39 thoughts on “Next “top of the tree” is…

  1. LOL, WG develops a patch for monhts probably, then 3 weeks of public testing and…. bug, bug, bug, fail, bug, fail, fail, bug…….

    • I’d say that you sir, just won yourself one (1) free Internet! (Terms and conditions apply. Check your local provider for further info how to claim. Some fees may apply)

  2. Yay, this gives me at least 2 weeks to save some more money for a line that’s actually worth unlocking.

    • The T-44 > T-54 > T-62A is not worth while then?

      Will get the VK B for sure not sure if I have the time / credits for the Maus will have to see else I will add it in my garage for sure.

  3. Hmm, might consider re-buying the VK45.02B now that every game isn’t an arty-party any longer.

    Though, that line is still horribly outdated and outpaced by the newer top tiers, and I had pretty much set my mind on waiting untill the rumored restructuring(VK’s made more historical and dropped down tiers) before I decided to go for Maus again.

  4. Oh boy, a brand new maus to do… no wait, the maus can’t do anything, not now, not when i picked it up like 12 patches ago.

  5. wait, weren’t there different ‘top of the tree’ tanks 1 time? i think when we had foch and russians had something else.