“Siemka this, bitch!” – new Polish tank concept PL-01

Hello everyone,

take look at this beauty:



This is the PL-01, the latest in Polish tank technology. It has a crew of three, fully automatic turret, fully autoloaded 105mm or 120mm gun, anti-aicraft MG and both active and passive countermeasures. It is made from special materials, reducing its radar and heat signature. Its armor is modular and the hull can be converted to any number of purposes, including an IFV.

Along with the Anders tanks, this is the candidate for the next gen Polish IFV.

169 thoughts on ““Siemka this, bitch!” – new Polish tank concept PL-01

  1. it looks like Poland took some visual queues from Dice’s Battlefield 2142. Lets hope no one gets sued :-D

  2. Looks badass.

    However, it’s actually made out of plastic and it has only 1 horsepower under the hood. And thats an actual horse.

  3. a comment from youtube

    and suddenly poland comes out from the back with their new rifle and space tanks and conquer the free world

    sorry if it offends anybody but hahhaha xD

  4. It probably won’t get out of concept stage and our army will buy some more Leopards. And that would be a great step, because this one looks like designers have been drinking hard again…

    • It indeed looks like toy but I want to wait to make assumptions.
      Though I won’t be surprised if this project is just a way of eating government money the same way French tank industry did pre 39′

    • This tank isn’t a competition to Leopard. It’s roughly half of Leopard weight. Both can easily co-exist.

  5. Looks like a lego tank….no thanks.
    Leo 2, Challenger, Merkava look much, much better than this thing…

    • We all know how those stupid iPhone cases look like. This tank is exactly like that.
      They just put some plastic case over some random tank and voila….

      • Yep, it’s a concept, but they try to reinvent the wheel. Just take a Leo 2 and improve it.
        THAT’S a good idea, not some random case strapped on some tank….

        • Seems noone but miltary and engineering experts visit your blog SS.

          ‘I have no bloody idea about taht stuff, obviously then I shall speak my thoughts’.

          • No, i’m no military expert, but even i can think of ways in which this tank will fail in real combat.
            Please tell me how easy is to replace the barrel? How easy is to fix the tracks? How about some mud between the tracks and the outer thing on the tracks? What if that mud froze?

            Seriously, there are enough reasons why this tank sucks.

            • Actually it is intended as a multipurpose platform, amongst them light tank.
              And it is some weird upgrade of CV90 made in cooperation with BAE.
              Anders was better, beside being almost completely domestically made (and only for the fraction of cost of comparable programs).

            • Yeah, that’s in theory, in reality it’s just another money sinkhole…. They needed to wash some money so they made this “futuristic” looking tank that’s totally impractical.
              Anders is a good tank…this thing just sucks

            • If i understand correctly, the armor skirts that cover the tracks are supposed to be removable in-field. As to how easy that will be, tests will tell. Tank looks cool if you get over the fact that it’s a plastic mockup.

        • This tank is nothing like Leopard 2. Perhaps reminds it a little bit in a shape, but that’s all. It got different chassis, different equipment, completely different tonnage, etc. etc.

  6. If not anything else, that things looks AMAZING!. I’d love to have it in my garage….but I’d love to have a garage first. :P

  7. a nice flat lower glacies to shoot at. also how many of theese can poland afford? it’s a Prototype and so it will stay.

    • IRL lower plate is real hard to shoot at from 2 kilometers afar. 70% of the shots (At least) go to the turret or the front hull.

      • And ballistic shells have an even harder time penetrating a plate that’s angled the same direction as the shell on the downward half of the arc. That might as well be a miss at most battle ranges.

        • IFV’s are not advised to take fire-> dead, unless armsfire. those plates could be easily penetrated by anything, because it has paper armor.
          Lower plate looks like this, because this unit supposed to cross rivers etc.

  8. Good luck fixing the tracks while in combat…. Leo 2 is one of the best modern tanks because of the modular design…. (not speaking about modular armor)

  9. FIrst, it’s a concept, it will never be build. Developing and testing such concepts costs simply too much compared to just buy high tech tanks from other countries.

    by the way: The anti aicrcraft mg on top is very funny. Aircrafts engage at distances a tank won’t be able to even see it.

    • This is not AA machinegun, Its anti-bird machinegun to stop birts pooping over its fabulous body.

    • But it does a good job at keeping helicopters busy. Put enough machines guns and autocannons on anything that rolls, and the cloud of bullets coming from any medium-sized military unit makes the area relatively unhealthy for helicopters or low-flying aircraft.

      • …aren’t modern attack helos armoured enough to be autocannon-resistant though? Would seem to make an MG a mite useless against them…

        • Modern attack helos like the Apache used in Irak ? After the first week, 40% of the 101st was grounded for repairs. They can make it safely back while being full of holes, but they sure as hell won’t be available for combat for a few weeks afterwards

    • It depends on a contract. If Polish Defense Ministry will pick up the idea than likely it will be build (recently Poland got more than enough money for random expenses, like nearly 300 AGM-154 JSOWs), especially because it’s barely 35 ton.

