Evilly on E-50/E-75 engines

Source: RU forums

You will like this, guys!

Evilly (RU main community organizer):

- all the users, who had top engines on either E-75 or E-50 unlocked, will recieve 25000 free XP on their account in 8.8 (you will get this free XP even if the tank isn’t bought in the hangar, you will get free XP only for one, so even if you have both unlocked, you will get 25k, not 50k, because the engines were identical and they were unlocked once)
- ALL the engines that are unlocked, bought, installed on vehicles will be sold for the price they were purchased for when 8.8 goes live
- new top E-75/E-50 engines will be unlocked for those, who had previously the top engines unlocked
- Superpershing will be possible to sell for gold purchase price in 8.8

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      • You say that as if it was not in place to receive compensation for such huge amount of xp lost. Im not saying they “HAVE” to compensate it but it IS appropriate to do so.

        • That was what I also thought, but a lot of people overreacted to the apparent lack of compensation like they were being robbed or something.

    • I din’t give a damn about that Free exp, I want my E-50 to perform as it used to. I don’t want an unarmored snail, I want my well armored medium tank.

      • Unarmored 150 mm frontal armor at 60 degees =300mm effective armor …. more armor than the conqueror and thats a t9 heavy.
        E50 will be the german is8 counterpart and e50m will have speed cause it will have the 1200 hp engine.

          • My bad wasnt reading that you talked about e-50m anyway its upper plate might be 150mm but its lower plate got nerfed to 100mm,

            • so we go from entire hull penetrable by same tier guns, to: half still penetrable by same tier guns and half trollish ufp that will bounce just about anything with little angle… good news for decent players, bad news for noobs

  1. intersting….. didnt think they would let you sell the purshing for the price u paid??? but hey

  2. I love how WG states that there will be no compensation then later gives compensation. I wonder if the decision to give compensation where the same as KV-1S 122 (SerB vs Everyone)

  3. Well….the engine was 50k exp not just 25k…. Dunno if i’m the greedy one for demanding the full exp cost, or WG is the greedy one because they don’t give us the full exp….

    (While i was writing that i just realised: The new engine costs 25k exp. The old one was 50k exp.50-25=25k exp compensation….)

  4. new top E-75/E-50 engines will be unlocked for those, who had previously the top engines unlocked

    Does this mean that if you don’t have the top engine unlocked in 8.7, you won’t get the new top engine with 8.8?

    On the test server, I got the 8.8 top engine despite not having the old top engine unlocked.

  5. Its only half justice, they should still give us 50k free xp, but its better than nothing.

    • Well no because the replacement engine costs 25,000 exp, as pointed out above. Unless you want them to give it to you for free?

      • There is no replacement engine. The engine which in 8.8 has 900hp is the one which currently has 870hp which at the moment is the top engine of tiger, tiger2, panther 2 etc. The current e-75 engine is totally removed and nothing replaces it.

  6. And here I was telling people to wait for a proper announcement.

    I guess stupidity > patience.

    • It’s more easy beeing stupid then beeing patient… ;)
      Anyway nice move of WarGaming if they do!

      Also Daigensui, do you have an EU account also? As you seem to be a German tank fan also. Cheers from munich

    • I don’t think Daigen has one.. who the hell wants to be on EU Servers anyway :P

      • Never.

        Games companies have complaint based customer service. Complain early and loudly and you might get what you want. SerB was talking up having no compensation. The intelligent supposition is that there was a genuine question about it internally. Forum bitching is always handy to tip the balance.

      • Oh, you’re back. I was kind of hoping your lenghty absence was due to you getting tired of this stale tomfoolery.

  7. “- all the users, who had top engines on either E-75 or E-50 unlocked, will recieve 25000 free XP on their account ”

    Great news. Thanks WG and thanks SS for posting this valuable info.

    “- ALL the engines that are unlocked, bought, installed on vehicles will be sold for the price they were purchased for when 8.8 goes live”

    I assume that this also counts for the Maybach HL 234 (top engine for Tiger II, Panther II). Right?

  8. free garage slot for vk3001 owners and free free exp for german tank drivers… RUSSIAN BIAS!!!!!!!!!

    • Both are things already given to Soviet players in previous changes. And German players had to raise an out cry to get it this time.

      • Well to be fair, they wanted to change the E-50 gun depression to near zero and there was a massive shitstorm. Cue the return to old gun depression.

        The mantlet change might have to do something with the clipping issue though.

        • everybody is talking about the engine but the depression has been nerfed a lot and seems nobody has noticed it… sad…

          overall i see on the e-50 more nerfs than buffs…

          + buff UFP
          - nerf LFP
          - big nerf engine
          + minor buff to the terrain pasability
          - nerf turret mantlet
          + minor buff to the gun
          - nerf gun depression

          • -E-50 LFP was penetrable by anyone at that tier anyway, so not that big of a nerf
            -The mantlet was made bigger and thus is a buff?
            -There was no gun depression nerf?

            • If it is as you say and the LFP was penetrable by everyone already, then what’s the point of nerfing it more?

              Let me answer: Now the LFP can be penetrated regardless of angle (excluding the autobounce-angles, which means exposing the side). This combined with the nerfed acceleration (including reversing out of a corner) means no more peek-a-boo for E50 unless the LFP is hidden (and you can rarely choose it beeing so in a medium)

          • dude, the terrain pasability was buffed greatly. The turret and the gun were not nerfed and the E-50 got finaly the Saukopfblende with the possobility to a gun depressin buff, it just looks like a nerf but the depression wasn’t touched.

