EU weekend event review

Hello everyone,

so, today in the morning, I finished the EU event mission, awarding the 1 million credits, 7 days of premium and some premium consumables (worth 300k in total, so that’s 1300k credits). As you might know (SEA also had this event, I thought NA had it too, but I was wrong), the goal was to gather 20 kills on StuG III, 20 on Type T-34 and 20 on Churchill I. The mission goals were comprehensible in general, apart from two moments:

- on EU server I noticed several complaints about the fact that you have to finish one extra battle after those 60 kills, which led some people to believe that it has to be finished in one of the mission vehicles

- on SEA server, there was a fail, where WG wrote “T-34″ instead of “Type T-34″ in the mission description and people were buying the Soviet T-34 in vain.

And, how did I like it? I actually did, a lot. This is exactly the thing that was missing in World of Tanks and it surely adds incentives to play. The missions were combinated with bonus to tier 5 vehicle income, so (along with premium account) that was a great bonus too. I had all the three vehicles unlocked, but none of them in my garage, so I bought all of them (2 new 75 percent crews plus my German TD crew waiting for 8.9). I also bought some additional equipment.

All in all, I started with 1.3 mil. credits, while at this moment, I have 3.6 mil. credits – 2,3 mil profit is not bad for a day of playing, so I appreciate that.

On the other hand, while racking up 20 kills in a StuG was extremely easy (but then again, I am very much a TD player and it took me like 7 battles), it was much more difficult for me in the Type T-34 and the Churchill, “thanks” to its 75 percent crews, long aiming times and bad depression took the longest and I enjoyed it the least. In total, the whole event took me like 60 battles played and roughly 5 hours of total play time. That roughly equal two long movies or three shorter ones, so that’s really not that terrible.

In other words, time-requirement- and profit-wise, the event was very well balanced, I liked it and I hope we will see more such events in the future.

What I didn’t like:

- the choice of two of three vehicles. I understand we can’t have 3 German tanks or whatever, but the Churchill I is very uncomfortable to play and took the longest by far to accomplish it, including some very frustrating moments.

- killstealing. While not a problem in the usual gameplay, in such an event it becomes extremely frustrating. This applies especially for low-dmg high-ROF guns of the Type T-34 and the Churchill. Several times I had an asshole following me, letting me take the brunt of the battle and the damage and then finishing the enemy tank once I brought it low enough. This was very annoying and it led me to a teamkill once too (and the guy even acted surprised, forgot his name tho)

But the killstealing is not a flaw of the system I am afraid, it is an attribute in the sense that however you twist the competition goals, you will always get some nasty sideeffects. Survival competition promotes passive gameplay (which is even worse), kills promote killstealing, wins are actually “fair”, but the result doesn’t depend on your skill, because even really terrible players will get 40 percent winrate in the end, while dragging down the rest of the team.

Well, that’s it then. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I look forward to more events like this.

60 thoughts on “EU weekend event review

  1. Actually fogot that the event comboed with the tier 5 earning bounus. Anyway, not enough crew slots to try to do this. But it is good they made such an event.

    • i sold a tank without equipment, did all 3(one at each time) and rebought it, at the end you get a lot of credits due the 1kk mission reward, the 50% credit bonus on t5 and other minor missions.

      about the tanks
      the stug was nice, i was using a full cammo crew and i could damage almost anything.
      the churchill was good too, i didnt had a crew(retrained a day ago to the matilda) but ht is the core of t5, you can take a lot of damage, the gun is as good as the stug, i got 2 top gun.
      typet34 altrough i had the 121 crew i didnt liked it, felt slow, unagile and the low alpha sucked,

    • This event gave me opportunity to grind Churchill I line up i loved it! Plus i’ve earned alot of XP. WG did event like this too late to gain my vote for them in GJ awards. Anyway – i would love to keep it coming with events like this ;)

  2. Couldn’t you just move the crews from their lines (you said you had them explored) and profit from skills while keeping the primaries at 75%? I did that with my Churchill VII crew.

