48 thoughts on “Woras presents: Hitler vs IS-7

  1. Why there’s EU anthem after IS-7 victory ? Shouldn’t there be Soviet anthem instead ?

  2. Fucking magnets, how do they work?

    This explains the long pause since the last vid though; Woras has been playing Mortal Kombat nonstop while higher than the Pope. :P

  3. Actually if IS-7 turned itself into black hole it also means that is-7 died too. So draw should be the right outcome, is-7 sacrificed itself to defeat hitler.

  4. I don’t understand siema -humor. Maybe this video was targeted under 10yo audience. Might have been funny then.

  5. Okay, What in the everliving HELL did i watch, Woras? I demand theese 4 minutes of my life back!

    • And what stopped you closing it before it ended? I guess you were enough interested or you are trying to say that you were 4 min paralyzed.