Type 64 Light Tank – upcoming new WoT LT

Hello everyone,

yesterday, a supertester leaked that a new Chinese (Taiwanese) Type 64 light tank is being introduced to World of Tanks. Let’s have a look at it.

Type 64 is basically a M42 Duster hull with M18 Hellcat turret on top of it. You can probably see where this is going: extremely light armored vehicle with a 76mm gun to boot. In World of Tanks terms, it will be very agile and fast. Here is a short description of the vehicle, found on the internet:

The Type 64 light tank is similar to the US-designed and built M41 series in automotive and mechanical details and has the same dimensions, chassis, engine and transmission but an improved electrical system.

The hull is of all-welded steel construction as in the M41 but incorporates advanced welding techniques in its manufacture and uses a new high-hardness alloy steel. This provides protection from small arms fire and cannon attack.The all-cast three-person turret has the same layout as the original M41 although slight alterations have been made to suit the medium stature of the local tank crews. An additional layer of laminated high-hardness alloy steel armour plate is bolted/welded onto the hull and turret sides to provide greater protection against HEAT and APDS projectiles.The Type 64 is armed with a 76 mm rifled gun as in the M41 but it is made in Taiwan and claimed to have a performance superior to the original 76 mm M32 gun. A 7.62 mm machine gun is mounted coaxial with the main armament and a .50 (12.7 mm) M2 HB machine gun is mounted at the commander’s station for use in the anti-aircraft role. Both these weapons are made in Taiwan and the 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun probably resembles a modified version of the US-developed M60 series weapon.Taiwanese sources state the Type 64 has an improved fire-control system. Ammunition stowage is probably identical to the M41A2/M41A3. Later Type 64 tanks may incorporate laser range-finders, ballistic computers and passive night vision equipment. All of these have been developed by the Sun Yat-Sen Scientific Research Institute of Taiwan.

In World of Tanks terms:

As mentioned before, it’s going to be light and fast. Mediocre gun and nonexistent armor will be its drawbacks, but the vehicle might have decent depression. Personally, I am curious, whether WG will implement the special Taiwanese decals for it (like they did for Leopard and Indienpanzer). Looking forward to it.


Weight: cca 25 tons
Crew: probably 4
Armor: Hull front – 25mm, hull sides – 9mm
Turret front – cca 76mm, turret sides – 30mm
Weapon: 76mm (M32?)
Engine: probably 500hp Continental

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  1. Maybe the upgraded turret of this tank would be a Jackson turret that can fit a 90mm gun :D

  2. > Type 64 is basically a M42 Duster hull with M18 Hellcat turret on top of it.
    > Here is a short description of the vehicle, found on the internet:
    > The Type 64 light tank is similar to the US-designed and built M41 series in automotive and mechanical details and has the same dimensions, chassis, engine and transmission but an improved electrical system.

    There is TWO different Type 64:

    1) M42 hull + M18 turret (almost no information on the internet). From wiki:
    “Type 64: Taiwanese light tank variant produced by combining turrets of decommissioned M18 tank destroyers with surplus M42 hulls. Compartments over the track guards for spare Bofors gun barrels were replaced with storage boxes of the stock M41 tank. One battalion worth (50+) of conversions were made.”
    2) Improved M41.From wiki:
    “Type 64 (Experimental): Taiwanese development modified to local manufacturing techniques with improved fire controls, a 520 hp diesel engine, co-axial machinegun replaced with T57 7.62mm GPMG, and applique turret armors and sideskirts. Did not enter mass-production and is not to be confused with another M42-based light tank conversion bearing the same designation.”

  3. Mediocre gun? 76 mm M32 had a muzzle velocity of around 950 m/s with AP rounds. That puts it in the same class as the British 17-pounder. That gun is in no way mediocre. As it would be OP as a tier 6 light, tier 7 is the place for this tank.

