Type 64 to recieve Taiwan flag

Hello everyone,

as some of you might have noticed, the 8.9 KTTS video showed us the new upcoming Chinese light tank Type 64 (more about its history here). Only one problem: it’s a Taiwanese vehicle, but in the movie it has a PRC emblem:


Fear not however: Storm confirmed that the final vehicle in game will have the Kuomintang emblem:


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    • They don’t have nations for tanks, and not even the same simbols, they will not even notice it…

    • How would it stir Chinese? They are OK with having provincial emblems on their own tanks. Taiwan is Chinese province and this tank will be a part of the Chinese tree. Neither PRC or RoC (Taiwan) despute that.

        • Since when is Kuomintang not “China”, that is, a Chinese party?

          The point stands – why would Chinese mind Kuomintang emblem on the tanks. It’s like Americans protesting the use of Confederacy flags in a game set in US Civil War time.

        • Depending on your side of the argument, it either WAS a province until Chiang Kai-Shek’s government-in-exile fled there to escape from Mao Zedong’s Communists in 1949, thus forming the nation of Taiwan (this is the stance of the US and SEATO), or it’s a “rogue province” (this is the argument presented by the PRC, and they forced the UN to agree with them)

          • A government in exile is a political group which claims to be a country’s legitimate government, but is unable to exercise legal power and instead resides in [a foreign country].

      • LOL ,Taiwan is NOT a province of China. China always claims that “Taiwan is a province of China.” Actually, Taiwan is ruled by ROC which is different from China(PRC).

        • Look, I don’t have enough time to teach you history and presence for free. Pay me in ingame gold, then we’ll talk.

          In short: Yes, Taiwan is a province of China. Even Taiwanese government says that. Even US says that.

          • Actually, almost all countries in the world accept that Taiwan is a province of China. But hey, you know better ;)

            • If Taiwan (ROC) was a province of PRC then the issue of “unification” would not be a problem to begin with and the country would be ruled with the same government as PRC.

          • No offense, but can you give me any source that proves that the Taiwanese (ROC) government says that they are a province of the People’s Republic of China?

            • I think he means that Taiwan is a province of the historical territory known as China and not an administrative province of the political entity that is the PRC.

              I never said anyone would mind, it’s just that there is no provincial symbol, it’s the symbol of the political party and the military faction the communists fought in the civil war. As in, political emblem vs the emblem of a politically neutral historic administrative entity.

              Very nice if no one minds.

            • The situation is almost funny, really. The official Taiwanese position is that Taiwan is a province of the Republic of China, the majority of which is currently occupied by the illegitimate People’s Republic. Officially, they plan to retake the mainland (and including Mongolia) at some point in time. Of course, they haven’t actually acted this way since the 60s.

            • The Free French didn’t even have territory, but the Allies backed them up. But they weren’t considered “funny”. It’s written in the Constitution of the Republic of China, which still stands in Taiwan. If the Taiwanese could do away with it they would’ve. Problem is that any steps away from a “One China” position would provoke war from the Chinese Mainland. Funny to you, but it’s a painful legacy left-over from foreign intervention.

    • I know things will eventually come down to this.

      Sometimes I, being an ethnic Chinese, really don’t want to associate myself with either Mainland Chinese or Taiwanese. Because certain elements from both group make Chinese look bad as a whole.

      Personally I don’t know if I should recognize WG for still being somewhat sensitive and create a non-PLA roundel for this tank…… or still flip ‘em the bird for even introducing this tank in WoT in the first place.

    • 1) I’m the first.

      2) Please stop that “FIRST!!!!!” bullshit, it’s lame, childish and isn’t cool since approx. 2004.

    • 在國服反正各國國徽都是另外設計的了,你們那兒就先行統一了吧。

    • Too bad, but who will buy this instead of Type 59 in Chinese server anyway?
      And why would the rest of the world care?

      • The Taiwanese care, I care. The Taiwanese actually had many american tank variants, and WG are now implementing them into the Chinese tree. Heck, the Taiwanese will probably buy this tank just for the fact that it’s a Taiwanese tank, and with the added bonus of it sporting a ROC emblem makes this even more attractive.

        • That wont be probelm. ROC elblem awaits Taiwanese players on all severs run by WG. Oh, wait, u play on Chinese sever? No worry, SEA sever awaits u. Stay quiet if u want to play on Chinese sever since it is run by a Chinese company that need to obey the laws of PRC.

          • I play on the North American for your information. Are you getting pissed off by all the discussion?

  1. Question:
    Is it the Kuomintang emblem? Or the National Emblem?
    The Kuomintang (Nationalist Chinese Party) emblem has the “white sun” touching the edge of the circle, as the pic you have shown us here, while the National emblem has the white sun in the middle and smaller, not touching the edge.

    Although the National emblem is “correct”, but the “party emblem” is historically accurate.

            • What the first message meant was : Hats off to WG!
              and the second meant that he hopes this emblem change would be applied to pre-1949 Chinese tanks.

              As a Taiwanese, I am very happy to hear this news as well concerning the Type-64, and I hope the same can be applied to the other pre-PRC tanks in the tree. We Taiwanese are in no way “Pro-Kuomingtang”, but we prefer the White Sun emblem (which stands for the Republic of China anyways) over that Soviet-copied Star any day.

          • Because English is the only language being spoken in the world.


