Active EU Missions – 7.9.2013

The Weekly and Summer missions ended, but new weekend ones have started

The Way to Glory – win 15 victories, get 250k credits once per day
Learning by Doing – be one of the top 3 XP earners in your team (no matther whether you win or lose), get 20 percent more crew XP
Know your Trade – earn 50k XP per day, get 1 day of premium account (once per day)

A Job Well Done – win 75 battles during the whole special (until Tuesday 7AM) and get 1 day premium account + 10 gold fire extinguishers, doable once per account

Lucky 7’s – win 7 battles, survive 7 battles and destroy 7 tanks, earn 70k credits, doable once per day

8 thoughts on “Active EU Missions – 7.9.2013

    • Most certainly – yes.

      When there was previous mid-week special, those 50k for 10 wins with light tanks counted towards 15 wins. I did 15 wins in 3 days, AND 10 wins with light tanks (in those 15 wins). So, 10 wins with Light Tanks + 5 with others, and I received 250k + 50k for mission with Light Tanks :) I did it 3 times (in 3 days during special).

  1. When listing missions, you should split them into categories with according events: monthly/weekly/sth./other – so it’s obvious for how long they are active.