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      • Oh my,,, I have not laughed as much since August 20, 1968.
        These videos bring back good memories.

      • real people die, or are gravely injured, and you find that funny? It is not funny, but sad, tragic, and sickening in the light of recent events. Well I know you will delete this comment, but hopefully you will think with a little more compassion before posting such in the future.

        • And you call Syrian rebels as “freedom fighters”? Like in Libya? Why in Libya and Syria those pricks are called “freedom fighters” and in Iraq/Afghanistan they’re labeled as “terrorists”? Those are nothing more than retards seeking for political power and religious control of local people, not freedom fighters. And don’t tell me Assad is a cruel dictator. He may not be a saint, but you must be a total idiot if you believe this western propaganda trying to tell us that he used sarin against his own people.

          • One man’s freedom fighter is, notoriously, another’s terrorist. Which terminology one favors is chiefly indicative of the speaker’s sympathies.

            By the by, I believe the usual term used to refer to the Iraqi and Afghani fighters is actually “insurgent”. And the last I checked the Libyans indeed had done away with their dictator and were busily trying to get somehting akin to a democracy up and running – the jury’s still out how well that’s going to go.

            “but you must be a total idiot if you believe this western propaganda trying to tell us that he used sarin against his own people.”
            Why? What part of the man looks like he has such an excess of scruples as to balk from such a move?

            • There is no democracy in Libya whatsoever. In times of Colonel’s reign, Libya was one of the wealthiest and progressive societies both in Islam and African world. Now when islami fundamentalists took over the reign, things go to hell. No more free health care, no more 0%-interest state guaranteed mortgages for young families, no more women wearing t-shirts and jeans, no more voting rights for women. Nothing more than Sharia hardcore rules, no signs of democracy, unlike in Tunis (where this shitty African spring turned out to be directed in the right way).

            • Because the economy didn’t go to fuck or anything, which might of be relevant. Plus most of that goes for say Iraq too – I’m sure Western pressure for neolib economics is in no way involved.

              Also the current interim governement *was* elected into office; feel free to explain by what token this amounts to “no democracy in Libya whatsoever”. Are they perhaps voting “wrong” to your tastes?

          • I didnt call anyone either “freedom fighter” or “terrorist”, neither you nor I are qualified to judge. But we can say they are human, at least one person dies in the 1st video, others injured. If you laugh at such tregedy, then what makes you different from a terrorist who denies compassion and human worth to his victims?

        • Syrian rebels are supported by the Taliban, a group of terrorists that fight mucicans wherever they want because they want to keep their oldfashioned stupid believes. Those Rebels probably are the same and the want to create another religious government. You know for some reason the arab ppl to get that their religion is not suited for a government at least if you want freedom, freedom of press, education for women and all such great things that make the western countries a much much nicer place to live

          • The Taleban =/= al-Qaeda, for starters. Nor are the Taleban Arabs for that matter – the Afghanis are Iranians.
            Basically, stop spouting shit over topics you do not understand.

      • As a Syrian, and a person who fled his country less than one year ago thanks to the war, I’m saddened to know that even SS doesn’t know who the good guys are here.
        If you come from communist countries you’ll always believe the anti-rebel propaganda.
        The rebels may not be angels or saints, but at least they fought to protect us.
        I wad there and I heard the non-stop bombarding of innocent villages because they dared demonstrate against the “God” Assad, theei forces and snipers would shoot at peaceful demonstrations to kill, and I have lost many friends this way.
        And to make it even worse, terrorist do arrive, they attack the rebel headquarters with car bombs, they tear down the revolution flags, and after all that they make the world think that the FSA are Al-Qaeda, even though the FSA is regularly attacked by Al-Qaeda.
        And when we ask for help, everyone ignores us.
        You must think you’re so smart, seeing through the rebel ruse to kill thousands of innocents for intervention.
        You’re not, it was the same person that killed 100,000 innocents to this day with Newtonian physics, he just had a romp with chemics.
        I’m truly truly saddened SS.
        May the world sympathize with you more as you are being slaughtered than they did with us.

        • How touching … I was almost sheading a tear.. NOT!
          Anyone who’s vocabulary consists 99% of words: Allah Akbar, is a freaking religious fanatic. Where are you FSA “moderate” “freedom fighters” ? All I see it FSA along with other like-minded brain-washed imbecile groups killing off Christians, Alawites, and anyone that does not falls under their definition of “right” or “holy” (including their own when they see fit).

          • Please explain how saying “God is Greatest” Makes you a religious fanatic? Muslims all over the world say it in their prayers…and the FSA use it as a way of thanking god. If you destroy a tank, you’re thanking god that it will no longer kill civilians. If you shoot down a plane, it will no longer bomb the civilians. Before making false claims, get your facts straight, you faggot, because you’re an ignorant Islamophobe.
            There is absolutely NO proof showing FSA rebels killing anyone. None. All of it is Russian propaganda.

      • I was of the impression that silentstalker was a pretty smart chap with an interest in historical accuracy. Clearly overestimated him.

        I too have friends in Syria who are pro Assad as they are Christians. I’ve also no doubt there are a lot of nasty fundamentalist idiots amongst the rebels. But there are also many secularists who just don’t want to live under repression of a dictator anymore and are fighting for their freedom. To use these people dying as entertainment is the kind of disgusting behaviour i’d expect from the fundamentalists you’re hating on.

    • Yep the Syrian Army proving just as inept, had to call in help from Hezbollah millitants because they were just as useless at combat leading to the conflict spreading into Lebanon, nevermind the shelling of Turkish towns and villages.

      • You do realize the guys in the videos are from the other side of the fence no? The Syrian rebels. Not the Syrian army.

  1. I don’t know whether I should have laughed, or, if it’s right to laugh, but DAMN, I laughed

    • Same here.
      Though it’s tragic and admirable to see the rebels fighting with improvised weapons and people who have no idea about military training handling live ammo (poorly). Hats down to the people who are defending their rights.
      Still I laughed my ass off.

  2. Syria, the Damned if you do damned if you don’t conflict.

    Who do you back? The Dictator who kills his own people or the Al qaeda backed rebels?

    • It’s Syria’s conflict. A conflict that would be long over if America didn’t supply the al qaeda terrorists… oh sorry, “rebels” with weapons.

      • Yeah, I”ve allways wondered where in the world can some random ass guy get a weapon just like that…

        • “Black market”, “governement stocks” and “any foreign power that doesn’t like the regime” promptly spring to mind. And I’m willing to bet the latter are a decent number – France’s pretty much cerified, for one.

