WoT and Girls und Panzer cooperation in Japan

Source: http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2013/09/06/world-of-tanks-joins-ranks-with-girls-und-panzer/

Hello everyone,

as a few of you guys already noticed, Wargaming Japan started the collaboration with Girls und Panzer.


First and foremost, there is the GuP manga on WoT site: WoT for beginners.


In this webcomic, Japanese players (the whole thing is obviously in Japanese only, until some fan translates it to English) learn the basics of WoT with their favourite Girls und Panzer characters.

It’s freely available on the address above :)

182 thoughts on “WoT and Girls und Panzer cooperation in Japan

    • IMHO you can STFU if you have nothing useful to say.

      I wish WG would notice that Grils und Panzer is popular in other regions as well. I mean those Girls und Panzer mods, skins and videos inspired by it didn’t make themselves.

      • >n-no muh anime is b-best

        You, as well as ferongr below, are worthless scum, incapable of taking any kind of criticism under whatever form it show up, being all aggressive when your tastes are questioned.

        SS, there is little to no point making that article, it will only turn into a shit flinging fest, GuP and it’s fanbase is alrealy questionable enough that a flamewar is not needed.

        • There are ways of saying “I don’t like this.” without insulting people.

          How would you like it if I called something you like “bullshit”?

          Is it really so hard to say “I don’t like this.”? Is that too much for your “macho” brain to process?

          • You talk about not insulting people that don’t like what you like when you went full aggression on a person that only said his “honest” personal opinion ?

            Nah, this is hypocrisy of the highest caliber.

            • All I did was give this person as “polite” a response as his comment was.

              If the commenter would say “I don’t like this.” I would have nothing against him.

              It is my honest opinion that Girls und Panzer is made of WIN and yet another proof that Japanese have great imagination.

            • Spine well grown, in fact, the aggression isn’t just “STFU”, but that and the affirmation that this person has nothing to say, which lead to the typical “you opinion is shit and you are shit”.

            • As I already pointed out there are ways of saying what you wanted to say without insulting people. With every response you are digging a deeper and deeper hole for yourself.

              If you’re going to call something somebody likes “bullshit” you should be ready for the consequences.

            • “As I already pointed out there are ways of saying what you wanted to say without insulting people.”

              Then take your own damn advice.

              There was a much more diplomatic way to address this person than answering with something even lower.

            • Wow I caused some rage right there. Kids be mad. When you grow up, you will learn to take some stuff more lightly.

        • Don’t bother, these people have a mentality of a child, and love to masturbate over chinese cartoons.

    • Could you be any more analblasted?

      I’m sure WG will advertise with muscled men covered in oil brawling for your enjoyment next time.

      • The idea of grown men idolizing ‘sexy’ pre teen girls is clearly disturbing only to me then.

        • A quick question: How is GuP sexualized?

          They drive tanks wearing clothes. Non-erotic clothes, at that. I don’t understand your argument

          • Are you fucking mad? It is HIGHLY sexualized unless you live under a rock. They talk about getting wet at thought of penetration you fucking retard. It is child porn masquerading as a comic and men who read this pander to the sexual dillusions of perverts.
            Hang your head in shame as a facilitator of child abuse. You disgust me.

            • So please tell me who’s abusing children by reading this? And where the fuck did they say “they’re getting wet”? You’re beyond retarded.

            • Because arch comments about the phallic symbolism of guns don’t long predate digital media or anything.

        • Since when did these girls become pre-teens? I think the average age is 16 and that’s not even an illegal age in most countries.

        • That is better. I myself dont really like Girld und Panzer, though I must say the animations and models are awesome in it. Its plot is just, well its not too weird ( I play Saints Row…) but its kinda not exciting for me.
          Now Attack on Titan is a good anime. You may like it.

      • Agree. Artefact’s website is quite horrible, and reeks of yellow journalism characteristic of sensationalised tabloids. Most self-respecting western “otaku” avoid that website like the plague.

    • Anime is paedo literature. Adult bodies, child faces- = pseudo child porn which is illegal is most countries. Japan is a highly cultured civilized country so the appearance of anime is most disturbing.

      • Well, in that case America is pedo culture, because Japanese animation is based on its roots (you know, Disney, that famous pedo). Also French people are pretty much raping little children – just look at Tintin’s boyish appearance!

        • Tintin is an object of sexual desire for you? – wow I must have missed that edition with Captain Haddock fingering Tintin. Dumbass strawman comment from Nazipaedo comic lover.

          • I would’ve linked it for you, but I suppose it’s against local rules. Find it by yourself – it has been done. And not only fingering, btw.

            • Sure. Hope you stay up at night waiting for the Police to come round when your internet surfing activites hit the ‘flagged’ sites.
              Prison is a good place for paedos; they are very popular there.

          • I also missed the issue when any of these girls fingered each other. All the sexual content here is in your own dirty mind.

