“How to become a unicum pt.1″ video

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first, thanks to Daigensui, who posted this on US forums, it kinda slipped my attention before.



From the same authors as the “How to become a noob” video. This one contains some pretty epic situations :)

Scene 1 – “Heavenly delight”

- Siegfried line – assault mode.
- Suddenly all the allies froze – what’s that?! The variant with “borsch” (SS: players go randomly AFK, “to east borsch” – thanks for explanation) is immediately out of question.
- Server bug: everyone got kicked out of the game except for the Jagdtiger 88 and his allied IS-3
- That’s it: paradise in WoT
- and suddenly from nowhere appears… (SS: “vot eto povorot” means “what a twist” as in – “that’s unexpected” – and after the Indienpanzer is destroyed, the voice says “so, let’s continue the conversation”)
- in the meanwhile the battle time is running out, capping the base is needed
- and right on time, few seconds more and they’d have won
- but the IS-3 noticed the KV-1S and hurries to kill the enemy
- one Jagdtiger for capping is not enough
- to lose to AFKers – priceless, for everything else there is gold
- AFK team won, the only free Kolobanov in history

Scene 2 – “Sleeping beauty”

- E75 behavet really nicely this year
- for that, St.RNG brought him a gift
- but E75 woke up the prince on AMX50 155
- if he manages to reset the cap – it will be a loss
- didn’t penetrate again!!! one more shell!!!

Scene 3 – “Artillery the teacher”

- arty up to the usual business
- the baby in the T-28 suddenly started to want the sweet stuff
- let’s begin the education
- T1 decided to tank with its side
- also the VK tries to get the arty
- but to move out in front of a loaded arty is scary
- but with a friend in a KV everything’s better
- VK not afraid anymore, this is the end :((

Scene 4 – “Size doesn’t matter”

- a legend tells us of the greatest unicum of World of Tanks
- legends were told about his pwnage
- he travelled thru random battles in his quest to find worthy opponents
- if seems a battle around tier 9 suits him completely
- T32 was confused by that MS-1
- one more enemy defeated
- but no time to celebrate
- insolent AMX 13/90 rushes onwards to the Object 704, ignoring the MS-1!!!
- big mistake

Scene 5 – “Shells for the weak”
- What to do, if: 1. you are outnumbered 2. your teammate is away 3. the enemy started capping your base 4. you have no shells left 5. and to top it all, you’ve been spotted
- now you’ll see!
- ololo! ramming!!!
- missed!
- hit!
- the puny gun of the LT cannot do anything against the TD
- suddenly a KV appears with a very dangerous gun
- ramming speed!
- almost a hit!
- the LT smartly evades the ram
- but suddenly the scout makes a mistake – leaves the TD some space
- hit!
- and again needed space for the TD
- the only thing left now is to hit
- but that’s not victory yet
- the teammate cannot handle the arty :(
- and now it’s one on one
- too low HP for a ram, only one option – to cap the base
- this situation is already familiar – only the TD is now in the other role
- almost got taken
- and again the arty does not succeed :)
- almost succeeded

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    • And they write like this: skjfbsfbgsbks kfbsafuia s fsdbisdefg bsfbuysf bsdbfsdf jfywe jkkj

      Not going to watch this shit, but i give dislike :)
      Waiting for russians to learn english, and buy normal keyboard!

      • So? Russians speak russian and write in cyrillic (If I’m wrong correct me).

        Germans speak german and write in german, english people write in english, scottish in scottish, french in french, serbian people write in serbian.

        Where’s the problem? The video is perfectly fine to understand if you have a) a brain, b) two working eyes and c) Internet.

        Back in days of the Cold War people in East Germany weren’t teached english, but russian. So please, for god’s sake, stop believing English is the master race language, because it’s not. Cultural diversity, do you know it?

          • The fact you know English does not mean you use it. English is not the best language, and definitely not the only language in the world. Besides, it is just crazy, what you can see in those wideos, even if you do not understand them.

            • Daj spokój Syfer :) If you want to find job now is good to know English.
              And short story from my life: I was in Austria and didnt know anything in german, but english saved my ass :)

        • во первых это видео сделано для русско говорящих людей,во вторых если тебе надо возьми и перезапиши на английский,в третьих не многим нравится смотреть видео на гавно-английском языке

          • This is what i mean. Russians here and he say: gkkggsd$##$%nxcv*(#*##@)_)@677kjsg,mb Learn English noob! xD

  1. >The variant with “borsch” (SS: not sure what that means – a quick victory?) is immediately out of question.

    This is local meme about afk players: “he left to eat his borstch” (borstch is russian soup with various vegetables)

  2. What are the chances of such a match like their first one is to happen?
    I mean…what the hell, only 3 players online in the match?…lol…

    • its really uncommon, but sometimes wg or the net screws it and disconnects everyone and the first who connects has the chance to turn the battle.

      i happened me once, we were losing and i was the last top tier of my team while the enemy had 3, before anyone of the enemy team could reconnect i killed 2 t9 and a friendly is3 the third.

      • Something close to that happened to me too.But most players from that battle managed to connect back in time.
        Not like in the battle in the video where only 2 didn’t got disconnected and the third connected too late.

  3. The first situation happened to me too, more than half of enemy team afk, more than half of our team afk. I took me some time to notice, since most of them were camping anyway. But it was priceless, running infront of 3 tanks, shitting your pants and then realizing they are not playing… “Server restart for maintenance” mesage appeared after battle and I got kicked too…

    • Why would white wrecks be banned? It’s a custom skin for your tanks, just like camo-skins. Otherwise they could simply encrypt the wreck files.

    • Why should the information-mod be banned?
      Everything the mod shows is already displayed in the Garage or on the Wiki or already in your brain :)

  4. More like. How to play against dense retards.
    Beside the E25 video it´s less about skill and more about total stupid enemys.

  5. 00:57 “Абсолютная мощь!” – Darth Sidious (Star Wars)
    01:24 “Это мой мир! МОЙ МИР!” – Agent Smith (The Matrix)
    07:11 “Ты недооцениваешь мою мощь!” – Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars)


  6. Scene 1 is basically how that one guy managed to win top XP earned(2500 or something like that) for the entire 15th Anniversary heavy tank marathon in a Churchill I. Pretty baller luck I say.

  7. I wonder if when a Russian person sees an English video and expresses that he wishes it were available in Russian if he gets attacked by waves of Russian hipsters calling him ignorant, stupid and informing him of the obvious that not everyone speaks Russian!

    I bet not. I bet they are better than that and just say “sorry, video not available in Russian!”

    • Hipsters lol?
      Since when did people who say the obvious get called hipsters?

      Also he doesn’t ‘wish’ that it could be in English, he thinks that he is entitled to English videos.

  8. I’m confused about scene 2. why does the capture ticker continue to count up even when the enemy td is inside the circle. on NA the counter flashes white and does not count up while a defender is inside the circle. There aren’t different rules for different servers are there? Or is that only for encounter mode?