          • They just leave the warehouse via the back door and disappear from the inventory lists. They are shipped on dilapidated freighters anywhere in the world and and save tax payers money since the government no longer has to pay taxes on something it no longer owns………

      • Again, way on checking on your facts.
        I expected more from you, but commie propaganda and Murican culture gets to you just as easily.
        We want protection from Al-Qaeda, we need help to get rid of them, but they are NOT the rebels, no one like the Black Flags, they are no better than Assad’s men.

        We believed in freedom, democracy, justice, humanity.
        We believed that the world will help us.

        We were wrong, and now we are under the mercy of organized terrorists, and not so organized terrorists.

        Keep laughing at our misery, keep doing nothing.

    • How about noone? But if I was forced, i’d say Asad. I mean if rebels start shooting at you, you shoot back.

          • Well, I’m not the one with retarded ideas about how these tinpot dictatorships work. That must count for something. :/

            • Neither am I. Its logical really. If terrorists attack your government and your country, its only natural to call the army to kill them. Shooting civilians isnt good tough.

            • …so by what kind of cockeyed logic exactly do public demonstrations and El Presidente sending the Army to quell them by force amount to “terrorists attacking your governement and your country”?
              That’s some pretty hardcore apologism right there sonny.

          • One does not just send the tanks in if there isnt any serious threat to the population.
            Weither or not this is the right decision to make i dont know
            Public demonstrations can be violent, mind you.

            • So remind me again, what was the “serious threat to the population” that prompted the Chinese to roll out the tanks in ’89? And for that matter, why are you assuming rulers like Assad have more than incidental concern for the safety of their subjects in the first place, as opposed to their own power?

            • You should have seen the mob uprisings in California in the 1840′s and 50′s when voting was by physical force… good times… good times… loudest person was the one winning the argument…

            • My point being that the chinneese demonstrated cause the regime was bad.
              The Syrians demonstrated cause they were told to do so. Asad is a dictator yea, but he is not that bad. Only thing he did wrong was that he is not an american lapdog.

              Like Khadaffi. You’d be surprised to know that Lybia was a prosperous country independant of any other world organisation there is. Untill…

            • “The Syrians demonstrated cause they were told to do so.”
              You got something to back this particular piece of Illuminati bullshit up?

            • This bullshit only happened because America. Dont tell me that it didnt. They supply the rebels, they want to hit the anti-american syrian government, just cause it dosent want to be friends.

              And here, a quote from Wikipedia:
              ” The conflict began on 15 March 2011, with popular demonstrations that grew nationwide by April 2011. These demonstrations were part of the wider Middle Eastern protest movement known as the Arab Spring.”

              They started protesting cause they saw everyone else protesting and tought it would be cool, then someone used this for their own goals.

            • Your blindness to the parallels with the collapse of Communism and for that matter the 1848 “Year of Revolutions” is both deplorable and only too likely symptomatic. And if you think the Syrians and other “Arab Spring” protesters didn’t have a lenghty list of perfectly good reasons to be fed up with the Cold War relics lording it over them you’re a champion at the Three Little Monkeys.
              You know.
              See no evil, hear no evil…

              BTW the last I checked the most enthusiastic meddler in the Spring was France.

            • So, lets protest against perfectly good governments just to replace them with religious fanatics that will screw us over. Great logic there, syrian protesters.

            • The Assad regime was about as “perfectly good” as the assorted Soviet Block Communist ones in ’89 (or the late Saddam’s), you know. And since when were either the original demonstrators or original rebels interested in having a bunch of “religious fanatics” instead? The last I checked those, as usual, turned up and started throwing their weight around after the shooting had already started…

            • Have you actually been in a country from the soviet bloc when it was under soviet regime? Pretty much thats why bulgaria and romania are like decades behind a normal european country. Compared to that, I think syrians got it good, untill now at least.

    • I propose the UN build a series of giant boxing ring posts around Syria, and proclaim: “SYRIA IS THE RING.”

      and then let every country on earth fight over it, the winner owns Syria.

        • The conflict would be long time over if the “rebels” wouldn’t be supplied by mercenaries and weapons from Al’qaeda and Americans.

          • Query: how many armed uprisings you know of that even survived, nevermind now succeeded, without massive defections of the military and/or serious support from abroad?

          • It goes both ways, Russia supplying Assad with modern weapons and Hezbollah joining in on his side comes to mind.

            Honestly, it’s a giant mess.

            • Civil wars tend to be, especially if they drag out. The one *we* had back in 1917-18 lasted mere months and still saw the Bolsheviks supplying the Red side with arms, the Germans supplying the Whites with both arms and troops (namely the Finnish volunteers who’d until then fought for them against Russia) and eventually intervening directly, and sundry foreign volunteers (mainly Swedes on the White side).

  3. ah. very interesting. some lazy western Pcboys laughing about people, who are fighting a civil war without proper military education just by trying. i will see one of you boys behind a sweet Mg. i would laugh the hell out of me seeing you shooting your self. omg, what a show!! like cinema!

    • Actually, I am laughing at hardcore muslim terrorists blowing themselves up. Always a funny sight, although Walid the teamkiller is funny too :)

      For the record: I have a friend who was born in Syria. She doesn’t live there, but supports Asad. Whatever Asad does or doesn’t do (is there ANYONE who believes that “Asad ordered the chemical attack” nonsense?) it’s still better than these clowns. Just look at Libya.

      • Maybe true but the regime went full arms against “civilized” protests back in 2011. Somewhat their own fault. Both sides aren’t great.

        • Asad is not a saint. He’s a dictator. But he’s also not insane. Also, we all know how western media portray “civilized” protests (did you hear about muslim brotherhood targetting christians in Egypt the last few days? I did, but not in western news, I read Russian news on occasion). But STILL better Asad than fanatic al-qaeda muslims.

          • Problem with western media is that they HAVE to portray “the good guys” and “the bad guys” in the news, they are addicted to stereotypes…

            • …because a bunch of foreign volunteers totally represents the grand total of the domestic insurgents and hodgepodge revolutions are totally monolithic wholes, right?

            • @ Kellomies. When you are looking to out side help and support yes they do represent the “grand total of the domestic insurgents and hodgepodge revolutions”

            • That’s like saying employing mercs like Siegfried “Kongo” Müller, pretty much an unreformed Nazi from what I’ve heard, meant the Tshombe governement were a bunch of jackbooted Swastika-wavers.
              Ie. complete bollocks right in the face of it.