  1. This is just gonna fuel the weaaboo degenerates even more, as much as I love watching anime as a form of entertainment the western fanbase is just beyond mental ill. And then we have the haters, I don’t really see difference between anime haters and savage Nazis, they are both as degenerate as the other.

    • “…the western fanbase is just beyond mental ill” – THIS. Even though I’m far in my twenties I still enjoy watching some animated movies as a entertainment, nonetheless there’s some inherently wrong with most of declared anime fans attitude that creeps me out every time they open their mouth.

        • Fair enough, can’t judge the whole community based on an individual cases, but still, I was talking about the ones I met that were overly excited about the topic. You know, the ones who read mangas under the work/ school desk, post photoshoped pictures of kawaii-themselves on facebook, wear shirts with japanese symbolic, talk about pokemon game like it was a greatest achievment of mankind… I could go all day long.

          Don’t get me wrong. I like anime, especially some older ones, but those poeple… those people make me feel uncomfortable. Not-sure-if-I-want-to-handshake-that-guy uncomfortable.

          • That is not exactly typical behavior. There are also plenty of people watching american cartoons without acting wierd like that.

          • That’s approximately like basing your judgement of sci-fi fans on the loony fringe of Trekkies you know.

        • You always tend to surprise me but generally looniness, sence of elitism, inability to critically discuss and ease of getting into annoyance or mockery mood. Also I admire your ability to create circles of mutual admiration.

      • omg anime is not only for kids did you ever watch elfen lied or stuff like this they are not made for kids most animes have arent made for kids


            • Those cartoons are made for comedy.
              GuP is ‘entertainment’ and for the wanking of grown men over sexualized images girls, there is a difference your straw man argument cannot escape.

            • I daresay you have no idea what’s actually “sexualised images girls” in this context.

    • Not like they already aren’t. The thing is you wouldn’t notice anyway, unless you intentionally visit those threads, right?

  2. Considering most of anime lover i encounter is fairly successful worker on their career and majority of GuP lover on ASIA server is the kindest, best player with good self-control, the butthurt on this comment section is really delicious.

    Still SS, using SanCom as source is really low. It just junk tabloid that while quite entertaining, has little to no substance.

    • People are concerned about how this will bring weeaboo in full force, not how the persons capable of certain restrain and open mind will react to this.

      • Considering most of GuP fans outside Japan will try WoT after watching GuP… you are a slowking. The bad will weeded out, the good and decent will band together and making clans. And in times, they will committed to WoT.

        And Japanese Otaku? Who know? But as long as they can play i ain’t protesting. And considering how fanatical they are on their hobbies they might able to play better than most of SEA player.

        • It’s not a question of population increase either, but moreso a question of “superiority” over the other communities in WoT because of that.

          • And i don’t talk about population increase either. I talk about how good will they play, because that what most important.

            On this superiority matter…
            As an officer of a GuP clan on SEA/ASIA, we don’t have that feeling of superiority to other communities on WoT. Generally we get along fine with another player, often exchange joke and witty comment on forum.

            And honestly, your ‘normal, not anime watcher’ player can be as worse on their superiority complex, especially some blues/unicums toward greens or yellow. SS has document it nicely, and these weaboo, if they rally play WoT, will not make thing any worse.

            …besides, its targeted for Japanese audience. Which will mostly play on ASIA/SEA server.

            • “As an officer of a GuP clan on SEA/ASIA[...]”

              And this is where your points fall off, these concerns are about NA and EU communities, not ASIA.

            • Okay, I am a Deputy Commander of [GUP] (EU) and I see it pretty much the same. We collaborate a bit with [NOFUN] and mostly we’re pretty easygoing, even if somewhat inactive a bit (only about 30 active people at best… mostly because of Commander AWOL…). Meaning that unless you spew insults at us we’re cool with talking, training, etc.

  3. Poor japanese players are going to have a nasty surprise when they finally realize that the Pz.IV is not that good… Or any german tank, for that mater. :D

    • Let see, panzer III/IV is troll machine. VK 3601 H is 2nd place of best tier 6. Tiger I (H) is MANLY tanks.

      And Pz IV with derp is worthy opponent for every Shermans.

      German line overall is not for the weak.

      • I never really figured out the Pz.III/IV. I played it when I was a total noob and did very badly with it. No I decided to give it another go when I’m not a complete noob anymore and it still wasn’t that good. It was like it was trying to be a Sherman and failed miserably.

      • Now now, german tanks are not the worst machines around, but when compared with alternatives they are just not that good.

  4. I will never understand this, I openly admit it…

    Why do grown (?) men (?) have such a rabid fascination of 13 or 14 year old girls in school uniforms, running around with their tits and arse hanging out?

    Secondary, these 13 and 14 year old girls seem to be rather well developed for their ages. (better for perving…)

    Occasionally, they are not in their school uniforms…

    Next stop paedo-town…


    …and don’t come back with the “it’s a two sided poster and two different films”… because its not.. its just the flip side of the same paedo-coin… so you can hide the picture of naked teens washing each other by turning the poster over to show “cute” kids when your normal mates come round.. if you have any…

    …and there’s shit loads more of this stuff…

    Anyone over the age of 18 who seriously likes this, needs help, or two house bricks.

