32 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Moscow airport…

    • Just change password with your mobile phone after you are finished.
      With this things you must think in advance. :)

      • It’s probably a press account given to them by WG so that people can try every ingame tank.

  1. 2 mistakes it should be “meanwhile in Moscow airport” not on

    and comments should’ve been disabled for this post.

  2. wow my 2 davourite games in one picture… I mean even if its a bloody sAuce, its still counter strike, right?

  3. WOT is a fun game to play but when it comes to E-sport FPS, nothing come close to CS
    CS is also a much cheaper game to play

  4. You can’t get that in a US airport; for one, the connections are so slow that any failure you have can quite literally be attributed to lag. The other part is that they make you pay by the half-hour in many places, and even then you only get access if you’re part of a ‘loyalty club’ of certain airlines. Everything in the US is catered to business and work, despite video gaming literally being invented here.