              Do I even need to point out Evil By Association is a logical fallacy?

          • Yea keep bullshitting yourself with putin-fueled propaganda. Did you know that Assads main allies are the Hamas, and so, by proxy, Iran?

            Calling the Syrian rebels “Al Quaeda” just shows how clueless you really are. Maybe look beyond russian PR next time when discussing real world events.

            • You got one fact wrong, Hamas are not taking sides. It’s Hezbollah that are siding with the murderous Assad.

          • “Fanatic Al Qaeda Muslim terrorists”….and they somehow like helping civilians. SS, I thought you were a decent person…and not dumb enough to believe Russian OR Western media…yet you’re fed by both.


            Not to mention Assad was the one bombing the civilians with the planes.


            And there is proof of Assad’s forces torturing CIVILIANS…what do you have to say to defend your beloved Assad SS? Seriously, STOP listening to Russian propaganda.

      • >hardcore muslim terrorists
        That’s a bunch of assumptions son; got something to back them up with, or is this just your well-known prejudices talking?

        >Just look at Libya
        Seems to be doing decently enough, all things considered. Your point?

        • Libya doing decently? Like striping women of all their rights and sending the libyan society back to middle-age? Well done then!

          • *shrug* That seems to be the popular will, yes. IIRC around the first thing the new Iraqi decision-makers did after Saddamn was gone was to repeal most of his gender-equality legislation. Newsflash: democracy has the funny habit of reflecting the wishes of the voting constituency and not giving a flying fuck about what YOU think about it.

            My theory is this is your standard “evil by association” backlash at work; about *anything* associated with the hated ancien regime carries an unpleasant taint in the popular mind and duly tends to head to the trash bin. Had the collapsed “Arab Soialist” regimes not been fairly progressive in these matters I doubt we’d be seeing this level of reactionarism.

            • Once a country has Democracy you can whine and complain but you really have no right to judge what a country does with their new institution. Democratic votes is Democratic vote. Not much you can do about it really.

      • You are so damn right. If only Assad would try to avoid civillian casulties where its possible but then again those bastard rebells are hiding within the normal people so there is no effective way to tell who is who (when they are not armed)

        Assad is portrait as the evil villain in western media but just look at what kind of people he is surpressing: Muslim terrorists or or stupid arabs who think their religion is a proper base for a modern government

        But it worries me that its looks like that Assad lost the control over his own millitary as it seems that they ordered the use of chemical weapons without his commision. At least that is what we hear back here in Germany. Stupid western media always on american side why not make media independant of stupid MURICA and show the stuff thats going on without the permission of NSA -.-

        • Now that’s some fine blinkered apologism you’re showing there sonny. SURELY the dictator who has as long laundry list of using violence, torture and terror to suppress domestic opposition as any and who ordered his military to fire on civilian demonstrators is such an officer and gentleman as to do his level best to urge his troops to exercise restraint when fighting the insurrection…
          By the way “kill them all and let God sort them out” isn’t regarded as a legit way to deal with guerillas gone to ground among the civilian populace these days.

          • No use talking to the Putin crowd here, they’re all brainwashed into thinking Assad is some kind of benevolent king who’s people just don’t understand that all he wants to do is play with kittens and plant trees.

      • Your friend benefits from the regime.
        Your friend is not the entierty of us.
        To his last days Hitler had many supporters.
        Trust me, I’ve seen how people were mad at him, I’ve seen the demonstrations, and I’ve lost friends to snipers thinking that killing civilians is the right way to protect the dignity of Assad.
        Mortar shells, field artillery, tanks, jets, even Scud missiles.

        Does that sound less terror-inducing to you? Or are you stuck in your shell refusing to get out to listen to a different opinion?

  4. You shouldn’t name them “rebels”, call them rebel show wich side you support.
    Its Assad’s army vs Free Syrian Army.

      • I don’t support either side, but with the evidence of RT being released whereas the US states they have evidence but have shown 0% to the public, I’m more leaning to Assad too. They just need to end the civil war and remove Assad without choosing the side of the FSA and letting them take control.

          • unlike lybia, west is leaving syria alone…and it’s unlikely it will get involved after 2 years. the propsed US bombing raid is purely political issue and wouldn’t have any real impact on the situation…so you can be happy as there are more of these vids to follow

          • As a Romanian, I can tell you that life is way much better WITHOUT a dictator. Way better.

            Of course Romania is not Syria so the conditions are totally different there.

            But from what I see looking back at my country, I predict that more than 20 years will pass until the Arab Spring countries will become true democracies, if any.

          • maybe the Russians should, too…just saying…

            there are always TWO sides in a conflict…or did the russians send their only carrier to syria at the beginning of the conflict by accident? and to say”evil media is brainwashing the people” seems a bit too easy for me…who can say what is right and what is not? only the people that saw it with their own eyes. another interesting point is “why should Assad use violence against parts of his nation if they did not attack him first?” yeah, right…seems to be a legit point…if you think about it, no single dictator killed men for no reason,right?-oh wait, nearly all of them from Napoleon to Mao did it…

            so just keep calm and wait for the truth to come out…and be nice to each other , rage is reserved for in-game ;)

      • So you chose to blindly follow the Russians news you read?

        Also what RT proof? The people who could be very much agents of the regime making an act, somewhere unknown, firing unknown ordnance (that we didn’t see getting fired even), at unknown locations.
        And you call that proof?
        Whereas the phone calls CIA intercepted, the Iranian admissions, the Satellite images that show when the chemical weapons were launched.
        All that is not proof?
        Heck the fact that the only one that has a chemical arsenal in the region is Assad is not proof?
        Or must be blind because it’s not your friends that were murdered while they were in their universities for the glory of Assad?
        Or untill you lost half your family in an air raid by an Albatross?

        Really SS? must your really shatter my image of a well-discerning unbiased historian like this? I know you don’t write all the articles, but the simple fact that you host them made me think that you are interested with learning everything about a conflict from every side.
        Or is it just “window to the victor’s thoughts” when present conflicts are involved?

        Why else would the prime minister, former defense minister, head of the chemical program and countless other high ranking officials defect against Assad? Is it because they are all “Sunni Terrorists” too?

        You are prejudiced, I expected better from you than believing the blind propaganda and lies spread by those who are making a FORTUNE selling Assad tools to kill his own people.
        Million upon millions of dollars.

        And you actually believe them.

        One day they’ll sell you out too, and I hope the world has woken up by ten from their racist idiocy.