  4. I’m still not sure if it’s good looking or not.
    Btw, it’s a premium or a regular tank?

  5. “Personally, I am curious, whether WG will implement the special Taiwanese decals for it (like they did for Leopard and Indienpanzer).”

    It would be a travesty putting the PLA roundel on a ROC tank. Like a U.S. flag on the CSS Virginia.

    • Yet WG seems fine with putting the PLA star on WW2-era and pre-WW2 Chinese (ROC) tanks, at a time when the People’s Republic of China didn’t even exist yet.

      I’m talking about the Stuarts, Vickers, et cetera, which all should have the ROC insignia on it.

      • Stuarts, T-26s, and Chi-Has were all used by the PLA during and after WWII. Not sure about the NC though.

        • The PLA did not exist until 1949. Prior to that, it was the Chinese Red Army. The “八一” red star insignia used in the game did not exist until the formation of the PLA; the Chinese Red Army used a simple 5-pointed star.

          During World War II, the Eighth Route Army was the CCP’s main fighting force, and they used KMT insignias on their uniform because in theory they were a sub-branch of the National Revolutionary Army. Then there is the New Fourth Army, which is a similar case – Chinese Communists fighting in NRA uniforms. During the period of the Chinese Civil War before and after the Japanese invasion, did the Chinese Red Army actually use Red Army uniforms (1928-1937, 1945-1949). This includes the Long March, and the Encirclement Campaigns.

          • PLA was establised during the Shanghai Massacre in 1927. The insignia used in-game does not feature the August 1st inscription.

          • Red army establish in 1927 is ture, but thay didn’t call them us as “P.L.A” yet.

            At 1927~1936, they most call themselves as “Red Army”,after Xi’an Incident(西安事變) in later 1936, Chinese red army join into the Nationalist Chinese Army, which call”National Revolutionary Army”(國民革命軍) – which turn into R.O.C. Army in 1947 an keep alive in Taiwan now – and get new numbers: N.R.A. Eighth Route Army & N.R.A. New Fourth Army when they fight with Japanese.

            After WWII, Chinese civil war started.
            N.R.A. Eighth Route Army & N.R.A. New Fourth Army- which were Red army before- leave National Revolutionary Army and fight with them, and Red Army Start to Call themselves P.L.A.

            Chinese ( PRA & ROC ) ARMY TREE

            National Revolutionary Army (國民革命軍NRA, 1925~1927)
            (Communist) / \ (Nationalist)
            Chinese Red ARMY National Revolutionary Army
            | |

            National Revolutionary Army (1936~1945, WWII Second Sino-Japanese War)

            | |

            People’s Liberation Army Republic of China Army
            (about 1945~ ; China) (1946~ ;Taiwan)

    • From what I have seen, there is a half-a*sly-drawn Taiwanese roundel on it.

      And you can still inflict praises for Lei Feng and Mao Ze-Dong upon it as well. So yeah, this is gonna be a travesty. There is no way to avoid it.

  6. Now, that’s one that honestly surprises me. I would have thought that they’d not want to potentially upset the gov’t in PRC. I highly doubt that this tank will be available on the Chinese server.

      • This.

        On the Chinese server, there aren’t “Chinese tanks”, “Soviet tanks”, “American tanks”, et cetera. Instead, they have “A-series tanks” (American), “D-series tanks” (Deutschland), “S-series tanks” (Sovietski Soyuz), that’s how their naming system works.

    • I seem to remember that the premium types are still sold on the Chinese server, so they don’t need a another premium light there.

  7. It would suck that they introduce this tank and don’t put Buldog in USA tree.

  8. i really really hope this tank will be a TAIWAN Premium tank
    because this type 64 tank(called M64 in taiwan) was made for against Communist China
    i live in Taiwan and we know WHY we made this tank

    even this is SUCK
    even this is Combination
    even someone can’t understand that why we made this tank
    I AM NOT Chinese
    I AM Taiwanese in Taiwan this land

      • The official position of the government of Taiwan is that the ROC controls all of China. Therefore, this is a Chinese tank.

