WG EU fail, WoWp edition

Thanks to ShiftyN for this one.

Hello everyone,

I normally don’t write about WoWp, but this might potentially concern WoT players too. Apparently, WG EU made a new mission mechanism: in the new mission, you get double tokens (or any reward really) for 1st, 3rd and 10th victory of the day.

Only, you don’t. It’s not working. Earlier, the mission announcement looked like this:


Notice the screwed up date – earlier it was allegedly alright, then they shifted the date like this and later, the mission was cancelled and the “issue is being investigated“. What a mess.

Anyway guys, if you were thinking of running this mission, don’t waste your time. It’ll appear in the future tho. Hopefully.

54 thoughts on “WG EU fail, WoWp edition

  1. Unprofessionalism on their part.

    Where I’ve worked in the past, if you repeatedly made mistakes like that in your reports, you’d get warnings and eventually get shown the door. That’s why I’m still shocked to this day when I see a company like Wargaming continually letting crap like this slide all the time. Whether or not this is “just a game” isn’t a valid point, it reflects poorly on those of us who pay real money for their goods.

      • I think you missed my point.

        I as a customer am not concerned for Wargaming. I’m just shocked that mistakes like this are allowed to happen on a routine basis. It’s like watching someone dent his own car. You as the bystander wouldn’t personally care, but you’d be shocked too and wondering why someone would do such a thing. That tells me he doesn’t give a damn about his own car.

        • Yes. And that’s exactly what happens: Minsk doesn’t give a damn. And Paris either doesn’t care to bee good because of lack of consequences or even further, is silently sabotaging because they have to obey insulting orders.
          And why Minsk doesn’t care, you have above. Again, it’s Russian thing. Disgusting as fuck but that’s what they are used to.

          • Douche… WG is based out of Minsk … that is Belarus for ignorant people like you. Not Russia.
            Besides WoWP development team is in Ukraine.

            You run your mouth while knowing absolutely nothing of what you are saying.

            To me WoT ( I play on NA server so WGNA in particular) are by far the worst community managers … they are always lazy as hell to explain anything, and then get defensive or just ignore everyone if problems arise; and if major backlash occurs that new bitch Laera or whatever her name is comes says some dumb shit like :”Please continue discussion in…” some absolutely unrelated thread or forum section and just locks the thread . Damn California lazy-ass hippies are what they are!

            WoWP has by-far the most pleasing community management people I have seen yet… Support “submit a ticket” division is probably the same dumb-ass people like in WoT though.

            • it is russian, or more broadly soviet mentality… Also, Belarus is sort of a made up country, of which many citizens would like to be incorporated into the union with russia again.

            • Well, who cares where it is now? Who cares if it is white Russians or red Russians, or those three-color-imperial-flag-Russians, united again?
              Half of you don’t even want to have a separate independent country and your president is on a good way to make it incorporated into Russia again.

              Prove me wrong. Get rid of that fucker with a bullet or sth. similar and make yourselves free democracy state – prove that you want it.

    • if they would spend a bit more money on a few more bundles of bananas for the monkeys they got typing this crap up then maybe they wouldn’t be so weak that they cant even think straight.

    • So, computer game in beta test has bugs and everything doesn’t work as intended. I worked in software and somehow I’m not amazed and I don’t think their staff or developers are especially evil or incompetent.

  2. A good advise: dont pay real money anymore for this game ( even if its a good game)until shit is fixed and the comunity will be listened.
    Since the weekend missions, every weekend you can get one week of premium and 1 mil credits. This way you get all the premium you need and also credits. No need to pay for premium account or tier 8 moneymakers.

    • i truly hope they don’t listen to the community at all that’s half the reason that most MMO games head downhill rapidly, its impossible to please everyone and the company is better off not trying to please anyone.

  3. This really shows they are quite desperate…this isnt going well at all. IMO Wg is wasting resources on Wowp or WoBattleships

  4. Hate to play WoWp, but still I will play it every day, because 6 months of premium in WoT are worth it

  5. If only I gave a damn about WoWP. I tried to get the required amount of battles for the gift planes. Then at about 400 battles in I realized I most likely won’t touch the game at all after ‘release’ and uninstalled.

    • Exactly the same feeling. Been there since closed beta and versions 0.2.x. There was a time when there was hope for it but they went full arcade in such a brutally boring way that I can’t even watch it anymore. Also the gameplay is just WoT applied to airplanes and with destructible ground forces instead of cap circles. In my eyes it doesn’t fit at all. Can’t really see what some people enjoy there but it’s nice that they don’t overlap with WT that much. There should be something for everyone.

  6. To all the idiots who say “don’t play WoWP”: do you realise that even without this special, you can get 6 months of premium for WoT (worth apparently 49EUR) for free playing this crappy game in beta?
    No, you probably don’t realise it and keep bitching on the forums while paying lots of money to WG. As someone who has amassed 10 premium tanks without EVER having paid a single penny, cent or kopek to WG, this greatly upsets me.

    • 50 Euro for 2 months of testng isnt that great.

      Besides, nothing is free nowadays, even your premiums.

      • “2 months of testing” = kill 10 noobs/AFKers/computer crash using a tier 1 (think how hard it is to get 10 frags at tier 1 in WoT) per day, plus some ground targets = 30 minutes max.

        While I certainly won’t classify my premium tanks as “free”, I paid no money to get them (instead competitons, specials etc).

  7. They should cancel WoWP and just channel all their resources to WoT. About WoWS i don’t know since it’s not out yet, but even that is a risk will it work or not. But WoWP is their big failure and as soon as they realise the better for them. I do realise that separated teams are working on both games, but it’s just a waste of money and resources. Instead they could focus on making WoT much better game and fix much faster all its flaws.

      • I don’t think WoWp is a resource drain for WoT. Maybe just that they took Overlord away, but besides from that there are different teams, different concepts different everything and you’d never think that all of the profit from WoT gets reinvested in WoT.
        Also there are people obviously enjoying super arcade looks_like_flying shoot-em-ups. Let them.

  8. SS, the issue was caught up in Twitter, and followed up by breaking news in CNN, FoxNews and BBC, the whole world is in rage, amazing fail, really horrible even compared to Kenya Mall Massacre.

    PS WoWP, it’s like an OMG the size of galaxy imploded into a black hole and created on the other side a new universe that after 15 billion of years achieved consciousness by biological machines that gaped in horror and screamed WTF, WTF, OMG WTF!

  9. Same thing’s currently happening on NA. Mission isn’t working there either, although they’re still “investigating” and haven’t cancelled the event yet.

    Probably because everybody at WGNA is still asleep.

  10. WG incompetence. Investigation finished
    WG can give employ me for finding their…. “issues”.

    SOunds like a real fulltime job.