Israeli community in WoT

Hello everyone,

just quick heads up to FTR readers from Israel: there is an Israeli World of Tanks community forming:

Hello dear Tankers!

We are glad to invite you the Israeli World of Tanks Community
Due to the large number of Israeli players who play this wonderful game on all servers, we have came to a decision that there is a need for a united Isaeli WoT community.

We offer vital information and news, along with new of a kind guide and commentary videos in Hebrew.

Please join us and our effort of uniting the Israeli players by inviting your friends.

See you on the battlefield!

EU forums discussion thread
US forums discussion thread
Israeli Community FB page

7 thoughts on “Israeli community in WoT

  1. Hahha SERB my friend you are done for,i see a community forming which will start all kind of flamewars first and to whom will WG obey.