    • They’re not 13. The girls are all 16~18 years of age, with other major female characters being well into their 30s.

      You and the rest of the “OMG pedophilia!” brigade need to bugger off.

    • Bring us child abuse statistics for Japan and USA/Europe for comparison. Also bring us child abuse statistics for anime fans/non-fans.

      Otherwise your opinion is just an ignorant rant by an idiot who thinks too much of himself. And I should say that I don’t even like anime before you start spewing more insults around.

      • There will not be any statistics on “child abuse statistics for anime fans/non-fans.” so your point is irrelevant.

        “all 16~18 years of age”.. No.. just no.. they are representations of young teens, if you think otherwise then Father Christmas is also real…

        • Maybe such statistics do not exist because the issue you are talking about is non-existent?

          Some people really need to calm the hell down. Just because a piece of media has underage characters in it doesn’t mean it’s automatically “pedophilia” just as the German tanks don’t make WoT “nazi” and Stalin inscriptions don’t make WoT “communist”.

          IMHO if you see an underage anime character and immediately think about pedophilia maybe you should start pointing that finger at yourself rather than at anime fans.

          • Hang on…

            Who said I was talking about “cause and effect”…???

            No… That is suggesting that GuP turns you into a paedo after watching it…

            I am stating that watching it means you already are that way, even if you have not acted upon it physically.

            High school seniors? Then how come another one of your fanboys says the main characters are in their 30′s..??

            They are all, and always have been, teens.

            The way they act, run, talk is all pre-teen/early teen behaviour…

            • Don’t twist my fucking words. I said other major characters are in their thirties. Hana and Miho’s mothers are both adults and are major plot characters, along with Instructor Chouno, who’s more of a tertiary character. Then there’s Mako’s grandmother. I guess wrinkled old ladies are pedo-material to you and your brigade huh?

        • Then show me a 13 year old who’s a senior in high school then. Half the cast are high school seniors who are graduating after the tournament in the show.

          • They’re still not 13 you dimwit. And has it even been a possibility for you to think that people go to school at a different age in different countries?

        • No statistics? Then your opinion is ignorant and isn’t based on anything else but your own idiocy. I could just as well say that those who see pedophilia in unrealistic looking cartoon characters are pedophiles themselves who are trying to shift the blame so they themselves won’t be suspected. This argument would be no more retarded than yours.

          • Bit of a problem: crime statistics between countries are only marginally comparable at best for a number of reasons. AFAIK just about the only ones serious researches regard as valid for that are the outright homicide ones, since besides being fairly unambigious those tend to get fairly reliably reported & recorded even in Third World shitholes where everybody in their right minds normally avoids any interaction with the cops.

            Just thought I’d point that out.

    • I must add that it’s because of overly politically correct people like you who seek racism/pedophilia/whatever in everything, we have shitty sensors like FCC and the likes of those who decide for everyone else what they should and shouldn’t watch.

    • >Trolling Along

      If yo tryin to troll me I feel bad fer ya son.

      I got 99 jimmies and your post rustled none.

      • You like jumping on bandwagons?

        Rustling jimmies means something else in the UK…

        I’ll give you a clue.. its related to what I’m accusing these other pervs of…

    • Agree with poster above. Adult sexy bodies and child faces = pseudo child porn. WG should know better than to align itself with this drivel and pander to nonces.


      Man, don’t post that sh*t here, i had to relieve myself… Mmmm, that barrel between her legs… Oh, no! fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapclick…

      • Comic book for Nazi-Paedo-Fanboy wankers. Add bronies and gather all the internet weirdoes in one place, why not.

  5. Bah, where is my Valkyria Chronicles support. The games were great and the tanks were nice. Even if the Empire had some weird ideas… The anime was so-so though.

    I’d buy a premium Edelweiss in a heartbeat.

    • Not Historical.

      We will lucky if we got any GuP premium tanks because frankly, most of them is not that historical spec-wise. And we know how SerB like to nickpick about ‘Historical Accuracy’

      • ” – SerB has seen Girls und Panzer, according to SerB the tanks in the series are historically very correct”
        4th of June.
        And I honestly don’t see any kind of retarded discrepancy between reality and tanks in GuP, except maybe for some speed that may be unobtainable with some tanks (a drifting PzIV for instance, looks pretty hard to happen), but the tanks themselves are rather historical. More than they are in WoT anyway.

        • >for some speed that may be unobtainable with some tanks

          That what i mean, i should specify more. Like type 89 that as fast as Chafee? OR DRIFTING PORSCHE TIGER? I swear those mechanic gals cheating somehow. If SerB adding these tanks as premium, i’ll prepared to see some troll description on engine modules.

