Which one is better, Object 140 or T-62A?

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Hello everyone,

as some of you know, I am not exactly fond of Soviet tanks (I levelled up the T-54, but that’s about it), so I can’t really evaluate the Object 140′s performance, compared to the T-62. That’s why I am taking Edrard’s assessment and translating it to English. Edrard is the owner of wot-news and generally a good player, so I think his opinion counts in this. First, let’s have a look at Object 140′s armor and size, compared to the T-62A:



Size comparison to T-62A:


Stats comparison on paper:


Edrard on their comparison (edited by me a bit in order to make it more comprehensive):

As you can see from the pictures above, Object 140 is a bit lighter, faster and smaller. It’s frontal armor has a better angle. On the other hand, T-62A has a better hull and turret turnrate – and yes, 50 more hitpoints. But that’s not really that important. Frontal armor of both the T-62A and Object 140 can be penetrated by tier 8 heavies, both turrets are very tough and like to ricochet shells and if anyone tells you that the Object 140 is much better than the T-62A – don’t trust him.

Both vehicles are basically modifications of one of the same tank: the T-54 and that’s why they are very much alike, like twin brothers. Object 140 is an excellent tier 10 tank, practically identical to T-62A – and that’s his problem. Gameplay-wise, both vehicles are are absolutely identical and it brings nothing new to the game, which stands out even more when we consider other vehicles of the branch, such as A-44 and Object 416, which are quite unusual.
At this moment, the Soviet tree seems to me as the one most raw and least finished. There’s a hole at tier 5 in the light tank branch, second medium branch is missing tier 9 and 10, as Object 140 is more like a development of the T-54 and has no relationship towards the Kharkov tanks. Now we can only wait for them to fill the gaps and introduce new vehicles, corresponding to the intended concept of the branches.

Silentstalker: Well, there you have it. He thinks the vehicles are practically identical and so do I. One thing that is notable is the upper turret weakspot: the roof is very thin and as the vehicle is quite low, it’s possible to penetrate. 8.8 test players already noticed this “feature”. But other than that, for different gameplay, we’ll have to wait for the Object 430.

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  1. Too early…… rumors are that they are going to change the 140 to differ from the T-62A. Increasing alpha, lowering rof and changing some weakpoints, also some mobility changes were in mind. This is a bit premature, should wait for the final build of the beta to do such comparison.

  2. One thing it wasn’t mention is that Object 140 has slightly better depression. As a result it can use hull down positions better and put that insane ROF in action.

  3. A shittier version of T-62A. I love T-62A because i can easily troll the HEAT drum of T57 autoloader, with my turret.

    Obj140 has two big bulbs coming out of his turret, not to mention the turret roof is thin as shit and can be even penetrated from the front by a tall tank. Heck even T-54 with HEAT can do it.

    And another situation is even if you are in a hulldown position and think you’re sure, but if the enemy is located a bit higher above than you, then you’re in deep shit.

    Give this tank 6.70rof and 390/390/465dmg. So it will be unique in its own way damage wise, while T-62A will still retain its awesome rof but small damage for a T10, good mobility and troll turret.

  4. /agree…
    if u own a t62-a there is no use for grinding another 203k xp for the obj.
    it is still not worth it..

    when u are on the grind to the tier 10 russian med.. i would now take the obj.

    • I will grind both, I’m on the T-54 right now, my only trouble is finding enough decent crews for all these delicious Soviet medium, I could really need that T-44-85 as trainer, I would have preferred T-44-122 though….

    • Yes it is worth it. I don’t know how much clan wanted a T-62A in their CW. I am sure those people will grind the hell out of it even if it is 100% identicle to T-62A.

  5. Like ive said b4, clan wars clans will love this, when there t62a’s get locked out they now have a direct replacement for it!

  6. No, the Soviet, while not perfect is no where near as “raw” and “unfinished” as the British and French trees. The later is a little harder, but the form? You can make 3 more lines using mostly production models with quantity built and tested prototypes. Not just paper projects.

    • The Russians have one of the biggest tree’s in the game.

      2 Heavy lines, 2 TD lines and now roughly 2 medium lines and a SPG line.

      The French have a light line, a heavy line, a TD line and a SPG line.
      The British have a Medium line, a heavy line, a TD line and a SPG line.