        But for now the equation remains:
        Muslim = Terrorist
        For many racist bigots, and I’m truly appalled to see that some of the figures and people I respected and thought I knew turn out to have a similar way of thought.
        Simply shocked.

  5. Well, I don`t find this funny. As oho stated, there is no training at all – there is no wonder there are screw-ups (high price though). Stupidity and fanatical train of thought is not funny. I hardly can find it funny as people there are dying – whatever the person. Edit videos and add silly soundtrack/collation with something funny/enjoyable (A-team) and people won`t understand the core information about this video. The problem of people from developing countries are that they are for too long exposed to comfort zone. Effect of this – partial lose of humanity.

      • Apparently, people lost sight of the concept of this video. When someone is starting spouting about politics – shitstorm arrives, but suddenly everyone forgets the main message. As ridiculous as it sounds, look at this with “children eyes” – what would you see? Syrian rebels? Political issue? Or just people dying?.. Too much negative/useless emotions “spilled” here + without good arguments and pure advocacy. SS, its your blog (your rules), but, please, make a warning before this video (in red, bold letters). For me, a misleading content.

    • That’s point: how can somebody be so ignorant to take a firearm of any kind and use it without even understanding how it works. Clean example of stupid.

    • ohh you find it not funny that this video is about idiots fighting an idiotic war for idiotic beliefes and die because they are too stupid to handle a gun?
      how about some military training before you start a war.
      I know alot of civillians dont know how to fight but there are some guys in the “Free Syrian Army” who can teach others hwo to fight. But if they are too stupid to do that they are… well stupid

      • Considering the rebels have the loyalists fought to a standstill they must be doing something right.
        Considering you can’t figure it out yourself and instead blithely assume a handful of spectacular if rather hilarious fuck-ups represents the majority you must be pretty stupid and/or biased.

  6. It is the fucking saudi sponsored sunni rebels killing minority groups in syria, so yes they are rebels in deed. Its not about taking side, its about underfuckingstanding the whole game here.

  7. I can laugh at some of them, like “oh lol machine gun spray and pray”

    But come on, some of those are pretty horrible :/
    It’s your blog, you can post whatever you want, if I don’t like it, I don’t have to read it, but still….a video of 3 guys getting bombed? Pretty tough stuff to watch when you can see their face up close and you know they are real people.
    I know you don’t actually care about my personal opinion, but next time you post something like that, could you just add a little disclaimer that it’s not just people failing, but some of them you can see die?

      • if the ppl who made the video just snipped the scenes with deaths, i woulda destroyed my lungs

    • Who the fuck cares about these rebel jokes? Where I live in the western world, there are several syrians who have gone back to their country and blowed them selves up just for fun, and for allah, oops I mean “mullah”. The rebels goal is to bomb and kill all shia and minority groups, and if they cant handle their weapons, well “how terrible”. Nobody force them to do the dirty jobs of the saudis. It happened in morocco, libya, tunisia, egypt, and now in syria.

      What forces do you idiots think are behind these rebels? They want democracy, well right, these savages dont know what democracy is, just look at every islamic states, and you see their defenition of democracy is a total joke compared to ours. If america really wanna fight dictatorship, they should be fighthing the saudis, but it wont happen, they have too much business going on.

      Its is clear what is going on, sunnis cant stand societies where minority groups can live relatively free, like they did in syra, and where women didnt have to wear veil, etc. Whats even worse is that assad isnt a sunni, and thats too much for the rebels.

      Dont listen to joke ass western media, of corse they want to portray the rebels as good people, because that makes the economy go around in our part of the world (due to massive sale of weapons to them), and licking saudi ass which in return make business deals for “US”.

      If a islamic party take the power in syria, it will be worse for the people because they will be forced to obey under the man made sharia law and other bullshit.

      You people gotta understand the mentality of these extremists who are more than willing to kill in “mullahs” name, the word democracy is just a kliché they have learned from the west, but we all know there wont be any fucking democracy in syra, specially not if rebels take the power and some joke ass US and Saudi sponsored puppet gets the power. Just look at iraq for example, bombings every fucking day which are specially targeted at minority groups.

      • i dont think u see the point, all he asked for the death scenes to be taken out, the rest is funny

      • >these savages dont know what democracy is

        …and this is where I stopped reading. Could you perhaps be more of a sneering racist?

  8. i couldnt laugh, maybe if they left out the people dying, it woulda been funny like the small arms specialists.
    but i cant laugh at people dying, no matter if they are muslim extremists, or dictators.
    these people are fighting for a cause, and risking their lives,and i give them respect
    assad is defending himself, and i also give him respect.

    • Youre fucking joke, how can you give respect to people who dont give a shit about others, as long as they are not sunnis? They are terrorists, they dont care about others, only their own interest. yet dumb enough to not understand they are doing the dirty work of US and Saudi businessmen.

    • “i couldnt laugh, maybe if they left out the people dying, it woulda been funny like the small arms specialists.”

      Well, could agree with that. Considering the deaths – I don`t care about cause, nor side, nor politics at all, but many people are watching how people are dying (which is presented in a comical way) and laughing about it. Well, someone will probably say: “Don`t take it serious.” But this indeed is a serious, REAL problem and the problem is not only in this video, but ourselves too. You shouldn`t think that sitting before monitor makes you invincible to sanity. Please, be kinder and more understanding. If you will argument your opinion with like “they are fighting with..”, “they are rebels”, “they are killing…” etc. then you must think – how you received this information. Through media, internet, someone said, etc., right (generally talking not about this video, but a lost desire to analyze information they receive)? Advocacy strikes and we even don`t know that – we just trust the information we receive. We aren`t asking any questions or filtering information – just blunt trust. Well, won`t go any further just don`t lose sight of yourself and others…

  9. no wonder the americans are trying to rush their attack. soon there will be no terrorists left to fight against assad.

    • Well, dont use weapons then? If im not wrong, the quran dont say that you must use a ak47 to kill infidels?

          • You have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about do you? ~60% of Syrians are Sunnis so it’s kind of a given they’re going to be the singular majority on either side (Shi’ites are like 13% and Christians 10%), Wahhabism has more than fringe following solely in Saudi Arabia and the mountains of Afghanistan, and Salafism is even more scattered, not very fond of Wahhabism, and half a political movement anyway.
            Kind of a given neither of the two is going to be a very central motivation for the general domestic insurrection against Assad.

            Basically, stop stringing random dog-whistle buzzwords together and trying to pass the resulting bullshit for some kind of argument.

