War Memorial in Seoul

Warning: picture heavy

Hello everyone,

today, we have another bunch of photos, this time from a pretty exotic place: War Memorial in Seoul. Player the_beef was kind enough to share them with us. Enjoy!

Type 59 – allegedly the story behind this particular tank is that it was used by the North Vietnamese in Vietnam War, it was captured by the Americans and given to South Koreans as a gift

1 - Type-59 (1)

1 - Type-59 (2)

M46 Patton

2 - M46 Patton

M36 Jackson

3 - M36 Jackson

M47 Patton

4 - M47

M4A3E8 Sherman

5 - M4A3E8 Sherman

K-1 – indigenous Korean tank

6 - K-1

M-56 Scorpion

7 - M56 Scorpion 90mm SPG

M48AC2 Patton

8 - M48 A2C 90mm

M107 SPG

9 - M107 SPG 175mm

M110 SPG (203mm)

10 - M110 SPG 203mm


11 - SU-100 (1)

11 - SU-100 (2)


12 - T-34 (1)

12 - T-34 (2)

Taiwanese Walker Bulldog (plus some SPG)

14 - Hualien (Taiwan) army base - M41 Walker Bulldog I think and some SPG


13 - the lot

Bonus: F-86 Sabre, P-51 Mustang and MiG-19




50 thoughts on “War Memorial in Seoul

    • I want it in the game. I really which WG would divide arty into to broad categories, faster firing (for it’s tier) “light” artillery and heavier artillery (mostly what we have at the higher tiers right now).

            • We’re discussing Word of Tanks here, we don’t care if people camp in some other random game.

            • Strange, I see less camping when there is no arty, maybe because ppl “camp” (by this I mean stop) to shoot, because they don’t get nuked in that instant? And ppl can get out of the cover of huge rocks and hide behind hills :’( Oh my god how bad that we can use more of the small maps, let’s make arty able to shoot anywhere so everyone would move non stop, like that game when you have to hit the (hamster?) thing with a hammer

            • I agree, I see far less camping when they’re no arty. I know me personally, when there’s arty, I generally want to hide, especially when it’s high tier arty that can one-shot me.

        • You must be playing a different game to me…

          over half my randoms have 3 arty per side, and 1 in 5 games its 4 per side…

          and that’s over a wide tier spread

          • i totally second the idea of like <500 dmg (like ~ t6brit w. more range) artytrees for t8-10 with well acuracy and awesome firing rate. maybe even with some sort of short-term-barrage (like the t2 autocannons) shooting 3 bullets in 3 seconds onto one spot.

            just hvaing those 180+ mm guns to choose from is meh.

            its not about having already enough arties, its more about diversity of gameplay!
            . (GG @ t62 & obj ;) )

            • Arty is bullshit anyways. It was NEVER used to hit a moving tank in WW2, the entire idea is ludicrous.

  1. North Koreans and Vietnam war? Hmmm smth is probably wrong here. I suppose it should be North Vietnamese :).

    • About the Type 59 and Vietnam: That’s what it said on the sign in front.

      North Korea apparently participated in the Vietnamese war. North Korea did use Type-59 tanks at the time, although they renamed them “Kim Il Sung 69″ (lol).

      • Hmm, but according to the wikipedia article on the Vietnam war, North Korea sent some fighter planes, AA guns, and uniforms. No mention of tanks.

        It could be that in the english translation on the sign two sentences got mixed: That the tank was captured in Vietnam. And as a side-note that North Koreans also used the type-59.

      • There were 13 North Korean pilots fighting in VN war. They were all killed in action but I don’t know the specific situation. Their graves are still in Vietnam now and are thoughtfully cared. Other cases of North Korean involvement are not clear.

      • I saw the sign with my eyes too, and it definitely had translation errors.

        They wanted to say ‘This tank was donated by Vietnamese military during the Vietnam War. North Korea operated Type 59 by copying it as ‘Kim Il Sung 69′ after introducing it in the early 1970s.’ or something.

        Instead they wrote like this: ‘This tank was donated by Vietnamese military. During the Vietnam War, North Korea operated Type 59 by copying it as ‘Kim Il Sung 69′ after introducing it in the early 1970s.’

        Trust me. I’m Korean.

    • These “random parts” are all sort of hooks for lifting turret, towing tank etc. painting camo on them would be pointless as it would be scratched off instantly by chains/ ropes/etc. So guessing its some sort of anti oxidant paint. Or it could be indicator for not so sharp towing crew where to strap chains to tow that thing around.

        • That’s my guess too. Notice how they also painted the muzzles and even the centers of the road wheel hubs on the SU-100.

    • It looks like a warning: “Do not try to dive on those red pieces, you might get pierced.”

      Anyway, such bright markings remind me of old RTS games, like Dune, Red Alert or Original War :D

  2. I was there two moths ago…İt was so amazing that just stayed between a Chinese made Type-59 and USA made war toys…Plus on every fridays there is a very nice show about Korean military history…Pleas note that wonderful girl-soldiers :)

  3. I know that this is a WOT blog, but WarThunder just released a new trailer /watch?v=0sfA-NsbzJY

    Would be really nice if more people see it….So…SS, can you make a post with this video? Pretty please…it’s really awesome

      • wow what a shit video, the lady screeching made me turn off the sound, and they stretched 50 seconds of fake non-gameplay footage into 3 minutes.

  4. I smile about the “Easy Eight” Sherman, seeing as my uncle was a crewman on those in the Korean War, probably with the 89th Armored Battalion.

  5. What is that thing right of the Type 59, behind the Su-100?

    Looks like it has a Type 59 turret too.

    Also, I guess the T-34 is a T-34-85?

  6. Stalker, i have some photos from Jambol War-fame museum…where can i send them to you

    P.S. Their quality is not that good….i had only iPhone for photos….

  7. What’s the story on the patrol boat? It looks like it’s been peppered with small arms fire.

    • It’s a replica of PKM 357, a Chamsuri-class patrol boat sunken by North Korean surprise attack in 2002.