      The Chinese could also be argued for, but they’re copies of the Russian line anyway with the majority of tanks copying the T-54, and now we have another T-54 modification which is pretty much the same as the T-62a. I wish WG would stop adding more Russian tanks nobody asked for and start fixing their game.

  7. If ever there was a series of tanks optimised for mass actions where numbers take the day over technological refinement on the plains of eastern Europe it is this lot.

  8. Absolutely agree with the comment above that the Soviet tree is far from ‘raw’ and ‘unfinished.

    In comparison to the scant British tree, it is comprehensive AND better balanced. The British tree in particular is home to buggy tanks, lazy model errors and some of the least balanced tanks in the game.

    • Well, the difference is that the Soviets were there since the beginning while the Brits got introduced just one year ago, also WG made some real efforts in turning the Soviet line into a mess lately, heavies unlocking lights and two tier X coming from one tier IX were never heard of until recently.

  9. you all clearly don’t belong in a clan and know the importance of having a spare 62a, not that they’re the same…

    • If you want spare T-62As, either don’t lose them or have more players who own them.
      No need to have a copy-paste tank just because the 62a is the tank of the month in CW

      • I love Russian meds and I want all 4 of them (obj 907 and 430).

        Im thankful that instead of scrapping obj 140 coz it didnt fit tier9, WG added it as an easy to get tier10. There were actual prototypes of this thing built, its not another fantasy tank and no1 is forcing u to buy it.

        • +1, especially because of the little reminder about this tank not being yet another fantasy tank coming from one or two lines of Spielberger.

  10. i unlock t62a before 10 days but ill go for the obj just for the little more gun depression and smaller size.other than that they are quite the same tank.

  11. I have a T62a on the live server and played the Obj 140 on testserver.
    Both tanks have a similar crew with atleast 3 skills. Obj recieved my old T50-2 crew.
    Even though the Obj dosent have BIA it feels more agile and i mean not just the topspeed. The new tank is aswel much smaller which grands him an awesome camo value. With camopainting + full camo skill i was able to shoot enemys at 380m without getting spotted.
    But the best thing is gundepression. Even it is just 1% it feels much better.

    In my opinion the obj will be the first choice in CW soon. T62as has to make a step back but stays on second place.

  12. I wonder if Japanese people will like the Japanese flag instead of Rising Sun flag. A good time to open WoT servers in Japan.

  13. -But other than that, for different gameplay, we’ll have to wait for the Object 430.

    You mean the same gameplay in a different skin. :P

  14. Here’s my opinion:
    The top of the turret gets overmatched by 122mm guns (gets always penetrated by KV-1S), which renders it useless against tier 10 heavy guns.
    Also, the hatches ARE weakspots, T-62A’s hatch isn’t.
    Want to know what’s the best part? The loader gets killed from the right turret hatch.
    And finally, the object’s turret weakspots are literally HUGE. Good luck hiding them.

  15. Obj. 140 has better gun depression and accuracy on the move, with slightly worse gun stats.

  16. Who cares? I’m getting them both, but firstly the Obj 140.

    Playing the T-54 isn’t a pain at all, the most favorite tank in my garage.

  17. Personally I prefer the Obj 140 to the T-62A; it is a lot more comfortable to drive and is slighter better in more ways that matter.

    But it is also true that there’s not a whole lot of difference between the two, it’s very minor things that make me prefer the Obj 140 to the T-62A and if I wasn’t going for a ‘let’s have every soviet medium tank in game’ thing because I’m a Russian armor fantard I probably wouldn’t bother grinding it considering I already have the T-62A.

    But if I was on the T-54 grind right now and looking at the two T10′s I’d pick the Obj 140 over the T-62A; it’s the little things that make it just ever so marginally better.

  18. How can the Object 141 have lower turret and better gun depression at the same time? That just makes no sense at all. Lower turret = less space inside for the breach of the gun = should have less gun depression. Wargaming is bending the reality as usual.

    • depends on whats stopping it. There were some talk of the mantlet on the t-62a stopping it from having better gun depression, while the obj140 wasnt stopped by its (rather lack of) mantlet