WG fail: October mission not working properly

Update: according to this post, WG is still not decided whether they will fix it, or simply change the portal news and leave the 50k XP demand.

Hello everyone,

just a word of warning: the October mission “Hero of the Day”, in which you are supposed to do 50k damage for a 250k credits reward is not working properly – instead of damage, it really counts XP, as you can see clearly here:


WG employees assured us repeatedly that the valid part is the DAMAGE and it’s simply an error in description. It is not.

That means two things:

- first, I am pretty sure the mission will be fixed only with next reset, so don’t bother accumulating damage today
- damage done today before the mission is fixed will almost certainly not transferred

Simply put, don’t bother fulfilling it (50k XP per day is pretty hard), wait until WG fixes it.

70 thoughts on “WG fail: October mission not working properly

  1. Another screwup by WG. Seems to me WGEU AND WGNA fucked this up.

    What kind of idiots are they hiring in this economy?

  2. I’ve been doing 50k XP per day for the last 2 months now. You need it for the mission where you get a free day of premium (this is on the NA Server). It’s not exactly hard….more like tedious.

    • It is hard if:

      you have a fulltime job and a family and thus very limited amount of time. It’s probably great mostly for students, schoolkids and seniors :). Ahwell… I will survive and get a few in the weekends this month I guess. It’s still sort of a bonus you get for playing.

      • It can be easely fulfilled if you have a premium account and many tanks to do the first victories.
        But anyway…you need to be a good player to really abuse that.
        Just do the math…@3.000 exp on a double…that’s around 17 tanks to do the doubles on.
        17 tanks x 7 minutes…119 minutes….that’s 2 hrs without taking a break.

          • Yes, indeed, but I only gave the minimum amount of time required to do it as a good player.
            Ofc, I can also add more stuff…like going to piss, eat, phone-talking, familly talking, having a disscusion with a clan mate, reading websites and so on, which would delay that time.

            In my case, I manage to gather those 50k exp in about 4 hrs.

  3. - damage done today before the mission is fixed will almost certainly not transferred

    The damage wouldn’t be transferred, even if the description would be right. The idea is to do 50k dmg. between the daily resets.

      • Spend 250,000+ on ammo due to constant bouncing.. to get 250,000 credits. Break Even Month..lol

      • Also you have to actually WIN your games to get the 2x bonus, which as we all know, can sometimes be the hardest thing to achieve in WoT :)

          • Sometimes the little missions are much more rewarding – additional 25k creds for 5k damage (all tanks and cumulative). Over the weekend I got like extra 1.75 mln just by shooting – regardless of win/loose. 50k exp is mostly “no can do” for me because of time, but its fairly easy to dish out required amount of damage…

        • Duh…than how the fuck I manage to earn over 50k exp a day by playing only @30 matches everyday?…
          I usually play only 2-4 hrs a day ‘cuz it get’s boring.

    • same for me in my JgTiger met 88L71, but its still nice to get a bonus now and then. these mission allow for some extra cash and or premium time even for non premium players which gives them something for there efforts.

      its to say the least clumsy of Wg to either mess up the announcement or program the mission text wrong. so whhich recuires the most effort is the actual program to calculate the Xp gathered and gives the bonus apon completion. so i think the got the announcement wrong.

      50k Xp or damage is doable but for people with limited time its harder to near impossible, some actually have jobs and family responsabilities. for me tier 8 and up earns these rewards the fastest ;)

  4. why not keep the 15 motif? make it 15k….. or maybe 25k but i would prefer 15k especially since we still got the 50k xp mission.

  5. “Update: according to this post, WG is still not decided whether they will fix it, or simply change the portal news and leave the 50k XP demand.”

    Then raise 250k creds to 750k or so.

      • No, WG is simply idiotic. I was already expecting something like this to happen. WG EU Staff fucks up things over n over again, it’ll never change.

  6. 50k exp or 50k damage will take about the same time for me, exp can be done at any tier, damage would mean playing high tiers.

    Seal clubbing FTW.

  7. Sry to interrupt the rage, but there is another bug with the missions.

    Mission “Mission: Learning by Doing” (why the d is capped, btw?) and grey mission “Mission” Without any white letters (last one for me with any sortings) both give you +20% crew experience if you are in the top 3 xp-gainers in your team after the battle. And both is counting, so you get +40% crew xp in fact.

