can we hug while playing tanks?

    • totally agree about the fanggots, this anime shit shit is fucking with my brain that people are fapping to girls and panzers, thats rubbish.

      Well its a boxy tank like most of the japanese tree, sine i like germans i will like those tanks too. and WTH i didnt knew people are still using the standard wot engine sound, make my ears bleed

      • Is it banned somewhere? Cause if its not, i see no reason to add it for Historical Accuracy, just like the stalin shit…

        If its banned on the asian servers then dont show it there.

        And yea I know, i start this stalin crap again…sue me.

        • Except the plausible reason that WG are commies and hate everything even remotely fascist.

            • There you have it then. WG does operate in both those regions (or at least via their partners they do), so they can’t afford to put illegal flags on the vehicles. After all, the Chinese and Koreans probably don’t understand Europeans being so sensitive to nazi symbolism either.

            • Stalin is banned in EU or atleast in some countries like estonia but that doesnt stop WG adding stalin crap.

            • It needs to be noted that there are some important differences between the Swastika and the Rising Sun. The Swastika was the flag of the Nazi party previously not a symbol of Germany, and was obviously immediately gotten rid of after the war. Meanwhile, the Rising Sun has been the symbol of the Japanese military since 1870, and is remains the flag of the Japanese military (now called the Japan Self-Defense Force) today.

              I understand that it’s offensive to the Koreans and the Chinese, so it shouldn’t be in their version of the game. However, it should be in every other version of the game, at least in my opinion. This business with one group of consumers dictating what other consumers should be offended by, as we saw with the Stalinist inscription incident, needs to stop. Just let each server decide what is acceptable to them. That’s called localization, and Wargaming needs to stop fucking it up.

          • the flag is not illegal in china or korea, but it heavily offends them. koreans even got upset by the wows trailer:


            on the other hand, the japanese navy still uses the symbol and the army has a symbol that looks very similar. so my guess is, that wg doesn’t want to upset certain asian gamers and use some totally unhistorical symbol on their tanks. that makes their latest statement about historical content even more silly.

            • Playing Japanese tanks without the Rising Sun will not be the same, sadly :(

              They could introduce the Rising Sun to all servers except Chinese and Korean, and it would be ok.

              DAMN! IMHO thoy should place in the game ALL inscriptions used by ALL panzer forces during the II WW period, including Waffen-SS ones, and put nazi germany flag on German vehicles – and tell everyone around, that this is educational (so that players can learn how the vehicles looked) and GFTO.

  1. Why i got this feeling this will play like BDR? Rather slow, thin armor, potent gun. Or i hope its gun is as good as it look. As long as it have good pen and damage and not cost more than 1500 i might buy this one.

  2. What a disappoint from WG for removing the Imperial Flag! (aka Rising Sun flag)

    Only anti-Japanese sentiment (China , South Korea) are the one who have ban this flag in their country , then why they ban it all over the worldlike that?

    Rising Sun are not the banned flag like swastika of Nazi (actually… swastika symbol are within the buddhism and Shinto long before Nazi begin to use it) , It’s the symbol of the Emperor of Japan and it still be used with JSDF’s navy nowaday

    Why game like Company of Heroes can use Nazi Flag or even Rising Storm (Red Orchestra 2) that can use rising sun flag and no one give a f*ck about it at all? and WHY WG must care?

      • Nope. They can make different versions of game without swastika for countries where that symbol is banned (Germany), WoT cant do that coz there isnt Germany only server.

        But, if u all nazi fanboys like so much swastika why dont u make mod for WoT? Idk “Hitlers Jugend Mod”…

          • Yes, exactly. In real those vehicles had nazi simbols and inscriptions on them – so WHY THE HELL not introduce them? Because someone gets butthurt? Oh come on! If you don’t like it, don’t play it, but let the historicity stay.

            • they had no nazi inscriptions, thats the point. no swastika was ever painted on the side of a tank and no rising sun flag either.
              so dont camouflage your longing for nazi devotionalia as “historical accurate”.

  3. Well, I was going to make a remark somewhere along the lines of “dat sturdy ammorack”, but then I realized an SU-100Y is what did it, and…yeeeaaa :\

    Looks like an alright tank, I guess. Doesn’t have much of a top speed, though, does it.

  4. You know, it doesn’t look half-bad actually (the achilles heel I noticed the most in the video being that the driver SUCKED and the team he was on was…well…let’s just say they were ‘special’.)

    The gun looks decent enough for its tier, and mobility’s acceptable. I’ve noticed that it has a very narrow profile from the front and rear but it also rather tall. That might make it okay at going hull-down.