          • Regarding gun elevation…

            E-50 -6/+17
            E-50M -6/+17

            8.8 Test 2:
            E-50 Front -5/+20 Sides -8/+20
            E-50M Front -6/+20 Sides -8/+20

            The ‘front’ is within 24 degrees either side of straight ahead.

            • Uhm, in test 1 the depression was only limited due that stupid headlight in the E-50/E-50M, but now it covers the whole front? Kinda reminds me of that one test where they reduced the depression to near zero…

              I am not sure if this is intentional or just a bug.

      • Its not like the same happened with the american and french lines.


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  10. hm i thought i unlocked that engine for 50K exp, not 25, but still it is better than expected nothing. i like that, +1 for wg

  11. More evidence serb is becoming irrelevant to development. All the old dumb unbalances and illogical decisions of this game are thankfully disappearing.

    • I guess they’ve finally started to get tired with SerB’s Pro-Soviet Bigotry (I won’t say Anti-German because he seems to dislike anything that isn’t Soviet; he’s just the least subtle about German tanks)

      • …so how *exactly* do you make an example of “pro-Soviet Bigotry” out of the soon-to-be-gone “ancien regime” Maybach UFO engines, anyway? I’m honestly curious about the mental acrobatics involved here.

  12. One thing – does the E-50 and E-75 still have the same top engine? I mean – I have the 1200hp engine unlocked and installed on my E-75, but I don’t have E-50 yet – but this engine is unlocked. Now I’ll receive the 900hp engine instead, but will it be still unlocked on E-50, or does E-50 use different 900hp engine?

    • E-50 and E-75 do share the same top engine. If you unlock the top engine on one, it will be unlocked on the other.

      • Nope, on test server the E75 has it’s own 900PS engine, the E50 shares his engine with the Aufklärungs Panther

    • I know, fuck them commies AmIright?

      They didn’t even consider a gold compensation for those who used gold to convert exp! Fucking WG commie ruskies and their Russian bias!

  13. Good move by WG (even though the Engine actually costs 50k xp). At least someone there has a brain and knows the value of customer good will.

    • Indeed; perhaps they’re finally getting that soon they won’t have a monopoly any more, so that they’ll HAVE to respect the players.

  14. Uhm, a question, right now I have the E-75 top engine unlocked, but didnt unlock the E-50 yet. In the test server, I didnt have the top engine for the E-50 (which is the same top engine for the AfkPanther) while I had the top engine for the E-75.

    Currently in a rush to unlock the E-50 ATM so I wont have to unlock the new engine….(at the same time the Panther II will be slightly nerfed based on test server experience)

    So does that change now? Do I get the new E-50 top engine even if I didnt unlock the E-50 yet and do not have the Afk.Panther top engine (same top engine), while having the E-75 top engine?

    • Checked the test server..no 25k XP refund (as this was announced yet, so no problem here), but for some reason I have no E-50 top engine, I do have the E-75 top engine though.

  15. This is what i had in my mind and actually commented on some of the former FTR articles. 25k is imo reasonable compensation. Afterall you get new 900HP engine so compensating fully 50k exp is a little too much. Also the tanks haven’t been that much changed. They feel sligthly more slugish but they still can move decently. I’m glad that WG come to their mind and gives some sort of compensation because 50k exp for that engine wasn’t something ignorable

  16. They should increase the Xp cost needed to search the next tank, since their tier 10 tanks are very cheap on xp cost compared to many other tanks.

    • In the case of the E-75 -> E-100, beware that you have to research the 15cm gun on the E-100 (63k xp), it does not come fully elited unlike most tier 10s.

      Even the devs said that the XP cost is already too high for the E-100 ATM and with the engine unification(most germans now run on the 700hp engine) the XP cost should be the same.

      Not sure about the E-50 -> E-50M though, its grind path is very similar to the T-54, except that the T-54 does have two tier 10 tanks to unlock from now.

      • This is what WG should do, give them 50k xp, but only on E-75. When pubbies are raging, give them back the free 25k xp, after they beg. The first one is actually the most logical compensation, as you get all experience wasted on E-75 back. Then latter is not as logical, but is obviously better. There is really nothing to whine about for WG being generous.

  17. I spent 50,000 XP on that engine. Getting only half of it back is only half a kick in the balls. If you spent 50K unlocking it on either of those two tanks then you didn’t have to spend that XP again if you ended up getting both tanks – so if a player had *either* tank with that engine unlocked they should get the full and proper 50,000 XP back. That’s just simple facts.

    blah blah glass half empty blah blah

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  19. As long as the total XP required to get to the next tank is roughly the same as other nations/branches all the people whining can go get some cheese to go with it.

  20. Nothing about the Jagdtiger?

    Its curious to not through out all this everyone’s been screaming about the E75/E50, and yet no one mentions the Jagdtiger.

  21. So they get compensation for an ENGINE while the players who had the T-50-2 don’t get anything except for a worthless (by comparison) tank that shouldn’t even be classified as a scout?

  22. What about the top engine of Panther? Will we have back our xp?
    Sorry if you already answer about that.

    • Are you talking about the E-75? As in the tier 9 German HT leading to the E-100? Can you even play it right? Have you ever played it? O_o

  23. I really hope that this is sloid. Just spent full xp ammount required to unlock the 3001 H in freexp only. I just can’t be bothered to play WoT right now. Especially PzIII/IV.

  24. This sounds fair.

    I am impressed that WG seemingly does the right thing. Hopefully, they will do it next time bf. starting a completely unnecessary shitstorm. Removing a module or tank should always come with the compensation for (at least excess) XP used.


  25. I have a question…

    Why are they removing/changing the engine?

    Surely there are a great many considerably more important and urgent issues that need to be changed within the game.