          …Frak it, he’ll add troll description to all GuP tanks.

          • To be honest at least they acknowledge how unreliable the Tiger P was. :P I love the scene where the Tiger P gets bogged down in mud and catches fire.

        • And a couple more things:
          - the special dud ammunition
          - the special super plot armor that apparently negates all laws of physic
          - Schürzen also appear to be effected by the forces of plot armor

          And there’s plenty more I could find if I had any interest in rewatching the series.

          I don’t want to watch it againt though, mainly because it has the same effect on me as post-war wwII movies in which the glorious 7 allied soldiers defeat the SS-Kekskuchen division in an heroic last stand fight.

          They make me want to facepalm my head into the wall.

          • Well, it’s said it’s carbon composites. But really, though, we all know it’s a plot armour, because the anime isn’t (and shouldn’t be) about dead girls. Just accept it like that, it’s way easier then.

          • Considering “tanks” were rather sport than fight to life and death in GuP, I find low penetration “training” shells and extra liners adequate for safety. And I’m surprised such details were covered instead vaguely omitted

            • More than adequate, of course, and nothing wrong with using special plot armor,
              however that also makes the tanks anything but historical.

              skyblazer was quoting SerB, but forgot something important, SerB is a troll.

              Like I wrote below the story is a nice to watch hollywood-like production.
              No re-watch value, just the usual boring “cute girls doing cute things” watch-and-throw-away anime.

              I accepted GuP for what it is, another highschool anime, one of a million by now.
              Nothing special aside from the tanks.

  6. In all honesty GuP is the typical “no bigger story, cause we need more fanservice” anime.
    Luckily the fanservice is mostly tanks doing stupid bs.

    It’s fun for what it is, a no brainer show about tank battles,
    with crappy story and worse character developement than Lara Croft ever had.

    It’s fun to watch for once like a Hollywood movie over-exaggerating everything by blowing up something
    every 10 seconds.
    Only that in this case you also get the typical “everyone else is dumb as bread, but the main characters are awesome” series with Matildas running at the speed of light and doing 360s.

    For people that prefer to watch stuff without “cute girls doing cute things” there are other anime.
    Afterall everyone has different preferences.

    • I prefer your forum name, mate.

      Can’t argue with character and story unfortunately. But fan-made quest of Girls und Panzer Quest on 4chan fleshed out some aspect on GuP story. Weird how its always fan that makes story better.

    • Ahahahaha…


      1) There is specifically no fanservice. There is even no tankservice, as that’s a major part of plot and is not abused “just because”. Btw, the director himself strictly checked there were no fanservice shots because he wanted to focus on story/art.

      2) I like how you say it’s fun – it is “supposed” to be fun, of course. Also no character development is kinda given (except Miho/Mako/Hana), because you have what, 260 minutes for some 20+ girls? Did you really expect all of them would get enough time to show character progress?
      Also, have you really missed that the main focus of this anime is about the relationship bonds, in the groups of the girls and among groups (and even schools) as well?

      3) Few episodes didn’t have fights at all. Most of the others were primarily about tactics (though those tactics in reality… wouldn’t work, probably. See the fun part above.) and in majority of them there were not that much shooting as you stress out. The only shooting heavy scenes I can remember are Brit battle, Soviet battle (in the town) and the final battle.

      4) Main characters clearly aren’t awesome. If you can’t see their flaws, then I can understand how you saw no character progress, though. Also some of the side characters were shown as pretty good and/or badass throughout the series as well (from the top of my head Tiger P blockade, M3 Lee in final battle, Pz 38(t) against IS tanks)

      5) I can identify with your last point. Though I kinda think that they show well enough that tanking is “not” a “cute thing”.

      • 1)
        Yeah, no fanservice at all… true they’re not flashing pantsu every two seconds like in Strike Witches, or boobs like in your average ecchi anime, but there is plenty of fanservice for both girls and tanks.
        Like the bathroom scene… that was totally no fanservice.
        Bathroom scenes are totally legit normal scenes, nothing fanservicey about them…

        What relationship bonds?
        The characters just instantly build up a friendship that most sports teams don’t have
        after years of playing together.
        Character developement is non-existant, unless you honestly think that Miho going from “Senshado destroyed my life!” to “THIS IS AMAZING!” within a few months is character developement.
        Or Hana telling her mother “I want to do senshado” without any further information about anything that ever happened between these two.

        GuP is filled to the brim with bad writing, yes it is mostly because it had to be compressed into the usual 12 episode season that exists nowadays in anime.
        Why do we have 12 episode seasons again?
        Ah yes, they make more money.

        None of those tactics would work in real life, unless you’re fighting teenage school girls.

        The training battle, the Saunders battle (especially the last shot, typical Hollywood movie scene), the episodes that were outside of the fighting vaguely tried to make some
        kind of character developement, but as you wrote yourself, it’s impossible to do that in such a short time.

        That is bad writing, nothing more nothing less.
        If you can’t compress your story without losing important parts then you don’t do it in the first place.