  10. I think those countries just need their dictators to get some kind of organization into that kind of people…

  11. What the fuck SS??? As a war video, this is ok, but as a parody this is very sick. I don’t get it SS??? Why did you post this??? I respect your work a lot and love to read your articles, but this is just wrong!!! You should remove this mockery of death from your blog!!!

  12. As much as I enjoy this website, I don’t come here for shock videos of people dying. At the very least, I’d have expected a warning that the following videos are of graphic nature.

    You may find it funny, but this website and blog is about tanks, world of tanks and tank history – if you are going to make it something else, so be it, but be frank about it with your followers. It just seems so unrelated.

  13. Well Silentstalker, I’d just be more cynical of Russian State Media as outright propaganda over more fuzzy politically correct Western ones. I just hope America bombs both sides.

  14. Why are you butthurt? SS is perfectly right to post these videos, because this is a blogg about tanks/warfare, and show incompetent people trying to fight with only hopes and dreams. Rebels are jokes and their incompetence to understand the quran and use weapons should be exposed.

    Mockery of death? Lol they choose to die, because they either:
    A. blow them selves up by purpose
    B: play with weapons they cant use

    How can it not be fun to watch such inbecils, they sure think its fun to kill INNOCENT minority women and children?

    • As opposed to Assad’s troops and internal-security guys who are SUCH gentlemen right?

      I’d also remind you that the rebels have the loyalists fought to a standstill so they must be doing *something* right…

  15. People always get offended about something, does that mean their opinion have a bigger weight ?

  16. the US should leave the country alone and let them fight or just send some UN peacekeeping force to stop both sides from fighting

  17. those syrian rebels/terrorists are so dumb.. shouting allah ackbar all the time.. no wonder they cant fight..

    i saw a funny movie of them being proud of a captured tank and a dude runs infront of the tank to film it… and the tank fires.. hahaha that guy flew 10 meter.. and is def for the rest of his life.. bunch of idiots playing with big boy toys..

    assad is a not a angel but those fanatic muslim nutbags should not win.. because that country will fall back into the 15th century with those people.

  18. nice to see some people with common sense on this forum who don’t blindly accept everything the western media tells them. it seems like every country around the world has an obligation to protect their citizens except those the US and its allies call the enemy. wonder how Americans would feel if we started supporting their rebel militia and other armed groups who want to destroy their government. and American is full of those militia, but seems like its ok to crush them.
    and as to the talk of chemical weapons, hmmm how about Israel using white phosphorous bombs and the US army dumping thousands of tons of depleted uranium shells on half the middle east and the list goes on.
    i can only stomach so much hypocrisy before the taste in my mouth gets too much to handle.

    • Neither WP nor depleted uranium are chemical weapons anywhere outside the bullshit rhetoric of ignorant Activists Without A Clue, numbnuts.

      Also not really seeing how exactly Assad was “protecting Syrian citizens” when he ordered the troops to fire on the demonstrations back when this thing got started. Suppressing public protests with military units and lethal force hasn’t been considered acceptable for like a hundred years now.

      • first you stupid idiot, DU ammunition is much much worse, have contaminated the lands of tens of millions of people for thousands of years. and i am no activist, but i do live in the real world and see things for what they are. and the actions of western powers is much worse that anything the so called antagonists have committed. you must be one of those retards who still thinks Iraq has WMD weapons.
        and are you seriously going to say no western government has ordered troops to open fire on civilians? wow you have not studied history. take the attacks against unions in the early half of last century, or the attacks against anti-war protests in the latter half. and go a back further and slaughter of indigenous populations to occupy their lands.
        before you come into a forum to spout your pro American bullshit maybe have a look in the mirror and see your reflection is not as nice as you may think. i am no supporter of Assad but nor am i a blind fool who believes everything the media tells me.

        • >your pro American bullshit
          I must be doing something right to piss off people on both sides of the fence. :D

          That aside you seem to have a very poor grasp of what DU is and does, at best a very skewed idea of the Kent State incident of ’70, a deliberate ingorance of the means actual autocratic regimes employ to quell domestic dissent in comparision, and reading comprehension issues given a certain blindness to the “hundred years” part.

          I also note you failed to explain where exactly WP and DU are supposed to fall under the chemical-weapons classification.

          • “If on the other hand the toxic properties of white phosphorus are specifically intended to be used as a weapon, that of course is prohibited, because the way the convention is structured or the way it is in fact applied, any chemicals used against humans or animals that cause harm or death through the toxic properties of the chemical are considered chemical weapons” quote

            and DU falls under nuclear weapons you ignorant fool. and a poor grasp of what is does? simple explanation dumbshit: hits a target, explodes, forms DU dust which everyone inhales (including allied troops) they get sick, have mutated babies, require medication the rest of their life and suffer a painful life. why do you think hundreds of thousands from first gulf war were disabled from combat operations even though they were never in any combat.
            next time you want to troll someone, have a tiny idea what your talking about.

    • In fact immigrants in sweden, that once fleed their lands to seek protection in sweden, now retun to several countries to join jihad/terror/rebel groups to fight. Such bullshit is going on in many suburbs where muslim population is present. But as always, sweden do as US tells them to do, as well as selling weapons and other stuff to islamic dictator regimes.

      These rebels dont want freedom, in the way we think of freedom in western world (allthough we are not free at all, only in terms of consumption), freedom for them is to convert the entire society to a theocracy, where religion is the law. I mean how can a country be a democracy, when the laws are based on the sharia? Look at saudi arabia…..joke ass fake democracy.

      • Saudi Arabia is a flat-out *absolute monarchy* and AFAIK has never claimed to be anything else either. What the fuck are you even babbling about, aside from incoherent Islamophobic bullshit ofc?

  19. At first it seems funny, but then you understand that people are dying and this shit is about Siria (which is already coming in terms of world-wide intervention of US) and it is becomes not funny at all.

  20. This is NOT funny. These guys are fighting a well organized army with whatever shit they can get their hands on without any usefull training. I really don’t understand why people consider watching others seriously hurt or even kill themselves funny… You guys are sad and you should feel bad for it.

    • Not really sure the Syrian army can be considered “well-organised” actually, especially after parts thereof defected early on if memory serves. I’ll give you that even a cruddy regular military still tends to have its shit rather a bit more together than a bunch of rag-tag rebels, although AFAIK the Syrian military was a conscript one so most of these guys should have learned the basics once. (Which is ofc a whole different thing from the kind of specialised training required to operate assorted heavier equipement…)

  21. Not really funny, SS. Personally I am fond of this site being apolitical, which is hard as it is with all the nations of WoT. Putting these videos here and commenting them makes you politically engaged, which is not appropriate.

