E-75 terrain passability in Test 2

Hello everyone,

not much has changed from test 1 to test 2, but the E-75 did recieve the promised terrain passability buff:

Test 1 Stock Tracks – Terrain resistance: 1,2/1,5/2,5
Test 1 Elite Tracks – Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,4/2,3

Test 2 Stock Tracks – Terrain resistance: 1,2/1,3/2,4
Test 2 Elite Tracks – Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,2/2,2

The rest remains the same.

88 thoughts on “E-75 terrain passability in Test 2

  1. Akbar? Its trap, its a trap!!!!

    In other things… SS, does the passability really show when u play the E-75? I mean, do you know if its a buff, or just a balance thing, since they removed the engine. ( i cant play test, PC busted)

  2. So in 8.7 the E-75 have a ground resistance of 1.3/1.7/2.7 and in 8.8 it becomes 1.1/1.2/2.2, that is a huge difference.

    It’s like the difference between the KV-1S and the ARL-44 (1/1.1/2.1 vs 1.4/1.6/2.7). The ARL with the stock Engine is slow as hell despite only having 1.5 hp/ton less than the KV-1S (12.9 vs 14.5)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the mobillity stays very close to the current.

  3. They need to change the Engine fire chance. Current engine has 15% chance of being on fire when shot (by anything), new top engine is 20%.. pretty big deal when perks and premium extinguisher reduce the BASE chance.

    In essence, E50 and E75 will burn as frequently as Jagtigers will.. and we all know how JT loves to burn.

    • The fire chance was my main reason to grind those 50k XP. With the 2nd engine it burned every other match. Sometimes twice per match. If they’d at least fix gearboxes catching on fire it would be ok. But like this it sucks. My bet is that it is because many tanks of other nations, for example some russians have their fuel tanks in front. So they did this to make things “fair”

      • I like that they changed those terrain passability parameters and the removal of the 1200hp (which I have on my E75) isn’t a biggie to me.

        However what indeed is a biggie to me is going up from 15% to 20% fire chance on the now to be top engine… that sucks BIG TIME… as a german toptier tanker you allready have to deal more with fires (hi there frontal transmissions!) than heavy tanks from any other nation, but that is now going to get worse…. ugh…

        Whats next increased chances on an ammo rack explosion? Sjeesh….

      • Let’s really make it “fair” then by removing the fire to start in that bloody frontal transmission or give similar tanks of other nations that “gift” aswell…. lol…

        • russian meds have fuel tanks in the front, russian heavies have ammoracks there, ‘Muricans have tumors, this way every nation/tank has something, so stop whining and dont get shot in your lower plate cause that means you’re doing it wrong anyway.

      • It makes sense for the tank to catch fire. The Germans had a nasty habit of linking turret rotation to the speed of the engine. So if you wanted to rotate the tigers turret fast you had to rev the engine up high. This produces heat.

  4. Ye wg give e75 same mobility as panther 2 which is a Med…. i mean p2 is not much fun now, when tiger 2 goes only 5km/h slower on flat. And has superior armour and gun with better aimtime. Again… Welcome to,world of heavy tanks!

  5. E-75 turned quite fast but tiger 2 turns too slow. I think tiger 2 needs some traverse speed buff.

    • Yeah lets over-buff them so then we would need to buff other vehicles too to make them equal…and that is how power creep works.

      • The E-75 actually stayed the same in traverse rate between 8.7 and 8.8 test1 (Don’t know about Test2, will have to check again, it might even turn faster than it used to now on the softer grounds), all the while the Tiger II lost between 7-15% turning speed. Both have significantly worse acceleration owing to the removal of such an amount of horsepower. After all, the E-75 went from 21 deg/s tracks to 30 deg/s tracks while the Tiger II only went from 26 deg/s to 28 deg/s. Buffing the turning rate on the Tiger II is not at all unreasonable at the moment.

        • Doesnt really matter in my opinion. German tanks always had 2 specialties: tanking damage (middle to far range mostly) and distance damage dealing. Tanking damage style just doesnt work anymore (thanks to premium ammo for silver and improved accuracy) but distance damage dealing is still viable and rate of fire is probably the only thing german tanks missed to be on top at this role.

  6. Their recent ‘historical correctness’ propaganda is just ridiculous.

    Historical engines for german tanks my ass.

    Half of the russian branch has unhistorical engines. Is 700hp on T-54, IS, IS-3 engine historical? Is 600hp on KV-1s engine historical? Just to point a few examples…

    • They actually buffed the germans real time and someone is still whining about something…

      Actually, what if they are planning the same for the russian tanks?

