NATO days (Ostrava 2013)

Hello everyone,

I don’t see this on the portal, so here’s a glance with Challenger at how the NATO days in Ostrava (CZ) looked like. Notice the composition of the gaming crows (you’ll see why random battles suck sometimes).

Also, the “music” (can it be called that?) is terrible.


40 thoughts on “NATO days (Ostrava 2013)

  1. What’s up with all those young kids? Such events in our country don’t attract that amount of kids lol. Is that how the Czech community is SS?

    • Also, “Guess the tank” booth – a picture of a Jagdtiger whereas in the bottom corner of the picture the name is already stated -.-. What kind of guess game is that? Sure sounds fun :<

    • i can imagine why… from my experience games in czech are viewed as toys… they are for kids. grownups do other stuff.. like working and drinking .wonderful country… of course im just rating the most of the population, some people are actually moved beyond that.. like some of our commercial televisions xD

  2. i like the fact some1 tells us its raining, and at the end of the vid the challenger says the weather has been amazing :p
    also, dubstep fail and an insane lot of kiddies.. (notice the one driving the foch 155, shot 1 shell of his 3 clip and drive back with his side exposed…)

    • Regarding the weather, what did You expect. The Challenger is British. It’s pretty close to a summer in Albion ;)

  3. no wonder why there are so much unexplainably dumb decisions that players make in wot..half of them didn’t finish elementary school
    funny accents though

  4. over the last couple of days while playing wot frustrationless of course i heard jets afterburning over my house as im living fairly close to Ostrava..
    and looking at people in the video, im glad i didnt go there … no shame.. just look at challengers facial expressions xD
    also what the fuck is that music… how is that topical?
    also what the fuck that czenglish! damn ppl better learn some proper language and then go play games
    but as always not surprising, you can expect only a certain type of beings at such events

  5. Anyone else notice not one screen had chat on it?
    WG knows enough they can’t allow the public and reporters to see the filth and bile that is spewed in public matches.
    Too bad we the players can’t have the same feature without modifying the game files manually.

    • Tape a post-it over that part of the screen. Problem solved.
      …that is assuming the more obvious solution of “never mind the bollocks” is beyond your abilities; works for me.

  6. I tried {again} WoWP *betaTester*, it’s horrible, horrible. .
    hope they can make it work soon…

  7. Yay,if i am meeting players like this i cant wonder that i am in rage every battle:D Btw i hate dubstep too,but Lindsey Strirling is OK.