    • Political side? Just because one dont agree with western US bullshit propoganda doesnt mean he is taking a active political side. The point is not to take side, the point is to see what is going on. These rebel idiots are religious fanatics, thats the problem, and the sole purpose is to make the Asad regime collapse, so they can get some idiot mullah to make the country islamic, in terms or sunni islam. This is well knows.

      What do you think will happen to all minority groups in syria if the rebels take controll of the government? Are there any good examples where rebels in middle east have made the situation better for any minority group? Probably the opposite I would say….

      • “This is well knows” in alarmist Islamophobe circles maybe. I daresay just about everyone else who pays attention to these things is instead aware that assorted Jihadist movements have for well over a decade now cheerfully gotten involved in just about every internal conflict conceivable that involves Muslims on at least one side, both on principle and in the (generally futile) hopes of winning some actual political influence, and have shown few signs of giving up the practise.

        That you cannot tell the difference between such “career revolutionaries” and locals fed up with their rulers on a large scale chiefly betrays your prejudices.

  22. laugh? are you fucking kidding me? these people right now are dying, being tortured, live like insects and are about to be invaded by america, and you think it’s funny?

  23. And the USA still want to help tem… People, wake up! Just listen this ‘Allah akbar’ shit talking. I hope regular Syrian will crush them soon

    • I agree dude, name one country where extremists rule that is peaceful? On the other hand there are many places where extremists/terrorists/rebels have power where suicidebombings are happening every day, where schools and hospitals are beeing burned, etc. We must all face it, islamic extremism dont bring anything good really, and we all know who must be fought to stop this bullshit. It wont be fun, but sooner or later people will act.

      Its all about the black gold, as long as US suck dick on saudis, there will be extremism in the muslim world, and many more people will die in the name of allah.

      Its all a economic cycle. US sells weapon to rebells and then sell more weapons when they take power in syria, just to invade them again when they become US enemies (which they eventually will after sniffing too much poppy seeds), so they can start their bullshit war again, and sell more weapons to the next government, etc.

      Obama said in sweden that “it isnt moraly right to no do anything while people are suffering in syra”. Well, stop selling your bullshit weapons to the rebels then, ur dumb cunt. Do obama really think that an invation will stop these rebels to blow stuff up, just because US put some puppet president in syria? But of corse, new government, new business, and more cash for US, as it has always been.

      • Combining blatant apologism for a heavy-handed repressive regime with out-and-out tinhattery must take some impressive mental gymnastics.

      • Fully agree, but there is one notable issue, that this won’t happen. Obama is a part or puppet of Bilderberg Group. It is so obvious. There must be some really powerfull group of people behind him. Why? Well, that’s why: the man, who wages two wars got Nobel Peace Prize, the man, who is introducing socialism in the USA and I owed the country has been elected twice in a row, also thanks to support of ‘Illuminati wanna be’ pop stars. There are even speculations, that he wasn’t born in US territory. You may laugh, but these are the facts.

        • You talk like socialism is a bad thing, while that is the common US propaganda, it is far from true. I understand that it’s hard to grasp for someone that have grown up fed with the constant fear of the ‘evil’ of socialism. The simple truth is that socialism is about equal rights for everyone, not only the richest 1%, thus it benifits 99% of the pupulation. To counter the obvious self interest of the large majority so have the US constantly spread propaganda about how evil socialism are, to prevent it from taking root there.

  24. Funny videos, indeed :))

    Trying to look at these african/middle eastern countries from the western point of view is nonsense. Things just don’t work there like they work here (most of the time…). Forcing “western democracy” just doesn’t cut it and makes a lot more mess then there was to begin with.

    A relatively sane dictator is better than trying to satisfy all sides – and there’s a lot of sides to satisfy in Syria. Somebody has to set quite reasonable borders and enforce them.

    Regarding the gas attack – Assad had nothing to gain and everything to lose by doing it, why the hell would he order such thing? Something tells me that it was staged to frame him/the regime or maybe some lower ranking leader snapped and did it on his own. Not that I’m a fan of him or anything.

    And those “Freedom fighters” – well, after seeing video of their supposed leader hacking out organs of a dead Syrian soldier and taking a bite of them or beheading christian priests (or anybody that doesn’t follow the right form of islam/is orthodox enough) doesn’t actually shed any good light on their cause, does it?

    • Assad wouldn’t be the first tyrant to resort to pointlessly and arguably self-destructively vicious methods under pressure. Need I remind you of Saddam’s rather pointless use of mustard gas first against Iranian cities and slightly later and even more gratuitiously against domestic insurrections?
      Think “terror tactics”.

      Also kind of wondering why you seem to assume the governement forces to be the slightest bit better. AFAIK they’re quite considerably *worse*.

      • Well, your stupid cunt say what you want but Asad is the regime, the rebels are just faggots from outside trying to take controll while beeing high on drugs. Isnt it obvious what the fucking rebels want? Take a look in the world, and tell me one place that is peaceful where such extremists rule?

        Why is it so hard to understand that islamic extremism or what the hell you want to call is is destructive. You really think these rebels look like freedom fighters and democratic people, yelling “allah akbar” and shooting/bombing?

        I guess you are a sunni muslim, probably a salafi or wahabbi that thinks that violence is okay as long as you can justify it with the quran/hadith, etc.

        • Also, what did saddam and rebels have in common? Well both their enemies were shia muslims mainly, and other minority groups.

          • Wow, what a moron. Saddam’s domestic use of chem weapons was most notorioualy against the Sunni-majority *Kurds*.

      • The FSA and other homegrown secular forces comprise over half the estimated total strenght of the rebels, feel free to explain by what magic can they be described as “extremists from outside”.

        And spare me the infantile populist anecdotes writ large. Also personal attacks lol.

    • Never know what? If you dont like the terrorist rebels and US supporting them, so what? Are the NSA going to accuse you for beeing terrorist, when you in fact are against terrorists/rebels? Lol a fucking joke, NSA can suck my dick really, because it has gone too far. US policy is a fucking joke, and its quite obvious right now, when they are willing to support islamic extremists.

      • Realpolitik has ever been about supporting whoever is convenient at the time. The US cheerfully backed the Afghani Mujahideen back when they were a headache for the Soviets, and Israel originally propped up Hamas in order to undermine the PLO. When the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia and sent that nutter Pol Pot hiding in the jungles both China and the US protested…

      • nasty viruses and malware, don’t want anything linked to this disgusting video. when that pop-up …popped up…I just clicked no but that doesn’t mean something hasn’t in!

