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    • damn, wordpress wouldnt let me post saying i was “posting comments too fast… -_-”
      im beat :(
      “(partial 0.8.7 to 0.8.8 upgrade not available yet)”
      does that mean it wont be able to integrate itself into the 8.7 client?

  1. Biggest dilemma ever (as a soviet tech fanboi):
    Insta buy Obj 140, or free exp + insta buy Obj 416 (I liked it allot on test)

  2. What religion do you have to be to play 8.8 patch? I mean since our world is filled with religious prejuduce. Also does WG supposr Assad or the rebels? <3

  3. After a 2 months break from WoT I downloaded the full 0.8.7 client. While it was installing the game I thought, hey let’s check the news on your blog. My reaction when I saw this post can’t be described…

  4. Since there were big changes to inner script language, I strongly recommend to reinstall client from the scratch.

    Otherwise you might experience some unexpected problems with add-ons which will be fixed by – how unexpected! – reinstalling client from the scratch.

        • I don’t mean the new code rework, but the requirement of clean installation.
          Is anyone here aware that the installer of new patches always unpacks all the stuff and then packs it back together with newly added files while abandoning unneeded ones?

          I really see no issue with usual installation.

          • P.S. Peopla are actually playing on 0.8.7 Common Test client with old patches released for 0.8.6 and they do not only cause no crashes, but actually work 100% normal, which was not even always the case with new mods on same old engine – they usually stopped working as soon as new patch was released.

  5. Soo if I download this I can what? have it fully ready on WOT? or sit out till everyone else has it? What is the point of this sorry just want to know? I can get early? but can’t play because it’s not officially out yet? or what?

    • Some people have slower internet connections, so they can start download earlier.
      Or else by the time the patch is released, they are still downloading for another 6 hour or something.

    • when the offical patch is released it takes forever to download it because of high server stress

      When you are getting it now you can avoid downloading it in the middle of rush hour

    • No, not yet. But when the server goes live you will have already downloaded the update and then you won’t have to wait while it downloads. Since WG is updating to actionscript 3 this would be a good time to do a fresh install of WOT.

  6. I’ll get free garage slot when I have VK30.01H in garage? (If all garage slots are taken, so there is no space for new tier 6)

    • you will always get a free garage slot and free VK 30.02M with 100% crew (if you OWN a VK 30.01H)
      The crew currently used on your VK 30.01H will be retrained to heavytank crew so they can stay at VK 30.01H wich will be tier 5 heavy in 8.8
      In case you dont want your crew to be retrained for heavy tanks you should retrain them on another medium tank

      hopefully that helps

  7. Would you care to give us update-only links? Because 6GB is quite heavy… And torrent magnets too, please :P .
    I find it very strange, that they won’t give you them officially sooner on their website – and even on the update day they often link old version only, so you have to search the web yourself or use automatic updater…

    • Update only links aren’t released until update day. And WG doesn’t give anything to SS. He just posts things from the russian site after translating it.

  8. …every time I download&extract (unzip) the full patch, the wot-launcher wants to download the full 5+ gigs again – is that the way it works?

    • currently you cant install it because the launcher thinks that its a wrong version of WoT installed and starts downloading the full client again to repair the “wrong” files

      Yoiu should have waited with the installation of the patch until the patch is oficially released

    • You can install 8.8 by simply extracting the patch files (wot_88.308163_content_en.patch, wot_88.3118_client.patch and wot_88.3119_88.3118_client.patch) found in your World_of_Tanks\Updates folder to your World_of_Tanks folder.

      Typing this it seems that servers are online.

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  10. Hi guys!
    So I have downloaded the file. Now that the server is live, how do I do to install it? should I extract the files in the desktop and execute the .exe? or should I keep the installation folder withing the c/games/wot?
    thanks a million

  11. I downloaded the WoT_0.8.8_sea_install and installed it but it starts trying to download the 5Gb of 8.8 update when it already came with the update. How do I get it to play with the stuff it already has?