33 thoughts on “New tier 10 with bonus will be…

    • Yupp T54 here I come again! Did lots of battles back when it was top tier medium, but I think this time it will stay as it’s also a very usefull Tier9 tank for the coming T1-T10 Clanwars campaigns.

  1. guys ffs when the winners of the anniversary manoevers are announced(tank destroyers)

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  4. Oh no! I bought it 2 days ago…

    But I’m still driving T-54 to get XP for that Obj., so it’s OK I think :/

  5. T62A ! YAY ………………… NOT !

    Btw, what about the promise of bringing in AMX 50B in august they made 2 months ago ? Or another ‘miscommunication’ ?

  6. T-54, according to statistics best tier IX medium, also leading to best tier X mediums, and now on special!

  7. why no chinese ?
    all nations been there, but no chinese ‘sniff’
    mfg eXterminus

  8. Was hoping for any tree but this one. I have a mostly stock T-44 in the garage and all it’s done so far is drill a hole in my stats (5 wins, 13 losses). I need to decide between using free-xp it get it up to elite status, free-xp past it to the T-54, or just sit out this special.

    • 29 Tier 10 tanks in game (with Obj. 140):

      Specials so far:
      FOCH 155
      T57 Heavy
      Leopard 1

      9 of 29 so far, so it will take 10 more months to get the rest of the tier 10 for a discount (not including new tier 10 that WILL come :)

  9. Hey this is perfect timing for once, I’m about halfway to the T-43, maybe I can get a T-54 by the 15th. :D

  10. fuck it ….

    why would there be a chinese special…nooooooooooo. let’s make like all french + all american + all german + all sovjet instead.

  11. Maybe it is just another official CZ/SK translation fail, but in CZ version of Special: End of the Vacations, on the bottom of page in list of other events in same time, there is “Na vrcholku stromu – Slevy a bonusy pro americké střední tanky vyšších úrovní” EN: Top of the Tree – Discount and bonuses on the top of a american medium branch.

    So maybe EU will get US branch bonuses instead of USSR.