    • Yea, I used my Type 59 crew (480%) and JgPanther (210%) … but it was still worse than I expected …

      • Hint: Premium tanks can use crews from other tanks of the same type without penalties. There’s no need for having a crew specifically trained for a premium tank if you have other tanks of the same type in that nationality. You should really train your Type59 crew to some other Chinese medium.

      • Well, I dont but I still miss them because I have no idea where I put my crew from M10 and M18, cause both of them had more than 300% … creepy Americans …

  3. Bad soft stats are really annoying when you need to set up a new shot every two seconds. That’s the thing that keeps the T-34 from being overpowered with its ludicrous DPM and accuracy, but combined with the -5 depression… ugh.

  4. Finished the churchill mission in 5 battles(2xtop guns, 3×3 kills games).
    Need 8 more kills with the Stug, Idk why I keep losing with it even if I do more than 1.5k dmg per match.
    And I played the Type T-34 1 month ago and really liked it, a tiny painful musquito.

    Now I must thank WG for this event.Stug was my first tier 5 tank, and hated it…I was an awful noob back then.Now, after I rebought it, I’m in love with it.Gonna keep it.

  5. you complain about killstealing in this game?
    really SS that simply show that soem of the events arent made for the game… i dont give a damn about kills…all i want to do is kill the enemys and win…if i get something for that, fin but im not doing it for the missions…

  6. I lold when a clan guy told me about event, 30 kills goal with the lowest alpha dmg tanks (except stug) heheh
    I have an idea for the next one, get 4 sniper medals with S-51 in a day :P

  7. I manged to do it…
    last night stug, today t 34 and churchill
    with stug and churchill is ok but pain in the ass with t 34…
    as you said kill stealing, I have done 1.3k dmg with it and 1 kill, while other guy had 5 kills and 320 dmg :D
    I’m looking forward to more missions like tihs

  8. I actually enjoyed the t-34. Loaded only goldshells for the trolling :). Laughed my ass off, when i took down a derp kv2 myself, from full health. The result? Kv2 rage in chat, was epic :D

  9. i wonder about that comment on the tanks though…

    the churchill is basically a mobile TD with turret great pen and awesome DPM, so everybody into TD playtyle should love that thing.

    the type t34 is basically a 1:1 copy of the russian one, and noth of them are imo the closest T5 to being OP.
    You dont have problems with nothing with your 112 pen gun and 0,34 TD accuracy.. -8 gundepression, nearly 2500 dpm and speed do the rest, a candidate to solo a game this T-34.

  10. Did it pretty fast with stug and type bur that snail-rock-idiotic churchil it’s so unplayable, at least in open maps. Got into 4 ruinberg/himmelsdorf maps and managed to do the job. Conclusion: good event, great amount of credits. Playing Churchill not so funny. I hate it

  11. “As you probably know (as all the servers had the same type of event), the goal was to gather 20 kills on StuG III, 20 on Type T-34 and 20 on Churchill I. The mission goals were comprehensible in general, apart from two moments:”

    Nothing on NA…

  12. You dont like killstealing? “Don’t play team games” It took you 60 games to get 60 kills? Seems fair to me. And btw I started with a stock Churchill1 and surprisingly, it was the 1st tank who got all of his kills (I expected it to take more time). The choice was different nations and different tank classes, you should be thankfully for not getting 20kills on scouts (Leopard), arty (Grille), and heavys (the new slow VK). To my opinion, it was the best mission we ever had and it encourages me to actually keep the tanks in my garage. I am looking forward to more missions that need some specific veheicles. The choice of the tanks was awesome, all were a lot of fun to play.

  13. Churchill I is a fine and easy tank. I play it recreationally.

    Also I find fast shooting guns with low alpha are great for “killstealing”. You just wait till the enemy is almost finished and boom: Fast aim, fast reload, good pen, good accuracy. T-34 and Churchill shouldn’t allow others to “steal a kill”.