      • Just take a look at Is-7 max speed buff. HE would never reach that speed (unlike the germans max speed buff) but every stupid cry kid was like “OMG Is-7 got such a big buff it will be the most super mega über Op tank ever now!!!!”

    • Do you have a problem with balance ore are you bitching just because?

      I can show you unhistorical tanks and modules in every nation, so what?

      • Going from 15% to 20% chance of a fire on your engines IS big! First inflammable frontal transmissions causing fires and now this…. What will they give the Germans next gold ammo that has a 5% chance of exploding in the tank itself? I mean seriously…

    • I think you are just whining. You should realize that WG didnt have the opportunity to balance tanks with the terrain passability stat when soviet and german trees were created. I think there is something simillar coming for the soviet tree aswell, but in due time, they dont want to rebalance the whole vehicle just to remove the engines. Most german tanks, on the other had became a bit unfit for the current game (and E-75 needed outright nerfing long time ago, should still be an awesome tank even with the change, could use a rate of fire buff tho) and needed the rebalance.

      • There’s several tanks that are in much more need of nerf then the E75. Also those other nations get for the most part more capable tier-10 heavies then the Henschell German line does.

        For me the E75 is pretty much the best top tier German heavy tank.

        • for people who can actually play, E100 is one of the best tier X heavies for randoms.

          • too bad u dont find such ppl in the german tree … only Rommels, xXxXpRoKiLlAxXxXx, xxxxxmegaskillertxxxx etc.

            • Agree, E100 is an awesome tank, if your a good driver, all tanks is good with a good player. And no, you dont need goldammo to be good with it ;)

    • historical acuracy on a blueprint tank… WG logic at its best…

      only an excuse to nerf a german tank…

    • How about you fire up the Windows calculator and do a quick power-to-weight ratio comparision? Because the 1.6 of the high-tier Maybachs borders on that of high-end aero-engines and is doubly obscene given that historically the HL 295 for example actually gave like 850 horsepowers instead of 1200… and that despite a decade of further R&D.

      That’s not “unhistorical”, it’s downright *implausible and ridiculous*. (The Tier Tens still keep the ~Ahnenerbe*Magic~ specs though.) And a very far cry from planned or experimental engines that actually worked as advertised and had credible power ratios.

      • how about you realise that there was no need to change those tanks.
        Also they spoke about buffing german top speeds but they did not mention the removal of F****NG engines that are vital for achieving that speed

        • 5€ on vested interest. And the ~Ahnenerbe*Magic~ engines always annoyed me, welcome to specific power levels on par with everyone elses’ heavies bitch.

  7. This is very good news indeed. It seems that the devs stay to their word and try to keep mobility the same. The 20% fire chance does hurt, but I do pack a premium fire extinguisher (-10% fire chance) for a reason.


    • -10% fire chance is multiplicative, which I think you know. So thats only 20% -> 18% fire with this new engine.

      • Oh, did not know that, did think it was percentage points.

        Thanks for clarifying that.


    • Just got to test it, mobility isn’t the same at all. On flat ground it reaches its old 30kph, turns fast enough, too. But as soon as there is the slightest bit of inclination it slows down horribly. I’m talking about 1-2 degrees here. Also it accelerates remarkably slower even on flat ground. I’m glad I grinded it through fast as soon as I heard of the changes.

  8. The E-75 is somewhat improved with this remedy to the massive nerf; of course, it would have been simpler to just not implement the massive nerf in the first place, since it was totally unnecessary and still leaves us with worse acceleration overall than pre-nerf and a much higher fire chance (yet ANOTHER nerf to Germans! Nerf nerf nerf, the WG way!).

    And VK36, Tiger H, Panther, Panther 2 and Jagdpanther 2 still need this same fix applying to them (again, all this pointless hate-nerfing – why not just leave the damn tanks alone?); also the new Russian mediums are amazingly powerful (awesome camo and mobility along with 2,900 DPM at tier 8 on the Object 416, anyone?) whereas the ‘new’ German heavies are craptacular and the DW2 a pointless joke.

    All in all, 8.8 WILL be remembered as a very harsh German Nerf Patch.

    • sure, my 50M really feels nerfed with 150mm ufp…

      Did you even try any of the tanks you mentioned or are you talking out of your ass? Nor are the germans nerfed nor are the new mediums good… but i guess its easier just to cry cry cry…

      • I like the mobility changes, however I HATE that after that frontal transmission which can catch fire we have something else that has an increased chance to catch fire to what was there previously. I.o. the chance of the engine catching fire going up from 15% to 20%. You think THAT is a buff or a nerf?

