50 thoughts on “8.9 Common Test

  1. I’m ready, I cannot wait for the Glass Cannon TDs. =P

    It’s been forever since the second German TD line was announced like in 2011, 2012?

      • I’m curious about the Waffentrager E-100 gun stats. Especially the Dmg output of the 12,8 cm an 150 mm. I expect it will be around 500 for the 12,8 and 750 for the 150. (based on similar guns on JagdTiger and E-100) So it will be potentially able to take out a Maus in a single drum.

        • Waffentrager auf E 100 will have the Jagdtiger’s 12,8 cm PaK 44/2 L/61 as one of the gun options, so 560 damage/shot.

            • 3360 potential damage in one drum. I really don’t know what the fuck is wrong with all the power creep with new tanks. Yes, i really like German TDs and i really would like this new line to be good(don’t need OP TD)s just decent and not UP, but eventough it’s gonna be glass cannon with really bad camo and armor pure fact that it can’t kill Maus in one drum disgusts me.

            • From what i saw on the 8.9 asap video it shoots really fast(more like american autoloaders rather than frenchies) but even if it needs 15 sec to unload it still isn’t that long for 6 shots. I really do like german tanks and TDs, but for me this looks like a massive power creep and i really don’t like the way WG is going with this whole thing.

  2. The test will decide if a free xp the waffle E-100 or the 183 let the best TD win.

  3. The test server will be jam-packed since it’s a German tank update, especially being the 2nd German TD line with an Auto-loading T10. Not to mention all the others people have been dying for. It’ll be time for the russian junk TD line to pay the piper.

    • What, I thought those were supposed to be OP As Fuck(tm) becuase #SOVIETBIAS…? And now you’re calling them “junk”, decide already…
      BTW the SU-101 is prity cool actually, if a little too cheerful.

      • Soviet/russian junk = slang for tanks that perform way better than their engineering, aka, i don’t like russian technology. Not their actual performance in game, which as I said, is way better than their engineering capabilities.

        • >impying you know squat about any of that

          Well, it’s good the court jester takes his job seriously and tries telling jokes.

  4. What about the MM whit player stats?Now days i just rage quit if there is more than 3 unigum players and my team has tomatos against of them.its so useless to even play.

  5. I am haveing the same problem its 6:16 Now, and the test server isent updateing… Or there is no download link… Sooo why (What the heck?) yea some one please help!