    Also: Killstealing? That’s a thing now? I always thought that is a noob concept since this game is about winning and whoever kills a tank doesn’t matter cause any dead red tank is one step further towards winning.
    But maybe EU server is just full of tools, i wouldn’t know.

  14. One thing that I’ve noticed lately with the constant missions and whatnot is the seeming inflation of credits. They’re far too easy to get now, before I had to spend a while in my premiums to get 300k in a single day, now it boils down to collecting stars from 15 tanks and getting myself 250k. For the first time since I started playing I feel I have too many credits and not enough stuff to spend them on.

    These events are awesome, but I’m afraid they’re giving a bit too much now, and will have to ramp it up even more eventually whn the playerbase becomes even more greedy and demanding.

    • Just start to buy prem consumables and new lines that are coming up, the money will be gone in a moment ;>

  15. Well,I`m an idiot.

    When I`ve done my calculations if it`s worth completing this mission (I have to research the Churchill 1) I totally forgot that while playing those 3 tier 5 tanks I`ll do a lot of money due to the special.

    So,yeah,tnx SS,time to start researching the Churchill 1.

  16. Only problem i had with the event was the same issue with killstealers. That and i forgot how weak the armour is on the churchill

  17. Do you think it would be better it event would be damage dealing based? For ex. instead of getting 30 kills it would be 30000 or 15000 dmg.

  18. SS, could it also have been an incentive to get more people using the Churchill and Type?
    They are probibally the rarer of the tier 5′s in my opinion.

  19. As far a kill stealing goes it woul be better if the goal was to clock up a certain amount of damage for each tank and the player who did the work would get the credit. It would also teach the community that damage is more important than kills.

    • Kills are just as important too – a tank at 1% health does just as much damage as a tank at 100% health. Killing tanks ensures there are less guns firing at you

  20. Damn, am I the only one who loves the (Type) T-34? While not very mobile it can do huge amounts of damage over large distances, accurate enough to aim at hatches popping over hills and relatively well armoured to take a bit of a beating.

    Playing it is very enjoyable and you can practically see the frustration on PZIV player faces when you dodge their 105mm shot, get up close and start attacking their gearbox at almost 30 (effective) RPM, killing them before they manage to reload.

    • Yeah, if he misses and if he is alone and if you manage to kill him before he reloads (You wont).

    • I love type t-34 as well. It is fun tank, if you know how to play it. Scored my 20 kills in 9 games with 86% crew and really enjoyed it. The main point is I enjoyed it. Churchill (75% crew) was a slow peace of shit. I hated it, sold it as soon as I finished the mission and I hope I will never have to play it again.

  21. Problem is….I have only the StugIII and no plans to get T34,Type 34, any brits… :/.
    Maybe next time with other vehicles.

  22. About the SEA fail, just so you know, the WG team acknowledged its mistake by allowing the T-34 kills to be counted too (but as T-34 – you can’t combine T-34 and type 34 results). Pretty fair.

  23. “Churchill I is very uncomfortable to play and took the longest by far to accomplish it”

    You gotta be kidding :) Playing Tier V battles with Churchill is like stealing candy from kids :) In fact, all 3 vehicles are perfect for racking kills. Especially Type T-34. I had most trouble with StuG, since it just dies from nothing and is much too easy to spot (~80% crew with no skills).

    If WG really hated us, they could put some artillery pieces in the special. Or hunks of rust like M7 or any light tank.

  24. The best missions are those that reward you for doing a specific amount of damage in a game. That way everyone is more willing to get out there and deal damage and win the game. Saves me soaking up and dealing the damage whilst loosing out on the kill….