        (from the top of my head Tiger P blockade, M3 Lee in final battle, Pz 38(t) against IS tanks)

        Exactly what I meant, what did their opponents do in due time?
        There was not a single time I was excited watching the battles, because after the first tournament round the anime already showed what the course will be.
        Pattern A – Due to cosmic interference every opponent is introduced as ultra-badass and
        in the actual fight fucks it up completely.

        As for character flaws, which ones?
        I’m talking about real flaws, that could potentially destroy friendships, or turn around the story completely.

        Instead of making realistic characters with flaws that the average person can relate to all I can see are tropes, lots of them.

        I don’t know, maybe it’s my taste in anime, but a teenage school girl doing a volleyball smash with a flare to blind the enemy tank behind her is a “cute girl doing cute things” scene made by the manual.

        Which again, there is nothing wrong with that, but it makes GuP into your average highschool girls doing unusual things and being all cutesy about it.
        I dropped a few anime because of that already, Upotte for example.

        GuP is an average anime, nothing more, nothing less, it has it’s moments, but it is held back
        by it’s bad story.

        • 1) Actually, bathing scenes are pretty regular in pretty much every anime. Japanese, unlike Americans (or some Europeans, even!) have no issues with depicting nudity and are quite proud of their baths, be they artificial or open. So much that even this can exist: http://animebaths.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page

          Of course, in many anime this is abused for fanservice, but it doesn’t mean that bath scene = automatically fanservice. I didn’t see it as that, not in the series, not even in the special (open bath on the ship’s rear)

          2) 12-13 episodes = 1/4 of the year. That’s why. Also 26 episode anime = half a year, 52 one year.
          And it’s because more episodes = more risk (so much that you could go bankrupt from one or two series of 50+ eps if they weren’t a success). If it were for money only, everyone would be doing anime movies Hollywood/Miyazaki style.

          Also, pretty much every sportsmanship anime/movie/series is like this. They develop bonds, overcome hardships, win. It’s the definition of the genre. If you came for deep feelings and development, then I suggest you go back to some 100+ episodes well-developed drama. Or Russian authors (Czechov or Dostoyevskiy) ;)

          I think that Miho going from doubtful, scared person, to a commander that thinks that what she’s doing is right, because of her friends, is all I need to know.
          As for Hana, her will to stand against her family even in traditions (in a way very different yet so similar to Miho’s) is appraisable by itself. The fact that her mother accepts it seeing how Hana loves it – as much as her mother loves ikebana – is enough for me in this amount of time.

          3) Just a note here – for me it worked. I was able to memorize every girl of the main team and mostly all the other girls – or at least teams and their characteristics (I had issues with first years because of their numbers and with Leopon because they joined quite late). I consider that a success given the amount of the screen time they had and thus can’t really say it’s a bad writing. I know pretty much all I need – sure, some extras would be nice (and I can but hope that future works will cover those), but they are not necessary.

          4) “Pattern A – Due to cosmic interference every opponent is introduced as ultra-badass and in the actual fight fucks it up completely.”

          Without that ultra-badass parts you wouldn’t have the suspense and the underdog feeling, of course :> There’s no fun if you’re supposed to win everything and you do.
          As for the winning, it was mainly (if we disregard RNG) due to major flaws being stronger with the enemy key characters. Be it the American recon girl (because Americans would probably win if they had the same amount of tanks), Russian greed (being too sure that they were surrounded and due for loss) or German fullness with themselves (and thus not going in for the kill faster when they had the chance, instead letting themselves drag into the city fight and ultimately the 1 on 1 situation).

          As for the real flaws – you won’t obviously see any major ones in the sense you talk about, agin because of the time. Breaking the character after, say, 6 eps, doesn’t provide you with enough time to fix the story back and would make you focus on something entirely different.

          There are some minor ones, though, of course mostly for the main girls. Miho’s uncertainty with herself, Mako’s inability to force herself to be interested in something (and inability to do something with it even when she clearly relalizes it), Sayori’s inexperience with relationships which she compensates with telling stories and later on with adopting a group of first years.

          Sure, most of these are tropes, but they are executed mostly well. What isn’t a trope today anyway? Btw, stop reading TV tropes, it’s painful to see the world in tropes (free advice, yay!). Even this argument, WoT, anything around is full of tropes.

          5) This is cute girls doing cute things: http://www.animeout.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/K-ON-k-on-25480845-1280-960.jpg
          If anything, this is very closer to the typical sports anime setup – the tournament, the underdog role, the girls developing bonds. The cute stuff appears – but too briefly to consider it for that genre (cushions in the tank is pretty much everything I can think of – even the non-combat episodes aren’t too cute and focus mostly on fairly rough – for 15-17yo girls – training and tankery).

          Also I have to agree that Upotte! was executed very poorly. The lack of plot was its main hindrance – no tension, just jokes that are nice and insightful, but you get borde of them soon. And fanservice in it really hurt (also the main hero was behaving like an idiot).

