Sofia Military Museum pictures

Hello everyone,

not so long ago, I wrote about Bulgarian tanks in WW2:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

And now, thanks to Trassal(RU), we can have a look what is in that museum. He took a trip there and decided to share some of the pictures with us. Let’s have a look at them :)

2S3 Akacija

2С3 Акация

SA-4 Ganef anti-aircraft system

AA-guidance system

AA-system (with guidance vehicle on the back)

Hotchkiss H35

Hotchkiss H35

Jagdpanzer IV

Jagdpanzer IV

Jagdpanzer IV - 2

StuG III (notice the Saukopfblende mantlet on 1st piece and basic rectangular shield on other)


StuG III-2

LT-35 variant


Panzer IV Ausf.G

Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf J


SU-100 1

SU-100 2

SU-100 3

SU-100 4





T-55AM (1983)

T-55 AM (m.1983)



43 thoughts on “Sofia Military Museum pictures

  1. Nice. If we keep in mind the bulgarian authorities don’t spend too much money on WW2 history.

  2. Good to see some of theese vehicles are renovated, last time i saw them they were rusted pieces of useless metal.

    • Almost all of vehicles were renovated not long ago, as far as I can see.
      Right now they’re also renovating some BTR’s – but there’s a bunch of old trucks just rusting to dust on the backyard.

  3. Just one thing SS, can you use GRAU designation for russian/soviet machinery

    SA-4 Ganef -> 2K11 Krug

  4. That Jagdpanzer IV we see has fought in Hungary in the end of WW2. The veteran driver of that tank is still alive… He talked about how his commander was shot while getting out of the tank on victory day May 9th.

      • Given the suspension i’m quite sure it’s an Hotchkiss, maybe some lost unit within the shipment of R35′s. ;)

        • If I remember correct it’s a H35. There is a sign in front of it, you can ask the guy that sent you the pictures.

          • If there’s a sign indicating “H35″ then the sign is wrong, it is indeed a H39, recognizable, as Tank_Driver_EU said, by the raised engine deck.

            The presence or not of the 37mm SA38 is not a proof of H39 or H35 as some H35 received it while some H39 had the shorter and older 37mm SA18 (which is the case for the vehicle of the pic (though the gun is missing)).

  5. I got in the Jagdpanzer IV through the engine deck’s rear. Most of the tanks are in very poor condition.
    The Su-76 lacks a floor, StuGs torsion bars are broken and the interior of the German tanks is missing.

    I am looking forward, however, visiting the Museum of Battle glory in Yambol.

  6. Awesome, thats in my country!
    Didn’t knew that their collection would be good enough to be posted here..
    Will definitely bring you more photos.