  25. Originally on SEA server the mission requirements was to Kill 20 of each of the three tanks.
    Pretty obvious flaw there. There were no bonuses offered for people to play these tanks, so why on earth would anyone voluntarily play a tank that had a major bullseye on it?
    This was pointed out as soon as the announcement went up, and the mission was changed before it started to require you to get kills while playing the tank, instead of getting kills of the tank.

    The mission overlapped nicely with discounts on SEA. The T-34 was 50% off, and the Churchill I was 35% off. Purchasing the tanks to run the mission was a pretty minor issue. Note that although they mistakenly advertised T-34 instead of Type T-34, they did stick a manual system in place so those who used the T-34 were not penalised. The reward was given at the end of the weekend, instead of immediatly if you used the correct Type T-34.

  26. As far as I can tell, NA server missions overall have be lacking the majority of the time, relative to what I have see advertised for the EU & RU servers, since Mission came into existence. It appears the NA server’s missions have been seeking test out a carrots with far more deflationary impact, relative to say the RU server.

    Who’s has benefited the most from the NA servers missions overall lately?
    Individuals who frequently play at or above tier 8, and who own premium tier 8 tanks.

    It appears that it is relatively safer to test out new game economic assumptions, on the NA server compared to say the Russian server, which has a huge number of players.

    “(SEA also had this event, I thought NA had it too, but I was wrong)”.

  27. Oh that’s why a retard churchill teamkilled me because I had 9 kills. He was butthurt for me getting them.

  28. I didn’t bother with this mission, I only have the Stug out of the three tanks, I started grinding towards the Type T-34 and Church I, but after a couple of games riddled with HEAT T18′s at tier 3 I gave up, it wasn’t worth the fuss and damage to my WR (WoT has turned me into such a stat whore :S) for £1.50 worth of premium…sure I couldn’t converted gold to free exp them, but that kinda defeats the point.

    So naturally, I spent the weekend in my T-150 and KV-1S trolling anyone driving a Stug, Churchill I and Type T-34

  29. I had to grind the Chinese tree up to the Type T-34 (hadn’t done any Chinese tanks) but it only took about a day and I got the 20 kills easy enough. Have the Stug permanently in my garage so the 20 on that was easy and today I’m going to buy the Churchill (50% discount) and get the 20 on that.

    Overall its a nice mission and even though I had to play a nation up to tier 5 which I never really wanted to, its been something a bit different than the usual – and I REALLY enjoyed the Chinese M5 at tier 4 :)

  30. It took me all weekend to do the mission, was playing for the x2 and the second x2 for my other tanks too.

    I had the StuG with decent crew (89%) and it was easy. I re-bought the Churchill and with my crew with one skill, I had no issue to get the kills in 15 battles or so. Type T-34 was much difficult, first I had to research some odd 13k in my M5A1 to get to the point of buying the Chinese tank sometime on Sunday. Than with the 75% crew and the stock set-up, it took forever to get those kills – more precisely 24 battles. The good part is that by the end of the mission I’ve researched the suspension, turret and gun upgrades so I got 8 kills in my last 4 games, with the help of a platoon mate.

    Killstealing was a nuisance, I admit I’ve done 4-5 myself although around the same number were stolen from me in the same time.

  31. Kill stealing arseoles were what spoiled it for me esp in Churchill but on the whole enjoyed it immensely and making the most of 7 days premium :)

  32. I agree that the Churchill I was a bit of pain to play.
    Stug III and Type T-34 are good tanks and it was even a bit too easy to make 20 kills on each, but that Churchill I is just a pain.

    With the 50% credit bonus for Tier 5′s and some other missions it was a great mission. Everybody playing serously has made a lot of credits.

    Hope such missions will come again and again.

  33. What a really good special, took me 37 games and ended up with 66 kills overall. Type T-34 was so easy 25 kills in 8 games (got 7 kills in first game and 6 in last). Churchill and Stug were pretty much the same 15 games 21 kills for Churchill and 14 games 22 kills for Stug. Ended up with a 73% win rate and earning around 2.7 million credits. Can’t wait for the next one.

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