30 thoughts on “New Ranzar video

    • And you watch it as usual.. so what’s this about? You don’t like it but still you do watch it? Are you bored of your life or something so that you even watch things you don’t like and then comment how bad they are to you? (:


      • how could I know beforehand? xD it’s not a valid argument, of course people watch new things, and then get disappointed when it doesn’t live up to the expectations.

  1. We like the animation but eventually we’re gonna stop watching if there’s no plot or joke. Basically nothing happened in this episode.

  2. These Ranzar videos are becoming more and more like the X-Files: the ending is always a giant mystery.

  3. I know his videos always have something that happens in WoT but . .

    is he addressing the camping issue here? I don’t get it