  25. Rebels or Asad? USA or Russia (wanabe USSR)? Obama or Putin? Al Quaeda or Hizballah? Achmed or Malik? Which “evil” to choose you want, young padawan, hmmm?
    The USA doing mistakes in decision-making, or even making up evidence? That is something every major power (however “evil” it may seem) does… The Warsaw Pact had it’s “invitation letter” to Czechoslovakia in 1968, Russia needed only “problems with minorities” to invade Georgia (the one on Caucasus) in 2008, NATO used the Yugoslavian Civil War as casus belli in 1995, etc…
    Just food for thought: “Terrorism is war of poor and powerless, war is terrorism of rich and powerful.”
    Stop the politics, let’s enjoy the Q&A!
    Best regards,

    P.S. I know, I ctrl+C-ed amd ctrl+V-ed it here from FB…

  26. Well…as long as corporate greed is present these bullshit problem will exist. Really if US wanna fight terrorism and dictatoorshit, why not invade saudi arabia? They are the ones fueling all these riots in middle east and they sure damn are islamic terrorists. Please answer that Kellomies, since you seem like a pretty educated individual.

    • The Saudi Arabia that is in constant low-level domestic conflict with the local extremist branches? Yeah, that’d make a lot of sense. And I take you have no idea why invading the place would only further motivate militants both current and potential? Hint: it involves a certain special city there.

      • I dont give a fuck, since saudi government fuel all these extremist and beeing a extremist country itself. I bet that if saudi didnt have any oil, US would give a fuck, just like they do in Somalia, and in other unfair countries.

        • Nobody gives a fuck about Somalia you know. And no, the Saudi regime isn’t very keen on religious militants as such since they have real problems with those at home – but they’re as happy to support the enemies of their enemies as anyone else.

  27. If you want me to prove my identity, send me an e-mail.
    And maybe I’ll help you see the other side, so maybe you can understand why some people would leave everything behind to try and fight the looming dictatorship, even without training or equipment.
    Maybe I can still save the historian within you.

    Maybe I can still prove to myself that I wasn’t wrong about you.

  28. Sorry to say, people dying is not funny. I come here for in-depth discussions of WoT, not snuff videos.
    Silentstalker, I’d too like to have a NSFW-kind marker for such stuff.

    “Oh my,,, I have not laughed as much since August 20, 1968.
    These videos bring back good memories.”

    See, some people here seem to have enough XP, but still drive their stock brain.


  29. I thought this was a blog about World of tanks and not morbid unfunny videos of humans killing or gravely injuring themselves. Please grow up SS. Support neither side of this conflict but to trust russian medias over western ones is silly at best. There are propaganda on both sides. But ask yourself who is the most likely to have used nervegas….that is Syria. There can be no denial there. USA has brought themselves in a position where they have to strike to avoid losing face to the world. Assad will feel that strike BAD for sure.

    Keep the focus on world of tanks. Thank you.

  30. Hm, I can’t find a Video funny, if there are humans who die… Sorry but it’s like that. Maybe you could add a warning sign: “People get killed/heavy injured!”. You maybe say they are bloody islamists but maybe there aren’t cause not all rebells are obsessed by this ideologic. There are some people who fight for freedom etc too. Also if yo agree with the death ist like you agree with capital punishment which is a thing that violates the human rights . So in a way you deny other human beings there rights.
    And – last but not least – think of the Nazis in Germany in the middle of 20th century. They were like These isamist: they had an ideology and wanted to kill all who are no “Arier”. But today Germany similiar to many others in Europe, so I consider it wrong not to give anyone a chance to change to the better.

  31. I have to admit that this is not in a good taste. I would have expected more quality from you SS and not posting some dumb videos that are anything but fun.

  32. I’m not in the slightest bit interested in these videos.

    Yes SS, this is your blog, yes you can have any opinion you like. My opinion of you has been reduced I’m afraid – not that you will care, still..

    Saying these vids “make you laugh a lot” then the responses to some of the comments… is well… disappointing… WG.net’s PR department should come and have a chat with you… that unpleasantness about Stalin and his slogans could just have been skated over with no fuss at all.

  33. If you support the rebels or if you are an extremist of any kind then fuck off from this blogg, because using modern technology like internet and computers is probably against your faith anyways.

    Also saudi and islamic militants? Lol they are sponsored by the saudi government or by rich motherfuckers living in saudi arabia. Saudi as also wahabbis, the same as 99% of all islamic terrorists. But yeah if you call jews and muslim minorities in saudi arabia for a thread, then I guess they want to assault them.

    • “Lol they are sponsored by the saudi government or by rich motherfuckers living in saudi arabia”
      …who are not the same thing dumbass. Also that sure explains why the state security forces are in open conflict with domestic militants: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrorism_in_Saudi_Arabia
      Since you clearly don’t understand it may I point out that the Saudi monarchy is trying to “ride the tiger”, trying to both keep the strongly religious portion of its subjects content enough to not start trouble while simultaneously coming down hard on those that nevertheless *do*. Their mutual history with Wahhabism is both old, opportunistic and quite convoluted.

      “But yeah if you call jews and muslim minorities in saudi arabia for a thread”
      Those basically don’t exist you know, foreign transients aside; the country flatly has no freedom of religion and citizens are pretty much required to be Muslims (a small Shi’ite minority is grudgingly tolerated). They’re pretty straightforward about these things at least.

  34. Worst thing ever published on this blog.
    And to make it worse you seem to have a very crude view of the world SS…
    Time to enable Addblock specifically for this site (if ill ever visit it again).

    • Ehe, he has a pretty good view regarding the syria situation. The video does show idiot extremists with low education chanting allah akbar and failing to use weapons. Whats is so wrong showing such stuff? It only shows that any camel/donkey can convert to islam and become a extremist and using weapons. Yes the US provides these savages with weapons, pretty funny dont you think?

      Dont believe the bullshit western media feeds you, because its easy to talk when you are secure in your democatic country, where you can practice your religion freely, and where your women can go outside without veil, etc.

      Minority groups fear the future of syria if the rebels are taking the power, because then they will be even more opressed, like in ANY other country in the islamic world.

      Understand, these rebels defenition of democracy isnt the same ar ours, its just a bullshit US word they have learned to get symphaty from idiots like you.

      • “Dont believe the bullshit western media feeds you”
        …as opposed to what you’re suggesting, ie. believing the obvious bullshit that a few random idiots -totally not selected to foster specific impressions- accurately represent the totality of the rebels? Right.