        • Dont know about you but hiding lfp, and having preventive maintenance and FE is somewhat of a norm to me… there are a lot of frontal transmission tanks in the game, not just germans and i still handle them w/o a problem…

          but yeah, if you want to, you can see ONLY the nerfs, and not the bufs, and naturally you will call it a nerf but thats not being objective at all…

          you loose a bit hp but gain traverse and ground resistance, it might not be the same as before but it is certainly not only a nerf, more like gamestyle change

          • @Paaranoja maybe you need to read my posts again… the only problem I have with all the changes to the German tanks are the increased engine fire chance for the E75. That’s the only thing, so don’t act like I’m whining, crying or whatever about everything. And offcourse I know about trying to hide the LFP, but there’s a lot of times that is simply not possible because you are for example manouevring to get to another position (withdrawing or advancing it applies to both).

            Having that frontal transmission catching fire is crap enough now adding a more inflammable engine to boot is BS. Let them try that combo on those Russian high tier heavy tanks for example if they want to “experiment” with it.

            Again no problem with the 1200 hp removal or the other changes, but yet another “thingie” that makes a German tank catch fire faster then it did before is what I take issue with, yes.

            • Look at it this way, would you rather have your ammo rack (british, russians, german leo meds) or your fuel tanks (russians) right behind front hull?

              Everyone has something that sucks, yeah germans burn, but so do the KV- series and t-xx series, at least they are not prone to blow-up from frontal shots (bane of is-3′s and is-7′s)…

              Thats just how the game is, it is designed so tanks have their Achilles’ heel

        • They’ve all been buffed except maybe E-75. Some a little bit (like P2 and Tiger II) and some seriously (like TigerH and E-50).

          • I have them all and agree that most German tanks affected have gotten better (E50, E50 Ausf M, Panther II, Henschell Tiger) and I am ok with the removal of the top engine and changing the terrain passability of the E75, totally fine with it.

            I also on the other hand TOTALLY HATE that fire chance on the now to be top engine on the E75. To me there’s no reason for it whatsoever, esp. with tanks like the E75 allready having those frontal transmission fires.

            There’s my ONLY, but a pretty big, problem to me with this really.

        • interesting, i tried them too and:
          tiger 1: buff
          tiger 2: buff
          e-75: more or less the same
          e-50 didnt try
          panther: buff
          panther 2: buff
          JP: didnt try, looks the same, everything except engine was bufed
          JP2: didnt try, same as JP
          JT: didnt try, also looks the same, again, nerfed engine buffed everything else

          didnt try the lights or the vk series, dont care for them at all

          • Agree, except with the E75. Which seems about the same mostly, but you have to play more then just a few games to notice the engine fire change IMHO.

          • If you are honest and neutral, it’s actually:

            tiger 1: buff
            tiger 2: same
            e-75: nerf
            e-50 nerf
            e-50m: buff
            panther: buff
            panther 2: nerf
            JP: same
            JP2: nerf
            JT: nerf

            Overall, some tanks suffer (Panther II and JP II), others benefit (Panther I and Tiger I). Mostly it stays the same.

            • Most just pen the turret roof anyway.
              This is only usefull for a slugfest, outplaying by means of positioning and agility is nerfed badly and this hurts much more for players using their brains. This buff is nice for campers and static players.

          • Are you sure you have tried them?

            Tiger 1: buff overall
            Tiger 2: buff = nerfs, but lower plate nerf is huge
            e-75: more or less the same = agreed there
            e-50: multiple nerfs with LFP and turret being utter crap now, huge engine loss (much more noticeable than on E75), completely uncalled for
            e-50m: buff = sort of agreed, compared to E50
            panther: buff = agreed, the only proper buff aside from Tiger
            panther 2: nerfed a lot, its even more sluggish than before = nerf
            JP: nothing was buffed except minor terrain resistance = small nerf
            JP2: again, nothing was buffed except t.r. and it lost 170 HP = nerf
            JT: it got nerfed the most, along with E50 – lower plate, 170 HP lost, minor t.r. simply dont compensate for it – try it, its horrible now = huge nerf

            What was supposed to be a rebalancing patch, with all the tanks getting “roughly the same performance as they had”, turned out to be “lets see how if we can nerf balanced or UP tanks”.

            E50, Jagdtiger and Jagdpanther 2 simply didnt deserve this.

