8.9 info from ASAP/KTTS

Hello everyone,

Russian 8.9 ASAP video is up, you can watch it here:



In it:

- in 8.9 German TD’s will come, new map, and 7/42 companies, 3 premium vehicles

- premium tanks: Chi-Nu Kai, Type 64, T-44-85


- 7/42 is a mode based on cybersports, video shows how the new interface is shown in the video

- new German TD line will be based on open-topped vehicles (pictures can be seen here in detail), they will have weak armor, but a good gun for its tier, tier 8-10 will have rotating turrets, WT E-100 will have an autoloader and both the 128mm (6 rounds) and 150mm guns (4 rounds), it will be a “glass cannon” (a lot of DPS, easy to destroy).

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What is interesting: new tanks have been actually unveiled in the video: Soviet Panther, British M2A4 and A7 and German NbFz premium tank:




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  1. While I have no idea what the A7 is, the M2A4 probably a lend-lease tank from US. I wonder how the T-5 (from PzV, translated) will handle, since we already have a premium panther that behaves like its historical counterpart (PzV/M10).

    If its right, they are all sold in the gift shop, no in the ingame shop, right?

    • T-5 was simply a Soviet designation for captured (but also enemy) Panthers. Unless it’s something very special (like Panther A), it will be much like the V/M10

      • Isn’t it even refitted with a Soviet gun? I’d imagine they would do that to simplify logistics…

        • IIRC passing mentions I’ve read the policy with trophy Panthers and Tigers was “wear them out and throw way” (the more reliable Pz IV was apparently considered more worth keeping), and by the time they started picking up working Panthers I suspect captured ammunition wasn’t really an issue either. Heck, not too long later Panzerfausts started getting issued to combat engineers en masse for demolition work…

  2. GUYS! Watch in the video, starting at 3:39, how the WT E-100 behaves – it seems to be MUCH faster and mobile than the current E-100 heavy tank we have in game. Look how it stopped and started moving backwards in seconds! I assume it will be a VERY interesting vehicle with such a good mobility.

    • Considering it’s been stripped of its armor, I’d say that would be a pretty fast vehicle. I like it but I won’t start grinding it. I hate unarmored tanks.

      • Well then, you are making a huge mistake, the Leopard 1 is a total beast on its tier despite not having any armour at all :P

            • Issue is, Bat and Leo are one of the fastest tanks around, both have decent to good camouflage and in case of Battie, small size. WaffleFrager E 100 will be more agile than average German heavy, but it still will be moderately to decent fast with seriously big ass, no camo and no armor.

    • With a 1200 hp engine it should easily get to the E-100 hulls hard speed limit without the weight of a massive turret/superstructure and sideskirts.

      I wouldnt be surprized if the actuall hull armor is the same as the E-100/JPE-100.

      • The engine deck looks like the JP E’s, at least, but the relative agility on display and general “glass cannon” concept would seem to suggest fairly light plates. WT E armour with the 1200-horse ~Ahnenerbe<3Magic~ engine from the JP version, perhaps?

        • Yeah it just depends on what WG goes with, I would guesstimate an 80 ton weight if they leave the hull armor as it is.

        • Oh fuck off Kellogs with ur Ahnenerbe Bullshit, you mean magic like the magical force field armor of the IS and KV-Series or the magical antigrav engines of the soviets less hp more armor/more weight but fast as hell compared to other tanks with double h.p. by same or less weight… jeez

          • Punctuation. Try Some. And get some ointment for that hurting butt.

            What’s ~Groovin*Magic~ about the Maybachs is power-to-weight ratios to rival very high-end aero-engines and horsepowers that IRL they actually never produced – after ten years of further work the French were getting something like *850* out of the nominally 1200-rated HL 295, I’d remind you.
            And if you’re struggling with IS armors I can only advise you to L2Aim and stop failing.