    • Hey, 阿綠仔,你代表誰說話呢?你不代表所有台灣人。不要那麼丟臉,好不好啊?


      • Friends, game is always a game.

        don’t put a lot of mind on this no answer problem between Taiwan and China.

        as a Taiwanese I am, if WG put our tank as a new line in Chinese tank, I think i cant accept that but still as a OK method. Because Taiwan, Republic of China, never give up to show us as a Chinese government even if international society doesn’t accept us . National Chinese Army was organized at Mainland China but now it still stay in Taiwan and keep protecting his motherland. so if National Chinese Army have them our line in Chinese Tree, that is ok.

        • dont use bad word to other people even if u dont like them.
          u just let us look bad on net.

          只是讓台灣人丟臉罷了 別以為你打中文字人家就看不懂

  9. My frinend:

    Did Type64 LT will change it mark at that tower side? This tank is used by Nationalist Chinese Army in Taiwan.
    Because Chinese Civil war, since 1949 to the present , Mainland China(Communist China, P.R.C) and Taiwan(Nationalist China,R.O.C) have two different government and doesn’t predominate them each other. Mainland China and Taiwan are independent areas (Even We can say it is truth that they are two different country, but most countries don’t admit Taiwan, Republic of China as a country)for them each one.

    So now has a problem, if we try to show this tank, Type64 LT, as true as possible, it should use Blue Sky with a White Sun mark on it, not a Red star. Because Communist China Army (P.L.A) never use it in history.

    I think German Iron cross is a good example for this problem. After 8.6, Germany new MT line use Bundeswehr Type Iron cross after T8 Indian Pather because it made after WW II. So, if Bundesrepublik Deutschland and Nazi Germany can look as a two different governments for Germany, why we use it as a good example in new Chinese Tank?

    Well, as a Taiwanese I am, I know that is a serious Political Problem between Taiwan and China, but WOT just as a Game, we should not put a lot of our mind for this no answer problem. But if we respect our history in the world, i think let Blue Sky with a White Sun mark can show on this tank is a good idea.

  10. I was always joking about WG adding the WB to the Chinese tree instead of the American tree, but boy, I didn’t expect to be right.

    • It shouldn’t be too surprising that they would put a Taiwanese premium tank in the Chinese “tree”. After all, the US tree has a Canadian tank (Ram), and in the future the British tree will have an Australian tank (Sentinel).

  11. This is my original proposal to SerB, as a part of the Nationalist Chinese line.

    Tier 8 MT: Type 64 Prototype
    Gun: 76mm M32 -> 90mm M36 -> 90mm M41
    -> 76mm M32K1
    Turret: M41 W. Bulldog -> M41 W. Bulldog + spaced armor
    Chassis: M41 W. Bulldog + armor upgrade
    Engine: Continental AOSI-895-5 -> Napco 8V-71T
    Radio: SCR508 -> ANVRC-7
    Max speed: 62kph

    History in Nationalist Chinese Army:
    The designing of the light tank M41 started in 1949, many of them were exported to Allied countries of the United States. A total of 675 were sold to the Nationalist Chinese Army in Taiwan. Type 64 prototype is a local upgrade version of the M41, with improved fire controls, a superior diesel engine, co-axial machinegun replaced with T57 7.62mm MG, thick spaced armor on turret, and sideskirts for tracks. The extra weight reduced the maximum speed from 72kph to 62kph, despite the engine upgrade. Two prototypes went to test, and the performance was like “super Pershing light tank version”, still not enough to challenge the Communist T-55 frontally and act as a proper medium tank, only available as another interim solution. The project was scrapped with the introduction of M48s.

    • Thx u help us to show our Nationalist Chinese Army tank for WG

      i think Taiwanese Player would thank u a lot.

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  13. The tank will likely have either a Cummins VT-903 engine or a Detroit Diesel 8V-71T.
    The latter being the most probable, as the Taiwanese army selected that configuration during trials.

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