35 thoughts on “T54E1 model change

  1. Suddenly I feel blind…. Can someone who’s not at work make a gif to compare the two?

    • The Wargaming’s care about details is astonishing. NOT (especially when they change AMX 50B twice and in the second change they actually screwed the correct model).

      I mean who the hell gives a damn about such changes, when there is shitton of broken things in their game.

      Also i can only imagine what kind of mess is the developer ‘team’ inside. Much like a ingame random WOT team, ;)

      • Their recent ‘historical correctness’ propaganda is just ridiculous.

        Historical engines for german tanks my ass.

        Half of the russian branch has unhistorical engines. Is 700hp on T-54, IS, IS-3 engine historical? Is 600hp on KV-1s engine historical? Just to point a few examples…

        • The examples you cite are “unhistorical” only in the sense that they weren’t used in production models; the German engines are unhistorical in the sense that *they never worked that well*. 1.6 power-to-weight ratio is topnotch aero-engine levels, and IRL for example the HL 295 only actually reached like 1.3 (~850 hp) despite over a decade of further tinkering.

          Want magic engines? Play tier 10, they still keep their UFO specs.

  2. YES YES YES!!1 I’ve been waiting for this change so loooong.. I hated this unhistorical appearance of the tank! THX DEVS I LOVE YOU ALL!

  3. Guys, stop punishing WG for that…they worked hard to change the model of the T54 to a historical way, show them some respect, they deserve it.

  4. I was just going to quit WOT and put my money elsewhere, but this correction changed my mind!
    And I don’t even have T54E1 researched.

  5. I must be blind, i don’t see any change even after staring at the 3 pics for 5mins

  6. that’s it?……………… and wg decided we needed that 0.00000001 mm change? as if there isn’t anything else much more important in the game that needs attention

  7. Guys stop pcking on WG for changing or correcting models because its a different team of developfers.
    Theres a seperate team that works and checks all the ingame models all the time and when they fix a model they introduce it to the game whats wrong with that?!

    I know there are some things the playerbase considers a problem such as 0 dmg hits or the camosystem.
    (Camosystem will be totally reworked in the future so quit bitching about it they are already planning/working on it)

    Also all those german fanboys should be satisfied now that it appears that in 8.9 the OMG OP TANK #1 KV1S will lose its OP 122mOPm OP gun.(Did i mention that its the OP tank #1??)
    German “rebalance” seems fine to me. Atually i think that all tanks overall got a little bit better… wich is good because my most driven nation is Germany

    And i dont understand the hate bout the Object 140. It is a T62A with a different model so what?! It is supposed to be an ALTERNATIVE tier 10 for the T54 line of medium tanks. The new tier 10 medium of the new lline will be added an the future so the current path is nothing but a placeholder.
    (Also nothice that, besides all those complains about the the object 140 being too similar to the T62A, alot of players are complaining about the object 140 turret being weaker when compared to T62A … )

    Seriously guys stop being butthurt. When you dont like the game as it currently is then pls leave for a while and have a look on whats changed in 6 month or so idk but stop spreading hate all over the place because all you will get out of it is a heartattack

    • I pity you. You’re now an astroturfer paid by WG/Russophyle agitator/Pinko propagandist, depending on who gets to read your post first.

      You’d be better off getting worked up on the tiniest things like the rest, stop using your brain already.