          While I agree that GuP is not a diamond (like classics, say Bebop or Lain or some similar stuff “serious anime lovers” like – a bit of sarcasm intended, even at myself), it certainly isn’t an “average” series. I would place it around 75-85% of the production as it is, mainly for the right pacing and execution.

          Btw, side note about the length – the studio is pretty new and didn’t have a budget for longer than 1 season anime. It shows pretty much in the first eps, even – bad models, reused scenes. Then there were episodes 12-13 which were actually postponed because of the lack of funding. And in such situation you just can’t go and make a proper 50 episode anime when you don’t know how successful it’ll be. The success of GuP amazed even its authors, in fact. I think that considering the limitations they faced, they managed to get pretty much everything they could out of it.

          Phew, tl;dr: I like Girls und Panzer wwwwww

          • 1)
            The wiki at animebaths.wikia.com may contain objectionable content such as depictions of violence, sexual suggestion, dark humor parody, or other materials not intended for a general audience.

            “sexual suggestion” …

            What about cleaning a tank in a bikini?
            If that’s normal in Japan then I joined the wrong army.

            I could counter argue every single point you made with another one.
            The thing is low budget, short number of episodes, etc are all true, but if that lowers the quality then it’s the writer’s fault.

            It’s the writers job to convey the story in a good way, in GuP the story is a complete disaster, period.

            For example:
            Sora no Woto had only 12 episodes to convey it’s story, mind you it’s full of black holes that will most likely never be filled, but the story was incredibly interesting.
            It caught me and even after the final episode refused to release me from it’s grip.

            As for tropes:
            Indeed, tropes are everywhere, obviously.
            However in anime the writers don’t even try to hide them anymore, instead they just put them out there and put a spotlight on them in hope to attract as many people as possible that like “that kind of character”.

            The problem is when the story is shit the characters are the only thing that stands out.
            And the only thing you see in GuP are the same usual cast of characters you had in any anime ever made.

            Sora no Woto had the same characters, too.
            The intelligent, but calm/silent character in Noel, for example.
            However the story sucked me in and I was way too interested in what will happen next to even think about the characters.

            In GuP and it’s nonexistant 08/15 story the only thing that kept me watching were the tank battles, and the few funny comedy bits.

            On a final note:
            A lot of the older sports anime actually knew that the underdog won’t always win,
            I was hoping for the same in GuP.
            Instead they just went with cheap comic relief.

            Heck, the whole last fight was one big comedy at which I could only shake my head and put the second season on the “may watch” list.
            I was hoping for a huge clash with witty tactics and strategies, clever and skilled “combat” between two teams.

            Instead I got Hogan’s Heroes, only that Hogan’s Heroes is actually funny with witty jokes and remarks.

            I almost forgot:
            I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a tank, I’ve been in one for many days during the
            four years of my entlistment.
            Let me tell you, how the Girls handle their Panzer is very much cutesy.

            Well, different people different preferences, I myself rate GuP as
            It could have easily gotten a 9/10 or 10/10 if the story would’ve been better.

            (Btw I watch all sorts of anime, Hellsing, K-On, Utawarerumono, Pumpkin Scissors, Code Geass, Lucky Star, Zipang, Kiniro Mosaic, etc, maybe I’m just tired of the 1000th time the main characters are highschool boys and girls)

  7. Hey SS, that Japanese tutorial comic has been translated into English. I’ll post links in a sec.

      • Testing


  8. I feel sorry for people who can’t accept criticism from someone with different taste.
    If I say that anime sucks that doesn’t mean that I insult any person. I just say my opinion. And anime fans start to act premature as they start flaming for no good reason.

    No go cry in the corner weeaboo kids.

    • Maybe it’s because “anime” is so wide term these days that you are pretty much always wrong? It’s like saying that food sucks because you don’t like mayo~

      • Or to specify: Most of the “anime sucks” people tend to be the people who saw 1-2 titles (however sucky or great) and think they have anime covered and it’s all bad. And it’s pretty much offending to anime fans who have anime covered as a variety of genres and art styles (from Studio 4C over SHAFT and JC Staff to Key and Miyazaki) and know that these people are calling everything anime bad based on a tiny sample they saw. Or because “pedophiles” (always cracks me up, btw).

        Unless these people just dislike animation in general. Which usually isn’t the case.

          • When you label few million random people, many of them kids themselves, pedos, then yes ;)

            • The sexual pervertions of thousands doesn’t make it any more okay. we get it, you fancy children, go back to you Nazi-kiddie-porn-wankery and tell yourself you are normal.

    • If I walk into a room filled with football fans and I declare to everyone present that football sucks(or like that one poster said, “childish bullshit,) by your own words those football fans should just “accept criticism” and shut up and sit there.

      Do you live in reality?

  9. Just curious, Silentstalker, do you follow the progress on this by yourself or does someone give you an echo and you forward it to us?