      As for small AA gun – Ever heard of urban combat? Poland got plenty of large cities where AA on small, fast units (this one supportingly will run 90 km/h on a roads) will be very deadly for any helicopters in range.

  10. It’s not a tank… Hardly no one designs new MBT today, the Turks, and South Koreans is what comes in mind.

  11. Well that’s nice and all, but what’s that plastic brick gonna do against nuclear weapons? WW3 wont exactly be fought with tanks..

    • That’s why it’s doesn’t have angled steel plates and actually looks vulnerable – but this gen tanks rely on stealth and other measures rather than steel armor, and it does have some surprises underneath, such as thermal camo.

    • Because *that* is what practical-minded militaries plan for, smaller ones in particular. *eyeroll* Gotta wonder why Everyone & Dog, Inc. then kept building newer and better tanks throughout the Cold War when a nuclear showdown was actually a realistic prospect…

  12. Well. If it comes to Anders, the signs are not really good. Recently some guys from Polish section of the forum linked a report which summarizes how a certain individual (along with some other high ranked officials, some of which have been proven to be foreign defence industry lobbyist) presiding over PHO (Polish Defence Holding) pretty much murdered the project spreading lies (that Anders’ concept and it’s whole construction is a leftover from Soviet solutions – blatantly untrue, as western commentators likened it to projects like american FCS) and firing the head of Anders’ design team from the company for, and that takes the fucking cake, accepting an offer to design an armoured vehicle based on Anders for Indian Army. Also this corrupt fucker tried to discredit the project, by saying that You can’t build a AFV for 20 mln polish zlotys (that’s the price tag for a running and firing Anders prototype). And just to make it even more interesting the same fucking creature tried to torpedo a successful gun-howitzer Crab (PT-91tank hull with AS-90/52 turret).

    • First of all, Anders it’s not a tank. It’s BMP-like vehicle, only ignorants from newspapers call it (light) tank.

      • Actually the name for first displayed vehicle (the one with automated 120 mm gun turret shown in 2010) was Czołg Lekki na Wielozadaniowej Platformie Bojowej, eng. Light Tank on Multirole Combat Platform. Another was shown in 2011 in a IFV configuration (with HITFIST turret). The Anders platform was designed to be a basis for 14 different roles.

    • This will be the case with any “small” arms manufacturer. Romania builds airplanes and helicopters but the companies sure as hell can’t afford to pay for government lobby like Boeing, Lockhead-Martin, or EADS can.
      Any former east block country has a rather extensive armament industry (they were supposed to be self sufficient in this) and they could upgrade or renew the stocks of most other users of soviet style equipment – like most of Latin America, Africa, SE Asia, Middle Eastern countries …
      On the other hand, we are talking about weapons here, so maybe making them prohibitively expensive to buy and use wouldn’t be a bad thing …

  13. This was build to finally get rid of SerB and his trolling against Polish Community.
    I want this as a premium, no matter how expensive.

  14. OK, polaks has one prototype tank who never seen battle. Will it hold off nuclean bomb? No? Then polish army is not worth attention.

      • It’s more about surviving the blast, not the explosion itself.
        Here’s something about the Centurion

        “It was placed less than 500 yards (460 m) from the 9.1kt blast with its turret facing the epicentre, left with the engine running and a full ammunition load.[37] Examination after detonation found it had been pushed away from the blast point by about 5 feet (1.5 m), pushed slightly left and that its engine had stopped working, only because it had run out of fuel.”

        • It forgets to mention that the crew would be killed by the radiation if they somehow survived the concussion and heat.
          On the NORAD Base it will only survive a nuclear explosion that is X big or smaller. The Tsar Bomb would level the place even if its at half power. Even a smaller bomb would level the place if it managed to hit the right spot.
          As for the tank you can design it to protect the crew, to an extent, from radiation(particles and direct contact) and to survive the EMP and concussion of a nuclear blast. But only to a given degree.

          • Nonsenses, modern nuclear weapons habe barely any radiation and are far from toxic levels. You would have to inhale a lot of dust that is contaminated for it to have any effect. Those steel plates hold off quite a lot of the already low radiation, the NBC protection sStem does the rest.

          • Most of the time EMP is deadly for modern tanks. Majority of components will stop working, so in case of war – even if few people onboard do survive – they cannot do a thing, so it’s meaningless.

  15. Hahahahahaha
    Poland trying to make a tank

    “Look, this tank comes right out of a videogame-siema.”
    “Please pay us royalties to use this design in videogames so we can buy more wodka-siema.”
    “We’re even cooler than Halo and Cowadooty put together-siema!”
    “Why don’t you make a movie while you’re at it-siema?”
    “Look, it’s all future-like and stuff-siema.”