    • Now that I think about it…… perhaps WG could have gone a step further……

      First, introduce some slogans in Traditional Chinese. Or even some mutations used during WWII (some Chinese characters written on ROCA Sherman tanks are not Simplified but not exactly Traditional, either).

      And second, replace the background flag on Chinese tank buttons with this:


      banner of Wuchan Uprising.

      Both the PRC and the ROC remember Wuchan Uprising fondly. Everybody would be happy.

  2. Well, this is a good news to us, but there’s a Kuomintang emblem that Lahn say….
    in fact National emblem is correct…

  3. Shouldn’t be a problem. Even now in Chinese library when you buy a book about Chinese tanks or planes, you can rightfully expect to have the Republican emblem on F-16s or Mirage 2000s drawings for instance. It’s not like it’s a forbidden symbol.

    Should be seen as the Republic of China (ROC) emblem though, even if of course it is mainly a reflection of the Guomindang/KMT symbol legacy (but then again everyone was supposed to be part of the Republican front, and the soon to be CCP was originally the left wing of the alliance at the very beginning).

    I don’t expect Mainland players to sh*t a brick out of that, and if some of them nationalistic nuts ones do so, there will be a lot of Mainland players who will still stand up to tell them to swallow it (my experience is that most Chinese players like their tanks’ depiction to be realistic, and don’t give much of a damn about politics).

    • thats pretty much what i think about all games in general… just make it realistic. if it has things in it that you dont like, tough luck…

      i wouldnt mind the “stalinist” thign if i would get some german insignias in return…

      but this doesnt even come close to that case.
      ROC symbols for ROC tanks

      • I never understood if there actually were any inscriptions on German tanks. “God with us” was on the belt buckle of infantry troops, not painted on the side of the turret. Maybe only Soviet tankers liked to decorate their workplace ?

        • The Germans apparently weren’t big on doodling on their tanks in general and when they did it apparently tended to be like place-names and old North Germanic pagan deities – the latter at least starting with the A7V’s back in the Great War (“Wotan” is probably almost iconic).
          Political slogans seem to have been more of a Communist thing. in this context at least.

  4. (Oops sorry btw, I meant “in Chinese bookstores”, and not libraries. Ugly mother-tongue related deformation…)

  5. What tier is it gonna be? (hopefully 5 or 6?) Good for me. My grandfather was one of those who escaped from communist China.

  6. ANYONE KNOW WHEN TYPE 59 COME OUT cuse there sas only when are special events and i’m wondering wich special event ???


    • They just call them “M-Team”, “C-Team”, “S-Team” and so on, but the description makes it clear where the tanks are coming from.

      Although the Chinese server can be criticized for many things, at least that’s a clever way to tune down the nationalistic sh*t. Call it the Asian approach to the problem (kinda the same thing with GuP, dont need to call a cat a cat if it’s obviously a cat…).

      Could be argued that the problem could be different on the SEA server that works by the same rules as the other WG servers, and where we have a lot of Mainland and Taiwanese clans, but usually they actually work and play with each other, no reason any sort of shit should rise from use of the RoC roundel.

  7. I think they should make a whole Guomindang Chinese Tree. As a guy living in shanghai, i’m pretty sure no one will really be mad about the ROC emblem , but if they could make a new line if tanks for China with WOT, it would add a lot variety to the Chinese Tree (Something other than the Russian copies would be nice)

    TL;DR: A Chinese tree with PRC and ROC tanks with different emblems would be nice.

    • I don’t think adding american copies to the russian ones, adds that much to the game. There are plenty of original tanks left to add to the game.

      • Not for the Chinese tree they don’t. A Nationalist branch will be very welcomed, as the Taiwanese have many more PROPER “VARIANTS” of American tanks.

        • Says as if polishing up tanks is kinda improvements lol. The thing is, there is no need to form up a Taiwanese tree as a small add up to the American tree, just straight put them into the US tree and makes crew training easier. BTW the Chinese tree has already proven to be kinda fail as they r statistically unwelcomed and hard to get used to their playstyle for most players.

          • Then don’t play it. The Chinese tree needs the Taiwanese line to make it “look” more like a tree. It’s WG’s decision to make.

  8. Well if I can ever convince a friend of mine to download the game I know which tank tank we’ll pretty much have to get. Plus, that Taiwanese roundel looks a lot cooler than just another version of a red star, IMO.

    • Actually there really isn’t a problem with the KMT/Nationalist Party symbol at all even for the mainland Chinese.
      FYI there is a huge KMT Blue Sky White Sun symbol in mainland China, under the roof of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s tomb.
      The Chinese even welcomed a leader of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) to visit the tomb a few year ago.

  9. Just to end all of your debates about whether Taiwan is a province of China or not, here’s your answer: it IS a province. The REAL debate is which government, the PRC or the RoC, is the rightful government of China, and THAT is what they disagree on. Personally, I’m neutral in my stance on this, because on the one hand, the RoC was the legitimate government originally (until 1948), but on the other hand the PRC overthrew the RoC and has been FAR better at governing China as a whole, turning them into a global superpower rivaling the likes of the US.

    • You’re wrong about being better at governing China. China with her sheer size was bound to be a superpower “again” , irrelevant of the CCP. Ever heard of the “epic fail known as the “Cultural Revolution”? or the greatest man-made famine in history during the “Great Leap Forward”?

  10. 喂,外服的国籍显示更加戳呆丸的心吧,我记得外服好像是带八一的红星·····