    Also thanks for this info, would’ve completely missed it, probably.

  10. Nice job WoT and GuP. Already hard about that, so now we have more information.
    Don’t forget that Japanese are people who played the most (in times) WoT! I have see that here (I forget witch post though)

    >inb4 pedobear
    Katyusha is 17.

    • oh you sad fuck…kayusha isnt even real…so lets paint some nice underage girls showing off their firm underage titts and there nice underage asses in their nice short skirts….and label them 17! you know, so nobody gets the impression we are a little weird.
      also in b4: the story/art/yaddayadda is amazing, im not watching for cute girls doing cute girl stuff while wearing not too much…

    • I didn’t make it very far into the series, but I do want to see the skins made available. It shouldn’t be that hard for WG to come up with single-tank camo patterns (and not just for GuP, as there are many tanks missing their historical colors).

      (Okay, maybe the Lee should be toned down to Mountbatten Pink instead of neon pink, but the others shouldn’t be too bad on the eyes).

  11. Honestly, I’ll never despise anyone for liking stuff like this, but I pray to god that these Panzergirls never get any official support here on EU server.

    • Why? It’s funny. And maybe some others Entertainment related to tanks can have the same fate.
      As long as they gave us choice is fine I think.
      And don’t worry… You won’t see female crew or strange tank in red/golden etc.

      I think it’s great to show tanks in other way than the usual war with some American OP ;)

    • I kinda hope school and team logos will be available here in EU. Official voice and music packs in form of mods would be pretty cool as well.

    • Sadly they are…………..weird Japanese crypto-Fascist-Nazi-Paedo-wankery should stay in Japan and not be encouraged.
      Knowing some thoroughly decent Japanese people I get distressed that everyone should see everyone in Japan enjoying this weirdo crap. Not everyone there enjoys pseudo child porn.
      Message to WG ‘Stop, just stop now before it is too late’

      • *a comment I decided not to post after all, since it’s useless to argue with pre-biased people like you that use no reasons at all*

        • I fully admit to being both biased and bigotted against Nazi’s, and paedophiles. The fact that you are hurt by my comments says you fulfill both categories.
          You should be ashamed of yourself for promoting imagery which supports child abuse by making it more acceptable to sexually fantasize about schoolgirls.

          • 1) I am not a Nazi, living most of my life in neighbouring areas to Germany I still pretty much despise german, and honestly, anyone who uses Nazi promoting (jews to gas etc.) in-game should be banned, IMO.

            2) I am not a pedophile, considering I have a reasonably old GF (I am about 25, she’s over 20 and I date her since she was 18 – anything more you don’t have to know). And no, she doesn’t look 13 (or whatever you think pedophilia is) and she never did… while I dated her.

            3) Just a curious question – why do you offend random strangers that you know nothing about? I am pretty sure that my watching anime never hurt anyone and frankly, I know even a few homosexual people in it, but I don’t know anyone in local anime community (pretty much almost the whole active Czech anime community, tbh) that admits to be pedophile (or behave like that publicly). Most of them these days are high school teenagers anyway. Who or what are your rants aimed at anyway? Are you just trolling? Do you hate animation in general? Do you hate people that have fun in general? “Cool modern” things? What is it, I am really curious!

  12. Who doesn’t understand or like anime and manga is welcome to their opinion as long as it is well informed and/or polite.

    Having something attached to anime/manga does not make it instant WIN or instant CRAP. There’s no point in having a million comment thread where people throw shit at each other for no good reason.

  13. I am quite amused at the amount of elitism and general dislike for anime here on ftr. It’s a given I guess, considering I’ve yet to see anyone, well, past a few, who are open in anything.

    • I like Manga and Japanese animation in general, my issue is with the open support and promoting of the sexualisation of young girls with fully developed bodies and childish faces. I’m sorry you don’t get that.
      Back to your sexual fantasies about children for you.

      • I don’t get why you continue with the “adult body, child faces” thing. Why would a pedo be interested in an adult body? It’s completely contradictory to the ailment and makes you look like a dumbass in your crusade. Pedophilia is a serious issue, and people like you minimize it with your warpath on subjects and media that aren’t relevant.

      • “I like Manga and Japanese animation in general”

        Okay, off to a good start.

        “my issue is with the open support and promoting of the sexualisation of young girls with fully developed bodies and childish faces.”


        You don’t get it then. Hokay, where to start. The history of Japanese animaiton can be traced to old American cartoons. Unlike Television, Radio, or books, the animated art-style didn’t have much in the way of allowing expression. It’s said that they utilized the large, comically drawn faces as one method of showing how a character feels at the moment.