        “Minority groups fear the future of syria if the rebels are taking the power”
        That would in no small part be due to the exact same reason the Iraqi Sunnis were uneasy about Saddam’s fall, namely, because they’d been enjoying a privileged position over the majority and cheerfully abused it too to varying degrees. Assad, you see, happens to belong to the Syrian Alawite minority (a Shia branch) and in due form shamelessly favored his coreligionists at the expense of the Sunni majority…

        While the worry about their future once the shoe is in the other foot is perfectly understandable (and certainly proved to be justified in Iraq), it’s not exactly a tenable moral argument considering the history involved or the methods used to try and hang on to the ancien regime situation.

        • Why shouldnt shias and minoritied be favourised? If sunnis dont like it they can move to another sunni land and stone women for fun. Syria is shia land, thats it, dont like tithen fuck off savage wahabbis.

          • T3azz kep on raging and spitting out your stupid dribble. The more you do it the more it is clear to everyone with half a brain what an uneducated fool you are.

  35. Pretty Sick SS, disappointed in you. People dying, no matter who, is pretty rough. I work as an EMT, its hard to see people die no matter what the situation.

  36. OMG!
    Best post ever, Silent!

    SerB could answer to this video in endless ways.
    -How terrible.
    -Want realism? Join the (FS)Army.
    -Want justice? Go to Den Haag.
    -We wont prohibit troll platoons.
    -Q:mortar UP? A:Dont use mortar.

    And the list goes on.

    Anyway. GG Silent. Assad for President!

  37. Just look at the fucking videos about the rebels, yelling allah akbar and blowing things up, how the fuck isnt this related to extremism? Really if all these sunni wahabbi soldiers like their religion so much they can move to a sunni land instead. I dont see the fucking problem. But nono, uneducated fucks that gets weapons from US are more than villing to kill, just because they think they will come to heaven and get 70 virgins (which might as well be males). Listen, 99% of all islamic terrorists are sunnis, do I have to say more about the credability of the rebel idiots in syria?

    This religion bullshit started a long time ago, it has always been tense between sunni muslims and other kind of islamic sects, where sunnis are the ones who are most active regarding terror bombings and shit.

  38. I think that this blog is having the most experts per head of the population(at least that’s how we say in my country).I really don’t see how this can be funny.Eather it’s funny because this guys are fighting for America’s interest not knowing that or we are just getting more and more sick minded.Well,who am I to judge anyway?

  39. People tend to get butthurt when they are laughed at..

    Heres one thing for you might want to take a minute and think about.

    I live in place, where shit isnt just as real as it is in middle east, but we do have our own problems, and sometimes I wonder if I should just pack my stuff and leave. If for example our goverment would raise taxes high enough, I would give them finger and move to somewhere else.

    Why the fuck do you stay in these piss poor countries, where people explode randomly each other? Pack your stuff and move the fuck out. Its that simple. Wouldnt you rather live in country like Sweden, France, or Japan? Where STUFF DOESNT BLOW UP!

    You are only getting laughed at, because you are ridiculous.

    • What a retard. Do you think other countries will just let you go into theirs? Do you think your home country will just let you leave?

      Close minded fool.

      • umm, yes?

        Get a passport, and book a flight (or travel by foot if you cannot), arrive in your destination, get a job, pay your bills – Profit.

        Other than north Korea, there is no countries in the world that I know of, which prohibits you from traveling?! And really, if they do, then how about just walk across the border where they are not looking.

        I believe we got really close inspections at european borders and STILL the africans manage to slip by every day.

        • …and really. If you manage to get hold of the rockets and bazookas, you really have resources to get off from the god forsaken countries also.

  40. ” I wonder if I should just pack my stuff and leave”

    That truly depends on someone actually wanting you. And your family, unless you want to leave them there and face the music all alone.

    Asylum policy as it is for most countries, you might not find it too easy to get out of a country once the shit hits the fan.

  41. What is so funny about people dying in horrible ways? Some of those scenes made me cringe in horror.

    Grow up.

  42. Those are Syrian civilians fighting for rights we take for granted. I read all the internet tough guy comments, and it embarrassingly clear most of the poster would be worst off with a mere a pistol in hand, let alone heavy fire arms.

    This is the last placed I expected to see all the disgusting, horribly racist, anti-Muslim shit from Liveleak. But hey, now we can only go up from here.

    Please be a gentleman and remove this shit, SilentStalker.

    Here’s something to match your out of place sense of humor. You should be ashamed.


    • Ehe lol stfu nuub, they are terrorists fighting for making the country a islamic state with sharia laws. Do you really think these people want “freedom” in the way we think of freedom in the western world? Look at the videos, look what the rebels yelling, and you soon understnd they are islamic extremists.

      These rebels dont know anything about democracy, they just use that word because they have learned it from the western world.

      I must be clear by now that these rebels are islamic extremists, no fucking doubt about that. They want to turn syria into a puppet state for US and Saudi, where extremist groups can roam around freely, killing minority groups like shias, christians, and jews, etc. Because that is exactly the situation in many other islamic states, minority groups are opressed.

      • That is a lot of words to say you are a complete idiot.

        Next time you decide to pull lunacies out of your ass and demand complete strangers on the internet to take them at face value, at least pretend you have a credible source for that stupendous pile of shit.

    • Its not only Syria, the whole world is filled with suffering. But if this was so incredibly horrible and awful, you would try and do everything in your might to stop it, right? Working for charities, influencing politics etc etc. But you dont, do you? Youre the same kind of hypocrite everyone else is, some of us just hide it more than others to approve themselves in front of society or for the own conscience.

      Grow up.

      • “But if this was so incredibly horrible and awful, you would try and do everything in your might to stop it, right?”

        Wait, so in your own warped logic, I am supposed to stop wars so that sick people stop posting their humourless, sick videos? I have a better idea, go see a doctor if watching people dying makes you laugh.

        “Youre the same kind of hypocrite everyone else is”

        You are*. If being against videos with unsuitable content on a website dedicated to video games makes me a hypocrite, what is next, reprimand people for saying the sky is blue?

        “some of us just hide it more than others to approve themselves in front of society or for the own conscience.”

        You are making no sense. But that is ok. Pendatic bullshit never made any sense to begin with.

        Carry on.

  43. This is disgusting. I come here to read about armored vehicles and a video game, not to laugh at the deaths of real people.

    I’ve just lost all respect for this blog. Ad blocker back on, never commenting again.

    Have a nice day.