    • Okay, so it fast. But how about its camo? I see they even bother put camo paint. Is it still have good camo, or same as JPE, bad as f*ck?

  3. A: Sorry, don’t understand russian :D

    B: No secondary branches of other nations ;(

  4. Other information: If you see the russian page, you will find that the Sturel Emil or that ever that gonna call on the game was a camouflage that is not used; and second, you can find the NorthWest minimap there too

    • Well, not quite “just like” – it “only” had two MG-armed subturrets after all, against the T-35′s four of which IIRC half had cannon…

  5. WT E-100 will have an autoloader and both the 128mm (6 rounds) and 150mm guns (4 rounds), it will be a “glass cannon” (a lot of DPS, easy to destroy).

    Ok this is insane. No matter if this tank will be a glass cannon but 3360dmg (128mm with 560dmg average) or 3400dmg (150mm with 850dmg average) is a gamebreaker.

      • dumb people cant adapt, many many patches later, and the game is still standing…

    • Foch 155 : medium mobility which makes Type59 look like a heavy, frontal armor comparable to T95, great camo value, huge dmg clip. Thats INSANE!!

      WT E-100 : size of E100, no camo, heavy mobility, NO ARMOR. We dont even know the pen values or clip reload time. You call this insane? GTFO!!! you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • you are stupid sorry to say that.

        Size of E100.
        No. The hull is the same the top is different. It is smaller. Just a bit but it is.

        no camo
        How do you know? I dont know the value yet do you? But i know something you seem to forgett noob. Guns etc on top of hulls dont count in the camovalue. The camo count here only the hull without the turret thing. So you can expect a quite good camo for this size.
        At least thats how it´s been in the past.

        heavy mobility
        Have you seen the video moron? It moves fast. Very fast.

        NO ARMOR. Who the hell needs amor anymore if you can take almost two T10 tanks out with one drum? French tanks proven you dont need armor. Amor is almost useless anyway since Premiumamo for credits.

        But keep your stupid thoughts. Go have your next OP tank. I care about game balance and fun. Not for the fucktards who spend thousands of Gold to get it on the first day so they can lame around.

  6. Are you sure the the A7 and M2A4 are premium? The M2A4 was supposed to start the Lend-Lease Line.

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  8. Very easy to destroy. That means the tank sucks. Sorry boys, not going to be sitting around emptying clips when you are massively visible and have 20 mm of armor. Everyone will just load HE and two shot you.

    • Only have 4 perks crew from T-34-85, but I’m waiting for this baby since 3 patches ago already. Still worried a bit because the historical 85 gun on the T-44A sucks balls in WoT terms, but maybe that’s why they changed the name from T-44A to T-44-85. :crossing fingers:

  9. *Checks pants* I think I’m going to have to change them. The Tier 10 TD with 4 shots and a 150cm cannon? Hello BEA-U-TIFUL

    • Lines were planned much further ahead, balancing them is the tricky part. I’m drooling over the French superheavy line which is only waiting for multi-gun support to get finalised

    • because thats something they anounce in a news video… right, next thing they will read the bufs and nerfs for camera

    • As far as I know, the KV-1S split (to KV-85 and KV-122) had been delayed. Probably until 9.0

  10. want a German Tier 8 medium premium :S
    Pz 4s is to slow for a med and the Manthers Gun is .. mehh

      • they said Fv4202 will not replace with Chieftain because Chieftain is not MT
        then why they won’t remove the Fv215b HT and add Chieftain to tier10 HT

  11. In the picture (with 4 tanks) below where you have the new premium tanks listed, what is that green open top tank on the far right? It has the same look as the hellcat to me.

    • I have my doubts, but it will be nice to train 6 crew members instead of the 4 in the B2 (at least I have well trained radio operators).

  12. “video shows how the new interface is shown in the video”

    Will the video show me parts of it’s video aswell? =P

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  15. Wow, I want that TD line more and more.Finally an interesting patch after 2 boring ones.