        On the case of Girls und Panzer, it is actually one of the most utilized art-styles, but not THE dominant one. You got everything from the ‘super-deformed’/chibi and cutesy art-style, which is found in thigns like Doraemon, Hello Kitty, and the like. These are cartoons that are shown in the daytime and are typically aimed AT little kids. Then you got the the hyper-realistic art-style seen in shows much like Zipang, Jourmangund, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, etc, shows that are, for all intents and purposes, shown after or during the Japanese watershed/primetime. Typically at 2200 hrs – 0300 hrs. GUP is/was shown at around this time.

        You also got varying degrees of the two, depending on the animator or animation studio. One cannot deny that, the classic work, Grave of the Fireflies, is ruined just because they had the big head/eyes artstyle. It’s still a gut-wrenching story of two orphans after the American firebombing campaigns. Then you got killer-trips like Paprika, which seems like you’ve just swallowed a ton of LSD and you can’t make sense of it all.

        “I’m sorry you don’t get that.”

        Well I’m quite sorry you’re a very ignorant person. How terrible would be what SerB MIGHT use for you. Japanese Animation is not American/Western Animation. In Japan, it is treated as it’s own medium. News programs abound with utilizing animated features, and the age-range of anime goes from child/toddler shows (think Dora the Explorer-type shows) to shows that appeal to more mature audiences (those typically shown/marketed overseas, containing material less suitable for younger viewers, like violence).

        What you might be thinking of, like most ignorant Westerner, would be hentai, which is drawn porn. A medium found not just in Japan, but dating back to hell, whenever man created a brush and paints. The cutesy art-style by some shows, coupled with the mass-editing of early anime to fit the more rigid censorship committees of western nations, had led you to believe that an anime character that looks young, is young, regardless of background.

        I don’t blame you, considering that Anime has had a rough start during the late 1980s to mid-1990s when ignorant journalists and politicians who have YOUR same viewpoint pass legislation or just outright spread lies about the medium.

        “Back to your sexual fantasies about children for you.”

        While your entire response is an ad hominem attack, I could’ve avoided responding to this one. But no. And it seems alright to respond to one ad hom with another. How small of a brain and how insecure must you be, to constantly, religiously, stick your head in the sand and continue to mutter some things like that. You’re much like the gun control freaks here in America. “it’s for the children’s own good!” they would shrill on and on and on without any refusal to even understand the thing they are attacking.

        You go as far as demonizing people who you do not know, lumping them with a very slim minority, whom we also hate because the damn thing is just wrong. It shows you are ignorant. much like the wehraboos or the Russia #1 blokes who put down anyone who says anything uncouth about their tanks.

        I highly doubt you like anime and manga, because I can’t very well see someone with such strong convictions on pedophilia and ignorance of the medium to continue reading or watching shows that constantly break your own (skewed) moral compass. It’s merely a statement tossed out there to give some form of credibility to your short, ad hom statements, and prove nothing really.

        Now I do apologize for this lengthy response. I’m sure you could’ve stand to read it. My sources were derived of what I remember researching up for a similar, although less testy, paper/presentation I had to do for my History of Animation class back in college. I believe the authors/work I remember using are as follows:

        -Anime explosion! : the what? why? & wow! of Japanese animation; Patrick Drazen, Stone Bridge Press (ISBN: 1880656728)
        -Japanamerica : how Japanese pop culture has invaded the U.S.; Roland Kelts, Palgrave Macmillan (ISBN: 1403974756)
        -Anime essentials : every thing a fan needs to know; Gilles Poitras, Stone Bridge Press (ISBN: 1880656531)
        -The Anime Companion; Gilles Poitras, Stone Bridge Press (ISBN: 1880656329)

        I don’t have those books with me, though I do remember the gist of my 3 page presentation, delivered to a group of people with more open and diverse minds, and willing to give something a shot first before pointing at it and going “OH GOD IT’S THE DEVIL!!! EXORCISE IT!!”

        • You’re against the sexualization of children but fraternize with a group of people who had their offtopic thread locked in SEA WoT for posting of drawn underage porn? The thread was filled with the stuff before the mods found out and cleaned house. Now you just have one guy posting links to an Enjin site for his porn pics. I’ve reported that site too and I hope they shut it down.

          Talk about a hypocrite.

          • Underage pornography. That, or they were characters who aren’t underage but due to the PG-13 nature of the forum, was still pushing the boundaries of what was SFW.

            That said, the lumping together still illustrates your own bias and ignorance of the whole thing.

            • It’s just funny how you say you’re against it when it took 1000 pages and someone else to report the offenders to get the stuff withdrawn.

              Is that not acceptance? Letting someone post illegal content and turning a blind eye?

              I imagine someone like you against such things would duly report it to the mods. It’s only unacceptable if your friends aren’t the ones posting it?

            • Because I found nothing wrong with em? Many of the pictures were gotten due to their NSFW rating (scantily clad/nearly naked) but nothing from my memory were they pedophilic. It’s your own ignorance, or quite possibly your nannyism that equates anything drawn as pedophilia.

              Please, continue to attack random people on the internet, group em all in the same vein as child molesters and what have you. Continue to bleat ‘pedophile’ without understanding what that word means.

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