8.9 new map – North-West

New map (North-West) – official WG description:

This rustic, rural location may have been a peaceful, agricultural haven at one time, but these days, it is only host to hostile machinery. Northwest features a scenic, pastoral setting marked by farm equipment and open fields.

This map provides a good variety of high and low hotspots, as well as plenty of camouflage opportunities, as the map is peppered with trees. Don’t get too distracted by the scenery, because getting caught in the open on Northwest is a recipe for destruction.










28 thoughts on “8.9 new map – North-West

    • My thoughts exactly. Why is it that we have like 30 maps in the game, and I have only played maybe 8 of them over the last 2 weeks.

    • Looks like it, but to me it seems like a hybrid between Tundra, South Coast and Severogorsk.

  1. It reminds me of the type of battlefield the Japanese would have encountered had they invaded mainland Alaska in WW2

  2. Great, so unless you have either good gun depression or good camo, you’re pretty much fucked on this map, and who does this benefit, naturally? Americans and Soviets (the T29 comes to mind, as if it didn’t have enough places to hull-down already).

    • Almost all my soviet tanks have poor gun depression. They might have decent camp but what good is it if you have to keep moving to try and get a shot due to no gun depression?

      • Nvm, i thought the style, environment, hills, deployment of elements, but that is something what your physical eyes can’t see.

  3. The tank in most of the pictures looks new to me, I never seen such a tank like that. is it possibly the Christmas tank we’re going to get ?

  4. If you’ve played WoWP you’ll notice this is part of the National (Yosemite) map. BTW the National map is also called the “Blackhole” because everyone gets sucked into the very large, and very deep ditch from which you cannot escape (flight model).