  8. To be honest, I feel for most players 50k xp would be easier then 50k damage, but I dunno. I think both are way to high.

    • I prefer damage. I haven’t played my Tier8 and Tier9 arties in a couple of months now. This would be a good time to get back into them again.

    • You kidding? 50k damage is easy if you have anything tier8 or higher. With the 5k damage mission, I daily made at least 12-13 of them just in e-75 and 50M and I’m an average player. Besides you don’t get your damage cut when you loose, like with xp
      The downside of damage based missions is the flood of high tier, high alpha td’s, it’s really frustrating when you’re up against a death squad of 6 to 9 T10 td’s on… komarin of all maps… Still i’d rather have those mission then not :P

    • Agreed, 50k damage is only fast when playing it all on high-tiers. Not that I don’t have any (although that would likely also be an issue for majority of players), but I like to play various tanks of various tiers. With my usual daily playstyle I’d be done with the 50k xp about half way to 50k dmg, 2/3 at best, so hopefully they’ll stick with the xp variant :)

  9. “Update: according to this post, WG is still not decided whether they will fix it, or simply change the portal news and leave the 50k XP demand.”

    Typical wg. Those lazy halfasses can’t do anything properly. Instead of fixing a problem, they just keep with it. And if it’s a game related bug, they just call it a “feature”

  10. That’s not their only fail. The mission: Learning by doing is duplicated, one with this name and another time without any name

    • Its not duplicated, one is top 3 xp for both teams, other is top 3 for your team. Try read the descriptions before posting again.

  11. WG will take the easy route, and just change the portal, rather then change the mission tracker.

  12. Someone should make a new topic in the forums with the title: Have you just lost your Type and don’t know why? :)

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  14. Hello folks,

    We’re working on removing the 50k exp event and changing it back to what was originally advertised; 50k damage in one day, we’re sorry this hasn’t been corrected already. As soon as we have more info on the issue we’ll let you all know asap.

  15. Uh… well, I completed it earlier today (grinding the ISU-152), and it counted my damage.

    I know for a fact it did because there’s no way I’d earn 50k XP in 15 battles. That would be downright ridiculous. Since I’m on the NA server… perhaps its merely bugged on the others? It still says XP, and I hope to GOD they don’t make it count for XP. Damage is a much more feasible metric.

  16. Actually mine is bang on the damage and not on the XP for the games I played.. so.. Obviously it’s just the description..that got screwed up. Cut and paste no one can proof read anymore.

  17. It appears that the mission is tracking damage on the NA server. But it is admittedly hard to tell as the in-game tracking area says EXP.

    The EU server is not properly tracking damage.

  18. Evry day there is not a big problem, it was less problem when you needed 15 wins but XP is not so hard :>

  19. Wrong, don’t be so quick to jump the gun. I just finished the mission for 50k DMG and was awarded the 250k. The description read XP, but it was clearly tracking Damage as it matched up with my session log all night long.

  20. Good for you, it works in NA, it doesn’t work in EU where a far larger userbase is and WG still hasn’t fixed it with daily server restarts, its another big **** you to EU userbase, Stalin inscriptions, high ping, screwed up missions and late or incorrect news posts, same **** different day in the office of WG.

    • I’m curious, what’s the usual peak population on the EU servers? I’ve talked to a lot of people on NA from Europe/Israel/etc who prefer the US servers because everyone speaks one language, even though some of them only have a basic grasp of English. There’s also a lot of Japanese and Korean players who come on in the evening (their time, which is around early morning in the US).

        • Wow, that’s over 4x usual US peak pops. On NA East after midnight sometimes I see the same people in matches 3x in a row, probably don’t see that as much on EU then.

  21. Another reset (02.10.2013) and still no fix. It seems that the did it on purpose (or maybe haven’t got the right people to solve it). From my point of view, things seem to get out of hand for WG, they did too many mistakes lately (wake up WG!!!).

  22. Tankers!

    The “Hero of the Day” in-game mission description is currently incorrect and we are in the process of fixing it.

    Your goal should be to deal 50,000 points of damage (not XP) within a 24-hour period, as detailed accurately in our article on the World of Tanks web portal.