  16. It could be the best tank design in the world and it would still not come to fruition. OR it would be sold dirt cheap to other country along with all rights to it. Thats just how our “industry” works…

    • Even if it’d be a best tank in the world – noone would care. American military industry can spend so much money on “lobbying” that noone really can stand a competition against them.

  17. Wanna see an interresting tank that is currently being tested by the Southkorean army?
    Google for K2 Black Panther. This tank looks pretty amazing and if it is accepted i would place my bets on this one against any other tank out there

  18. MUhahahhaa!!! Even I can make a “tank” model out of cardboard. And a pretty animation…

    This is by no means a tank and it wil never be produced. It’s not even technology demonstrator, it’s an art concept demonstrator.

    • Oh, but then, by all means, please do provide us some concept art of a tank of your own design, even half as pleasing to the eye, as far as art goes, as the PL-01.

      I’m looking forward to some amazing designs and long hours worth of admiring joy.

      Thank you in advance, sir.

  19. Don’t know. Somehow the first angle reminds me of something from Pokemon. Makes the tank absolutely hilarious.

    • Well, it’s just a basic mockup. Not even a prototype. So there’s a long way to go till we’ll know anything.

  20. Maybe I can do some reverse-engineering on the design and figure some numbers. I have all of the formulas to do it. (bit of a pain) and would need to look up some better photos. But it could be done.

  21. For all those people that are missing the point

    con·cept (knspt)
    A general idea derived or inferred from specific instances or occurrences.

    • Well, if it’ll be like every other thing made in Poland – it’ll be mass-produced, but never hit any foreign markets in a large numbers.
      Poland got long history of rather decent designs in defense industry – from personal weapons, through IFVs all the way to the airplanes and helicopters.

  22. Looks like they designed a tank that’s highly resistant to being field-serviced.

    I mean, you have to take off most of its armor just to repair tracks…

    • Also, while trying to reduce a tank’s infrared signature is a useful endevour, trying to make it invisible to radar is really stupid.

      Radar doesn’t work especially well on the ground (since the Earth will bounce it every which way).

      • What tank uses radar to spot a threat in the first place ? That’s completely stupid. Thermal works jus fine for that.

  23. Hahaha have fun getting mud and dirt out from under those track covers.
    This tank cries for “move 30m, get alle clogged up, spend an hour cleaning, move another 30m”

  24. Personally, I don’t like the look of it.

    Things like this basically never get into production…either its because they get cancelled outright….or because the costs and development time increase exponentially past the “predicted” values.

  25. You should realize that it is the most dangerous weapon in polish arsenal. Cause according to our army new strategy we will make a new prototype every week and then patent its design. Sorry Hollywood you will have to pay.

    But …. We have seen such designs several times. And those were never properly developed. Poland is too poor to have its own tank. Or so I think.

    • I am not so sure about it, it is not about money, it is about concept I think. We have in Poland great engineers, so I think it can be done. About money – this will be problem if we talk about amount of tanks.

      • It is VERY MUCH about money. Why do you think Sweden stopped making their own tanks and now buys Leos like everyone else?

        • Only Leopard is 62 ton MBT. This one is 35 ton IFV/light tank.
          So if there’s a will – I doubt money will be an issue. Especially when Polish army spends all this money on buying American gear in recent years. Obviously cash is in there.

  26. I would definitely buy it if they add park assist for free :).
    But srsly I’ll just wait 2 years to check the prototype out.

  27. If it’s named PL it must be totally useless. Nothing good ever comes with tag “PL”.

    If they somehow managed to get it moving without pulling it with horses it would still be useless because PL siemas can’t drive / shoot jack s.it, not in wot atleast.

    • Wow, thats like advanced stupidity… Who hooked you up with such your iOS? (i stands for idiot, obviously…)

      • U laugh here of that decoy thing when your moms wifes and girlfriends are beeing banged by polish plumbers :) get a grip lads.

  28. This looks like a Tron version of a Merkava tank. It would be good to see how it performs in the field tests. Looks very promising for the Polish army.

  29. This tank will be for export. Its only upgraded stealth version Anders light tank. This is good project, but I’m afraid that once again polish government suspend great polish concept and buy worse foreign equipment.

  30. I from Poloand, we like thys design, is surprise for us too [much] but OBRUM have fantastic new management, much changing there, more smart educated and experienced People can manage the economy mainly money first of all. I hope will be great finish’ for thys concept, not like than “Euro 2012″ with Polish footbal team, was sad. Cool coments ;)
    Best Regards.

  31. Me russians going to takeover the uropa again and polish ftom wot will not stop me and stupid other countries, espexialy polish bitch czech