            • What? E50 recaive a buff. Take a look closer: gun buffed to stage where tier 9 was tops ones, upper plate buffed to 150mm. Why you cry about E50? Lower plate was penetrated by everyone on old E50, but now uper plate cant be penetareted by tiers 9-8 lol. I test i went face to face combat with Obj 140 you know he 3 times didnt penetareted with HEAT upper plate LOL. You lost mobility yes but recaive nice buffs, now you cant hide LFP and tank with E50 and still mobility is enought to fights again mediums, they dont cicrle you, and when you go to close combat keep your E50 in front of his gun, event tiers 10 can penetrate UFP lol

          • I would say all of them received a buff… but increasing the weight of modules (tracks, turrets, engines) is countering the effect of better terrain resistance :(

      • Prepare for E50M rebalance, as King SerB does not feel that this tank is ‘balanced’…

  9. Well, i cannot agree on the socalled buffs. What buff are you talking? about every tank that has its top engine removed is noticably more sluggish in the test. What good is an extra shot per minute if you cannot maneuvre as good, so you can not be in time at a good spot or are being attacked by a fast med and cannot keep up with turning your turret and hull like the tiger. Its better to have more mobillity over r.o.f. thats my view. With these nerfs you cannot use the socalled buffs at all.

  10. sorry i did mistakes so repost again.
    What? E50 recaive a buff. Take a look closer: gun buffed to stage where tier 9 meds was tops ones, upper plate buffed to 150mm. Why you cry about E50? Lower plate was penetrated by everyone on old E50, but now uper plate cant be penetareted by tiers 9-8 lol. In test i went face to face combat with Obj 140 you know he 3 times didnt penetareted with HEAT upper plate LOL. You lost mobility yes but recaive nice buffs, now you can hide LFP and tank with E50, still mobility is enought to fights again mediums, they dont cicrle you, and when you go to close combat keep your E50 in front of his gun, event tiers 10 cant penetrate UFP lol

    • Is that all you say? lol lol lol lol?

      I assume you are a terrible E50 driver who doesnt understand game mechanics (shooting HEAT shells at 60 degree 150mm plate, gj with that, siemka pl!), so I will try to put it as simple as possible:
      1) E50 lost one degree of frontal gun depression
      2) E50 lost 20mm on LFP, which means it can now be penetrated 9/10 times by any tier 7 tank, while 5% more fire chance means it will be set on fire every other game
      3) E50 lost bouncy mantlet, which means IT CANT tank anymore, because any tier 8/9 gun will go through your frontal turret without even trying
      4) E50 took huge mobility hit and can now be outrun by IS8 and every other tier 9 medium

      UFP buff, which no one shoots at in the first place (I cant remember the last time it got penetrated, because most of the higher players know that it should be avoided when angling), is simply put crap, and 47% WR and 700 ER potatoes spamming HEAT at it, would do the same on E100 as well.

      The only meaningful buff is on the gun, but even that cant hide the fact that abysmal mobility and UFP, no one will shoot at, have made fun and unique tier 9 medium into a slow sniper.

      TL;DR (as I am sure you didnt): I am not “crying” about E50 being nerfed, I am “crying” about it being transformed into a heavy tank.
      If that was their idea, well, at least they could have put the same gun the Leo PT has to compensate.

      • It weighs like sixty-plus tons. For just about all practical intents and purposes it IS a heavy tank.

        • True dat, not even gonna try to deny it.

          But it is/was unique exactly because of it, and has/had multiple uses and adaptability on each map, if you know/knew its limits.

          It was a brawler, pusher, rammer and an occasional sniper, but with balanced enough mobility and armor to prevent you going Leeeeeeeroy Jenkins and – surviving.

          Now its pretty much: go with heavy tanks and snipe, if you get hit in LFP its pretty much gg.

      • Wow epic morn bot. I have E50M retard and im played with E50,
        Now UFP is the same like E75 lol, mobility is good enought, and if you retard get outrun by IS8 its lol, go play fucking test retard. Mobility still ok for medium a bit slower but ok, armorou now is great, bouncing shots from tiers 10 when you hide LFP its epic, i just wathced murazor channel, he likes germans tanks, and his did the same statment about E50. BTW retard:
        105mm L/52B: Aimtime 2,3 to 2,1, Depression: -6/+17 to -8/+20, Accuracy 0,32 to 0,3, ROF from 6 to 6,25 lol with “nerfed” gun depresion idiot. Now go fuck.

        • Epic Engrish right there.

          Care to post your real WoT name, so we can check how good your are with E50?

          • Bad english didn’t change the fact that some of your nerf cries (such as depression nerf… -2 more penetration is a nerf now???) are pure BS.

            Seriously, I have no problem with german tankers before, but this patch they became pretty annoying. You had depression buffs, ROF buffs, aimtime buffs, weakspots removal, terrain resistance and noone grateful about that. Throw engine nerf and it’s turning to a cryfest very quick.

            Huge fire chance? Play some other tanks such as chinese mediums and come back here again.

        • may i point out that your WoT skill does not impress me couse it is obvious from your language that you are a medicore player
          prove me wrong and i will apologise

          • Using the same logic/skill calculation formula, you are potato as well.

            nyan cat sends kisses